Spring is in the air, and you know what that means—it’s time to wish your clients a “Happy Easter” and gear up for the busiest real estate season. If you haven’t already put together your Happy Easter Real Estate marketing plan, don’t worry. I have some fantastic spring and Easter promotions to help your lead generation blossom and make this season a hopping success for your real estate business. 

To keep you on track with your real estate marketing strategy throughout the year, I’ve created a handy real estate marketing calendar and holiday guide, complete with Canva templates and ready-to-use social media posts. Grab your copy now and get a head start on the rest of the year.

Grab Your 2024 Marketing Calendar + Holiday Guide

Celebrating holidays is a huge part of life, bringing everyone together and spending time with the ones we love most. But it’s important to remember everyone has their unique traditions. Being inclusive means respecting those differences and appreciating the beautiful cultural differences around us.

To help you navigate the holiday landscape, I’ve included a 2024 calendar featuring the most searched holidays around the world. It’s your go-to guide for celebrating while honoring diverse cultures and traditions. Now, go forth and make this year unforgettable!

1. Send Happy Easter Real Estate ‘Peeps’ Cards to Your Farm

Happy Easter-themed cards to send to your real estate farm
Check out these gorg “Peeps” cards from one of my fave places (Source: MarketDwellings)

I am so in love with these adorable “Peeps” cards. They’re double-sided and come with envelopes. They’re kind of Easter, but not really, so they will work for just about anyone as a real estate marketing idea. Cue the referrals and investment phone calls!

2. Spring Market Updates – Real Estate Is Hoppin!

Screenshot of a textable market update template available for purchase on Etsy
Etsy is my favorite source for new creative trends. (Source: HelloMarketingStudio)

It’s warming up, and you know what that means—it’s time to break out the market updates to show your little darlings that spring has sprung in the real estate market. Sure, you’re still posting funny real estate memes and day-in-the-life videos, but your future clients also need answers. Check out some of the amazing templates creators are producing on Etsy. 

Coffee & Contract has market update templates that are sassy enough to make you want to do market research. Send these mobile-friendly lovelies to your friends, family, sphere of influence, and anyone else in your contacts list. You’ll look like the certified pro you are! 

Want to double your reach? Create stunning mailers to send to your neighbors or your real estate farm. Try the beautiful and professional postcard templates from Coffee & Contracts, which are easy to customize.

Check out Coffee & Contracts

3. Vendor Spotlight

Screenshot of Michele Bellisari on Instagram promoting a local business
Show your favorite business owners a little love with a vendor spotlight on their business. (Source: Instagram)

It’s never a bad idea to show your local business owners some love. Some of them may become your biggest cheerleaders and sources of referrals. Choose a business in your area that might cater to the spring season, such as a bakery, florist, spa, children’s clothing shop, or new local business that just opened—you can be the first to spread the word.

Feature them in some social media posts, or even just a pic of you in the shop and your blurb on your social media, touting their awesomeness. Your community will take notice while the business owner gushes and sings your praises.

4. Easter Egg Hunt + Family Day

Kids participating in an Easter egg hunt
Host an experiential event, like an outdoor picnic or a children’s Easter egg hunt.

Who doesn’t love a great outdoor event in the beautiful springtime weather? My brokerage puts on a picnic day in the spring, complete with live music, food, games, and activities for the kiddos (like an eggstravaganza Easter egg hunt 😄). But that’s just one idea. 

Here are a few others:

  • An outing at Top Golf
  • Scavenger hunt (see #10)
  • Live music performance
  • 9-hole golf tournament
  • Beach party
  • Field day
  • Movie night under the stars
  • Yoga in the park

The list of options is limited only by your imagination. So, think outside the box and devise a creative way to get people outside, get some vitamin D, and talk about sunshine and you!

5. Informational Posts

Shane Burgman on Instagram sharing buyer content with a short video
Put your expertise on display with some quick video tips for future buyers. (Source: Instagram)

As the real estate Easter season begins to heat up, it’s a great time to start educating future buyers with informational posts. When it comes to real estate marketing tools, videos are only getting hotter, so lean into it with your short 30 to 60-second videos on tips like this one from Shane Burgman reminding VA home buyers of the need for a WDO inspection. These little vertical videos are a great way to showcase your expertise and generate interest from buyers.

Need a little help coming up with ideas for videos to share on your social media? Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered! Check out this article that breaks down the best real estate videos you can create to generate and nurture your leads on autopilot.

6. Seller’s Checklist – Get Ready to List!

Spring is the perfect time to deep clean and perform annual maintenance around the home. For those who may have selling on their minds, this could be the first step in the process. Get potential sellers in your geographic farm off on the right foot by delivering these gorg and practical real estate Easter door hangers.

7. Showcase Your Value

As you prepare your realtor Easter marketing, you know there’s uncertainty around buyer agents’ commissions. Well, now might be the best time to remind potential clients what you really do as an agent representing your buyers. Showcase some of your value with these beautiful and insightful carousel posts from Agent Crate.

Agent Crate has stunning templates you can customize to fit your brand and easily send to social outlets, emails or download and print to send to your farm. Check out their easy-to-use templates for all things real estate.

Check out Agent Crate

8. FAQ Posts

With so many questions popping up around the industry, put your real estate prowess on display. Grab some beautiful templates, like these stunning Canva templates from Coffee & Contracts, and start answering those questions you get most often from your buyers and sellers. Create individual posts that answer just one question at a time. You can create several posts you can stretch out over the next few days or weeks, offering tips and advice for potential homebuyers and sellers. 

