In today’s real estate software market, it feels like everyone is trying to sell you an “all-in-one” solution that does everything but gas up your car. There’s only one problem with this approach:

They charge you all-in-one prices.

That’s why it’s refreshing to review a real estate CRM like Realvolve that focuses on doing one thing, and doing it flawlessly: Organizing and automating relationships to get more referrals and close more deals.

Today, we’re going to kick the tires a bit to see if Realvolve is evolved enough for today’s tech-savvy Realtors.

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What is Realvolve CRM Exactly?

Realvolve is a real estate CRM (Client Relationship Manager) that may not offer the bells and whistles of some real estate CRMs, but instead focuses on mastering the features that buyers agents, sellers agents, and their admin teams use most often.

How Much Does Realvolve CRM Cost?

For teams, Realvolve can be purchased for as low as $23 per user, per month paid yearly, or $28 per user, per month paid monthly. This pricing includes a separate account for an assistant, which is very useful for data entry admins, ISAs, etc.

Realvolve CRM Pricing

Pro (1 user + 1 assistant)$49 per month (paid yearly) or $59 per month (paid monthly)
Pro+ (5 users + 1 assistant)$167 per month (paid yearly) or $199 per month (paid monthly)
Team (10 users +1 assistant)$233 per month (paid yearly) or $280 per month (paid monthly)
Large TeamsVaries

Is Realvolve Easy to Use?

If you’re familiar with the basics of how CRMs work, then you will feel right at home in Realvolve. Of course, some of the more complex custom automations you can build are a little less intuitive, but with a little practice and training it’s easy enough to get going. Also, if you don’t want to get your hands dirty at all, Realvolve can set you up with all the custom built pre-written automation you can handle. More on this later.

Complex Custom Automation + Crowdsourced Content

One thing we really loved about Realvolve is the ability to create complex custom automations for marketing, deals, and pretty much any other process Realtors need.

Called Workflows, these automations can be endlessly tweaked and changed to reflect your own personal work style, or to lock in processes for successful teams and brokerages.

These aren’t just email drip campaigns… you can work in phone calls, automated texting, bulk texting, direct mail, tasks, paperwork, and more.

Even better, when you sign up for Realvolve you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Instead, they offer dozens of pre-written and designed workflows to cover everything from nurturing new internet leads to closing deals.

Designed by Realvolve’s staff and top producing teams from around the country, these workflows should address almost all the pain points most Realtors or teams have. Sure, they’ll require a little tweaking for personalization, but the Realvolve team will walk you through it.

Getting Started With Realvolve: The Dashboard

Realvolve Dashboard

When you first log in to Realvolve you’ll see your dashboard. In the main area to the right, you can check your YTD sales volume, contact source, volume pipeline, and more.

At the bottom of the screen, you have your notes & correspondence area which includes phone calls, emails, texts, and social media posts. You can also start a workflow.

The best part of the dashboard is that it’s very easy to customize. By flicking the little switch at the top right to “unlock,” you can then drag and drop any of the widgets on the dashboard to customize your view.

To the left, you have an action area that is not customizable. Here you add contacts, enter listings, or check out transactions, documents, and tasks. There’s also a very handy global search box that lets you search the whole CRM for any keyword.

Notes & Correspondence + Activities

Below your financial information dashboard area, Realvolve has two more sections. First, the notes & correspondence area allows you to write, save, and access texts, emails, and social messages that you can save to a contact or property.

The activities area lets you create an appointment or task that you can assign to a contact or property, or a different agent or assistant. You can color code these tasks and set a priority rating for them as well.


Realvolve calendar

The next tab over allows you to see your calendar. While you can connect your Gmail calendar here, it can only be done via Zapier and is not a native integration. From here, you can add tasks and appointments and see upcoming opportunities and appointments.

Marketing & Nurturing Automation With Workflows

Workflows are Realvolve’s version of mixed drip campaigns that you can assign to different contacts or groups of contacts.

What’s great about Realvolve’s Workflows is that you’re not just limited to sending drip emails. Like other real estate CRMs like Contactually or all-in-one platforms like Real Geeks, you can mix in tasks like phone calls, texts, or social media outreach into your drip campaigns.

We found Realvolve’s Workflow editor a little bit fiddly to use at first, but after poking around and checking out some instructions it was relatively easy.

That said, we couldn’t find a way to look at a representation of the workflows visually, which can be a big help when planning a complex nurturing campaign. Being able to drag and drop stages in a workflow to rearrange them would be nice as well.

Workflow Library

Realvolve Library

One thing that helps separate Realvolve from more bare bones real estate CRMs is the Realvolve and user created Workflow Library.

Here you can access dozens of workflows designed by Realvolve’s team, as well as other agents and brokers who also use Realvolve.

They range from relatively simple workflows like a buyer showing appointment workflow, to complex months-long FSBO and past client workflows.

Once you find something you like, you can then “install it” and customize it over in the workflows tab, and assign contacts or groups of contacts to the workflow.

The pre designed workflows are separated into two categories, public, for workflows that are free to copy and use, and premium workflows designed by top producers.

While the premium workflows aren’t free, they’re useful enough to warrant the extra $99 or so they cost. These are one time fees, so once you buy a workflow or two, you should be set for the next few years at least.


Realvolve Templates

In the templates tab, you can either create your own email or social media template, or choose one of the pre-installed email templates to customize.

Again, we found creating and using templates a little bit fiddly, but with a little practice we got the hang of it.

Realvolve Review: The 30,000 Foot View

Realvolve is a feature-rich real estate CRM for a fair price. It offers pretty much all the bells and whistles tech savvy Realtors want, but can also be configured to work great for agents that want a plug and play option.

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