Picking out gifts for realtors who went above and beyond isn’t easy. Sure, they might have felt like a combination of your therapist and best friend for a few months, but chances are you don’t really know them very well. The trick is to buy them something that any realtor would want.

Luckily for you, our team has 40+ years of combined real estate experience and we personally know literally hundreds of realtors. So in order to make shopping for your rock star agent a little easier, we put together this list of 15 gifts starting at just $5 that are guaranteed to put a smile on any realtor’s face.

1. A Gourmet Local Gift Basket From Goldbelly

Gourmet Local Gift Basket From Goldbelly

Price range: $40-$100
Best for: Foodie realtors

If your realtor is a foodie or you happen to know that they just moved from a city with amazing food, then a gift basket from Goldbelly is a no-brainer. Goldbelly ships local tasty treats from local bakeries and restaurants people love around the country. You can get bagels from New York City, pastries from San Francisco, or Key Lime pies straight from Key West.

2. Realtor Swag From ATRE (All Things Real Estate)

The Greatest Realtor Of All Time Nameplate

Price range: $5- $150
Best for: Realtors who are serious about their careers

I know it’s a bit of a cliche, but most realtors are not exactly shy about self-promotion. This is why companies who make fashion-forward swag for realtors to show the world (or at least everyone in line at Starbucks) that they sell real estate are insanely popular.

ATRE (All Things Real Estate) is the most popular of them all and for good reason. They sell beer cozies, wine tags, stickers, signage, cell phone cases, and more that are designed for realtors to love.

PS: If your realtor has a dry sense of humor, make sure to check out the Broke Agent collection at ATRE. This “Don’t Poop at My Open House” mug is pretty much guaranteed to make any agent laugh out loud.

3. Arteum Perpetual Desk Calendar

Arteum Perpetual Desk Calendar Cubes

Price: $29.95
Best for: Artsy realtors

This cheerful and stylish perpetual desk calendar is a practical and stylish gift your artsy hipster realtor would love to have on their desk. It was also originally sold by the MOMA Design Store, so has some cool kid street cred to boot. Luckily, like pretty much everything these days, you can pick one up on Amazon and save yourself a trip to Manhattan.

4. A Luxury Fountain Pen

Luxury Fountain Pen

Price range: $50+
Best for: The realtor who handed you a BIC pen to sign your contract

When it comes to panache at the closing table, nothing can kill the mood faster than a cheap, skittery ballpoint pen. That’s why an elegant, and yes, expensive, fountain pen is a great gift for your realtor.

Of course, it’s easy to waste money on beautiful pens that don’t write very well, so take a look at Pen Addict’s ranking of the best pens in every budget before buying one.

5. A Gift Certificate for a Massage or Spa Day

Massage or Spa Day

Price range: $100+
Best for: Literally every realtor ever

In many parts of the world, massage is not just a luxury for the rich, but an actual health treatment that most people enjoy. In this country, massages are up there with champagne and lobster as decadent extravagances. This is why gifting your realtor a massage or spa day is the perfect gift. It’s something they probably wouldn’t buy for themselves, but something they would love.

6. Wine Chilling Coasters With Glasses

Wine Chilling Coasters With Glasses

Price: $42
Best for: Realtors who love wine

The best gift you can buy someone is something they didn’t know they actually wanted. These granite wine chilling coasters with glasses are a perfect example. Your rose-drinking realtor who loves drinking outdoors in the summertime will thank you for them. They’re also something they would probably not buy for themselves, so a perfect gift!

7. A Thoughtful, 5-Star Review on Sites They Choose

5 Star Review

Price: Free!
Best for: Newer realtors

Like restaurants, realtors live and die based on their online reviews. So if you’re really not sure what to get your realtor, ask them which websites they most need reviews on, and write up a thoughtful review for each of them. Letting your realtor pick the sites is key to making this a gift rather than just something nice you would do anyway. Some realtors use Yelp, some use Zillow, and others use Google. Ask them which sites they prefer and they will love you forever.

8. Garmin Dash Cam Mini

Garmin Dash Cam Mini

Price: $122.99
Best for: Realtors who drive in congested areas

A dash cam that records and saves everything that happens when they drive can be a lifesaver for your realtor. It gives them solid evidence for court whether they’re fighting a ticket or, god forbid, a lawsuit after a fender bender.

The Garmin Dash Cam Mini is a great choice because it’s small and comes with automatic incident detection and recording.

9. High-end Spirits or Cocktail Kits

Cocktail Kits

Price range: $50+
Best for: Realtors who like to drink

Since the vast majority of realtors we know enjoy (need?!) the occasional libation, it’s pretty tough to go wrong with a gift of high-end booze. Of course, it’s also easy for a gift of booze to come across as more Homer Simpson than Don Draper. In order to stay on your realtor’s classy side, buy them something special.

You may have to do a bit of research and ask some prying questions, but a bottle of a rare single malt scotch or Anejo tequila will be treasured and savored by your realtor instead of dumped into a watermelon and served at a barbecue. Reserve Bar has you covered with an incredible selection of booze and cocktail kits you can send to your realtor.

10. A Laser Distance Measure

Laser Distance Measure

Price: $39
Best for: Realtors who love gadgets

A laser distance measure is one of those tools that every realtor should carry, but many do not. I used to keep a yellow Stanley tape measure in my bag for showings, but a laser distance measure would have been much easier to use and make me look more professional to boot.

Don’t worry about buying the best-of-the-best here. Most realtors only use tape measures to help their clients answer questions like “will my couch fit” and not legally binding measurements of square footage. The Bosch GLM 20 is only $39 and has almost 10,000 4-star reviews on Amazon.

11. A Rear Seat Organizer

Rear Seat Organizer

Price: $25.96
Best for: Buyer’s agents

There’s nothing like sitting in the back seat for an afternoon of showings to make someone feel like a third-wheel. For kids, the backseat is pretty much a well-upholstered prison.

In order to help your realtor make their backseat more inviting to both people who draw with crayons and people who pay taxes, a fully loaded backseat organizer is the way to go. This one has almost 5,000 4-star reviews on Amazon.

12. An Euler’s Disk Desk Toy

Price: $42
Best for: Nerdy realtors

If your realtor is a bit on the nerdy side or just likes cool things, then an Euler’s Disk desk toy will be a very welcome gift. This is one of those things that needs to be seen to be believed, so check out the two-minute video above to see just how cool these things are.

Desk toys like an Euler’s Disk make great gifts for realtors since there can be a lot of downtime in the office in between showings. You can get one on Amazon for $42.

13. Handpresso Handcoffee Auto

Handpresso Handcoffee Auto

Price: $96.36
Best for: Coffee or gadget-obsessed realtors

A gimmick for sure, but an awesome one! You can be sure your realtor will make all the other office coffee geeks jealous with this high-tech way to make espresso on the go!

Perfect for rural agents or agents who sell farms, horse property, or land, this kit from Handpresso comes with a high-quality portable coffee machine that plugs right into a car’s cigarette lighter.

14. Coffee or Cocktails Bell

Coffee or Cocktails Bell

Price: $8.43
Best for: Realtors with a sense of humor

Most realtors have two speeds: all-out work, or cocktail time. That’s why this fun coffee or cocktails bell is a great gift for a realtor with a sense of humor.

15. Theragun Mini

Theragun Mini

Price: $199
Best for: Athletic realtors

A more affordable version of the wildly popular Theragun sports massager, the Theragun Mini packs quite a punch for something your realtor can stash in their glove compartment. It’s perfect for using after workouts, but can be equally useful for de-stressing in the car after a tense showing or closing.

Over to You

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