Address: 536 West 29th Street, New York, NY
Asking: $18,500,000
Listing Agents: Erin Boisson Aries
Listing Brokerage: Christie’s

In Manhattan, some of the most jaw-dropping spaces are hidden behind the most unassuming facades. Unless you’re a particularly skilled voyeur or more charming than Oscar Wilde after a pint of brandy, chances are you’re going to have to make do with your imagination.

Well, that’s not entirely true…The fantastically wealthy, lucky, or creative people who own these spaces do occasionally let in photographers from highbrow magazines for a few drool-worthy shots. They also sometimes decide to sell.

Luckily, the owner of our newest listing of the week decided to do just that and boy are we glad they did. Quick, let’s take a peek inside before they have second thoughts!

Chelsea hideout image 2

While we’re no strangers to the purple pen when it comes to envy-inducing real estate, only one word came to mind when we stumbled across this listing: Cinematic.

After all, it’s damn hard to look at these pictures without imagining say, Tony Stark strutting around the kitchen plotting yet another attempt to save the world, or the billionaire mad genius from Ex Machina pontificating on the future of AI. Are we wrong?

Chelsea library

Are we crazy or is this the perfect set for a dramatic declaration of forbidden love? Ryan Gosling brooding by the window while Emma Stone pensively smokes a cigarette in one of those club chairs…

As the camera sweeps down to the kitchen, we get some brutalist concrete built-ins and an island that looks more Richard Serra than Pottery Barn. We’d turn the cameras off here and make a carbonara for the crew.

And then there’s the bridge. Yes, the bridge. In your Manhattan home.

Chelsea bridge

Imagine how hard it would be to not get constantly distracted by how amazing this place is every time you look up from your laptop.

Downstairs we have what looks like a big budget Hollywood costume department or maybe the coolest closet in the history of closets. Sadly I can’t help but think the latter because it’s pretty clear the person (or arts foundation?) that snaps this place up won’t exactly be hurting for location fees.

Chelsea apartment closet

There’s also a backyard and a balcony if you ever get tired of reminding yourself just how cool your house is.

Chelsea patio

Then there’s the backyard that looks more DIY art project than finished space to our eyes, but the cinematic vibe is in full effect out here too;


There’s even another nod to Richard Serra. The exterior walls are clad in the same Cor Ten steel his sculptures are made from.

Chelsea garden
If all this wasn’t enough to make you want to dust off that Marvel meets Harry Potter  screenplay, the building comes with air rights, which means you can actually build an extension on the roof. The listing agent was kind enough to provide a rendering that we’re going to be daydreaming about all week:

Chelsea apartment extension

Kicking the Tires, Chelsea Style

Can I Park My 1967 Ferrari GTB Here?

Sadly, we think you’d probably be better off leaving it in Greenwich. While this is indeed a free standing building, carving out a garage door and getting a curb cut approved might prove to be a bigger challenge than building your Iron Man suit from scrap metal in the desert. Not impossible, but we’re going with “years of red tape” instead of “a little challenging.”

Can I Hang My Collection of Julian Schnabel Paintings Here?

Yes, yes you can. In fact, this is probably the only place on the market in Manhattan where you could hang a whole set of surfer paintings and have wall space left over for a few pictures of your kid’s soccer team. In fact, we have a funny feeling this place is going museum and not townhouse. A shame, but at least we might actually get to visit.

If I Invite Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston to a Cocktail Party Will They Have Enough Space to Ignore Each Other?

Well, with 6,400 feet of space to play with in the current configuration and the potential for more with an addition, we’re going to say yeah, sure. You could even keep Angelina entertained in the backyard while Jennifer makes her getaway.

Over to You

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