Considering that an astonishing 41% of today’s agents are on teams, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to build a real estate CRM solely for teams. Enter Follow Up Boss.

Over the past few years real estate CRM Follow Up Boss has quietly started to dominate the team market.

There’s a good reason for this success too. Follow Up Boss offers top shelf lead organization, marketing, outreach and nurturing options for teams and small brokerages alike. It also does it in sleek, easy to use platform that most agents will feel at home in very quickly.

How Much Does Follow Up Boss Cost?

Here’s a quick breakdown of how Follow Up Boss is priced for teams.

Follow Up Boss Pricing

Price per Year
Max users
Monthly Price per user

While we’re firm believers in focusing on potential ROI rather than cost, we do recognize that for many agents starting new teams money can be tight.

Luckily, Follow Up Boss is priced very attractively for teams. Even better, their pricing scales down to less than a (cheap) cup of coffee per agent per day when your buying for 4 or more agents.

Note that we’re quoting yearly pricing here, as they offer a free trial that should be long enough for most to see if they want to go all in or not.

As you can see, pricing falls rather dramatically as you scale your team. Per user cost is more than cut in half when you transition from the Team to Expansion plans.

While this is clearly a way for Follow Up Boss to target medium to large teams or small brokerages, it should be reassuring to know that your software outlay per team member will only get more affordable as you grow.

Cheaper than Contactually or Top Producer, but not quite as cheap as LionDesk (see our in-depth review of LionDesk here) for solo agents, Follow Up Boss hits a nice sweet spot for team pricing.

Bells & Whistles Are Included in Every Price Point

In addition to being attractively priced for teams both small and large, Follow Up Boss has also leveled the playing field when it comes to features.

Instead of hobbling their product with fewer features at lower price points, Follow Up Boss gives teams the whole shooting match at EVERY pricing tier. That means you won’t get any special features by upgrading, you’ll only get the ability to add more users.

The one exception to this egalitarian pricing structure is their integrated calling feature which we’ll discuss later. That said, this add on is priced identically at every tier and not every team will want or need it.

Easy to Use Clean, Functional Layout

Follow Up Boss screenshot

Like most good CRM’s, Follow Up Boss is designed to be the one app besides the MLS that your agents will spend the bulk of their time in every day. Luckily, Follow Up Boss took the time and effort laying out their CRM to be a pleasant place to spend time in.

From the dashboard to the reporting areas, Follow Up Boss uses a clean, attractive, well designed layout that seems logical and intuitive if you’re familiar with CRMs.

If you’re new to the world of CRMs on the other hand, the main functionality of the CRM is labeled in plain English; Inbox. People. Calendar. Deals. Reporting.

Even if you’ve never used a CRM in your life, most users should be able to get going in Follow Up Boss with minimal training.

That said, Follow Up Boss also includes onboarding for new team members who might need a little push.

Drag & Drop Makes Life Easier for New & Power Users Alike

Follow Up Boss drag and drop for deal pipeline

One of the most frustrating things about learning a new piece of software is figuring out how to make basic changes.

Hunting for a tiny gear icon or “edit” button in order to make simple changes is a pain for new users, and worse, slows down your power users.

To make up for this, Follow Up Boss not only took the time to make editing logical and seamless, but they follow up to the minute UI standards like drag and drop to make everyone’s lives easier.

For example, faced with a series of cards in the transaction management page (called “deals” in Follow Up Boss) most users will want to just drag the damn cards from section to section. Follow up Boss wisely indulges that urge.

Core Features: Follow Up, Nurturing, Email, Text, Phone & Automation

Follow Up Boss Dashboard

As we mentioned earlier, Follow Up Boss can replace a lot of the apps that your agents or ISAs use on a daily basis. Most, if not all of their core functions outside of searching the MLS and creating presentations, can be done right from the Follow Up Boss app.

Follow Up Boss mobile app screenshot

Email Logging, Templates, Drip Campaigns & More

Since so the vast majority of your leads are coming from the internet these days, focusing on email makes sense.

That’s why whenever your agents log into Follow Up Boss every morning, they’ll see their email inbox without the usual clutter.

Agents can also quickly and easily draft emails either from scratch or using one of the hundreds of email templates included with Follow Up Boss, add or remove leads from drip campaigns, or set up bulk emailing to a laser targeted group of leads.