Check out Coffee & Contracts

📌   Pro Tip

Batch your content! Create several posts at once and have them ready to post over the next few weeks. Batching actually saves you time and helps you maintain consistency. Want to really boost these posts? Answer the questions in a vertical video, looking directly into the camera lens. You can easily record these with your phone and add text overlays inside your posting platform.

9. Turn Your Open House Into a Block Party

Image of an outdoor block party with people of different ages enjoying conversation.
Gather neighbors together for a block party to show off your listing.

Hire a DJ, invite all the neighbors, and consider hiring a taco truck to fill your street with food, fun, and real estate! Invite everyone inside to check out the house, leave feedback, and join the party! Consider keeping your listing open for longer to keep the party going. It will be worth it if everyone has a great time discussing their future real estate ventures with you.

10. Host a Scavenger Hunt Contest

Image of a group of people in a circle planning their strategy for a scavenger hunt.
Get people together for fun outdoor activities like a scavenger hunt to build relationships.

I love a good scavenger hunt! Create a set of items that your participants will need to find. Write out clues for participants and consider taking pictures instead of collecting items. That will create more opportunities for fun, out-of-the-box ideas like taking a selfie at a local landmark. Post the rules along with the time frame for the game for everyone in your community to follow. The person (or team) who collects the most items from the scavenger hunt list wins a prize that you put together ahead of time as an incentive to join the hunt. 

Scavenger hunts are a fun way to get people from your neighborhood or community together and spend quality time getting to know you and each other. Events that bring people together stay in their memory and keep you top of mind.

11. Create Spring Postcards for Your Farm

Bunnies embracing on Easter-themed real estate postcard
Remind everyone that you’re ready to assist them with buying and selling. (Source: ProspectsPLUS!)

Postcards are a great way to communicate with your neighbors, farm area, or any territory you want to target. You can offer a home valuation, share some spring cleaning tips, or introduce your services quickly and easily. Like I did, you can create your own in Canva using their dazzling templates. 

If you haven’t discovered ProspectsPLUS! ‘s awesomeness, you should get on that. ProspectsPLUS! has several different postcards you can customize on its site. It will print your cards and deliver them to your specified neighborhoods. You can send postcards to your farm with just a few clicks. It’s magical, really.

Check out ProspectsPLUS!

12. Host a Homebuyer Event

Image of a young woman talking to a group of people, educating potential buyers on the home buying process.
Educate renters on the benefits of home ownership and share tips on how to get there.

Today’s buyers may feel even more confused by everything happening in the real estate industry. Be their lifeline by answering their most burning questions about home ownership. Host a first-time homebuyers event targeting renters in your area. Provide some fun incentives, like mimosas, and lay out the plans to transition into homeownership.

Many of these renters are probably closer than they realize to owning. Make sure you point out the enormous benefits of owning versus renting and how much money they’re not making while paying rent. Give them a strategy to get from where they are to becoming your next buyers.

13. Outdoor Networking Event

 Image of a group of professionals at an outdoor networking event, talking and exchanging business cards.
Host an outdoor networking event to get everyone talking, build relationships, and open possible referral networks.

Do you have a great outdoor space in your area, like a restaurant with an excellent patio? Host a fun networking event and invite agents, vendors, and supporting professionals. You can invite a speaker to share tips and advice. 

Some topics to focus on:

  • Neurodivergent Awareness
  • Lawn and Garden
  • Military Moves
  • Fair Housing Awareness
  • Real Estate Development/Investing

Take advantage of whatever your area offers regarding outdoor spaces, soak up some sun, and learn from professionals in your area. It’s a great way to remind people of your awesomeness.

14. Host a BBQ Contest

Social post for a local community BBQ contest held annually.
Organize a BBQ contest (Source: Facebook)

If you love BBQ as much as I do, this will be right up your alley. Invite people in your community to test their talents and join in the fun. You may need to involve some additional help to pull it off.

Steps you’ll need to take:

  • Check with local officials to set a time and date
  • Start your Easter real estate marketing campaign
  • Invite community members to register to compete
  • Select judges to vote on the winners
  • Invite community members to participate 
  • Hand out prizes (cash, gifts, etc.)

Everyone will walk away happy, with full bellies and huge smiles. If you’ve marketed the event well, had a decent turnout, and ensured you were present, the community will be talking about you for months! You may consider making it an annual event and growing it each year.

15.  Deliver Happy Easter Real Estate Pop-bys for Past Clients

Printable Easter-themed download template available for purchase on Etsy.
Surprise your past clients with some cheerful pop-by gifts. (Source: Etsy)

Everyone loves a great pop-by treat! Attach some happy little cards to your gift and drop them off with your past clients. If you need extra pop-by inspiration, check out this article for more pop-by ideas you can pair with these adorable cards!

Your Take

If it’s not apparent, I love spring and get excited about outdoor Easter real estate marketing opportunities! These are just a handful of fun ideas to add a bit of spring to your real estate promotions this season. Put them into action, and use your imagination to create more real estate promotional ideas around spring and Easter. The more you do, the better the return on your investment. 

Have some great ideas I didn’t share? I would love to hear about them in the comments. I may even include them in my next article!