Want to send out a hot pocket listing your friend has to only your best leads who responded to emails or calls in the past month? Want to send out a shake the tree email to leads who have stopped opening emails? No problem. You can easily do both with a few clicks.

Texting: Autoresponder, But no Text Automation for Drip Campaigns

For many of the leads you’ll get, a text message will have a much, much higher open rate than an email or voicemail. In fact, many millennials screen all of their calls, but will respond to a text right away.

That’s why Follow up Boss not only lets you text leads right from the app, but lets you set up text autoresponders that you can assign to online leads from lead sources like your IDX website, Zillow, Realtor, and more.

What it can’t do however, is integrate text messages into their drip campaigns, called “Action Plans” in Follow Up Boss. That said, they do offer integrations with auto SMS services like Riley if you’re dead set on drip texting.

A minor annoyance for agents with leads who are heavy texters, but since automated texts are still a grey area legally, this might be for the best.


Along with emails and texts, Follow Up Boss can also log calls made to individual leads, and let’s agents call leads right from the mobile app.

That means no more juggling between your phone app, texting and your CRM. With Follow Up Boss you never have to leave the CRM at all…

This is why good design is crucial to get your agents to dive into new technology. If the app is ugly, or clunky to use, agents will just skip it and call or email on their own. We hope other CRM companies are taking notes here. Design matters!

Integrated Calling Feature for ISAs or Top Producers

Follow Up Boss’ integrated dialer

For teams with ISAs or top producers who need to make dozens and dozens of calls per day, Follow Up Boss offers an optional integrated calling feature for $79 per agent per month.

While this may sound a bit steep, it’s an agent by agent cost, so you can either just enable it for your ISA or perhaps offer it as an add on for top producers.

The integrated calling features lets your ISA or agents nt only start calls from within the app, but automatically logs call time and prompts users to rate and take notes on calls. Even better, you can record calls, and missed calls and voicemails show up in your inbox.

Calls can then be routed to agent’s cells round robin style, or to specific agents or groups of agents wherever they are. The first agent to pick up gets the lead.

That means your ISA can stay in the office cold calling all day then instantly forward a hot lead to you when you’re in the field.

ISAs even have access to your calendar and can schedule appointments and calls for agents right from Follow Up Boss without conflicting with your schedule.

Reporting & Transaction Management

Follow Up Boss’ transaction management

Follow Up Boss also offers robust reporting and transaction management features to help agents keep tabs on deals, and team leaders keep tabs on agent or ISA performance.

Want to see how long your ISA spends on each call? How about which agents are answering leads the most or the fastest? You can even generate a property hot sheet of properties that have generated the most interest.

Like the rest of the app, the transaction management feature lets agents drag and drop cards which means a faster learning curve.

Integrations & API

Follow Up Boss’ integrations

Follow Up Boss offers direct integration with the usual suspects when it comes to leads like Zilllow, Realtor, Bold Leads, Placester, IDX Broker, Ihomefinder, Zurple and more. See all lead source integrations here.

It also offers integrations with Riley, Mail Chimp. Unbounce, Agentology, Dotloop and more. This makes it easy to fill in the services or features you may want to add as you grow. Want to integrate more video? Add on BombBomb. Want to to start building and tracking landing pages for your PPC campaigns? You can get Unbounce leads right into Follow Up Boss.

Direct IDX Integration

Another cool feature that Follow Up Boss offers is direct integration with IDX websites. Not only can you import leads, but you can prioritize follow up based on last activity, number of properties viewed, price and more. You can also adjust their saved searches, or text or call to discuss properties they’ve saved.

So far, this IDX integration is only offered with Ylopo, Sierra Interactive, Curraytor, Gatlindesign, and Union Street Media.

Customer Service

Follow Up Boss also offers free onboarding and will help you and your team get up and running on their platform quickly.

For regular customer service issues, they can be contacted by phone or email from 8:00 am — 8:00 pm Monday-Friday.

30,000 Foot View

If you’re thinking of starting a team and want a slick, affordable, easy to use real estate CRM without sacrificing the bells and whistles, then Follow Up Boss should be at or near the top of your CRM list.

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