Finding the perfect real estate closing gift for every buyer and seller you work with isn’t easy. That said, if you get it just right, you will not only have a referral source for the next few months, but you could create an evangelist of your services for life.

The tricky part isn’t figuring out what your client wants (although we do include some sneaky ways to find out at the end of this article). It’s finding gifts that are personal but not too personal, that have meaning but not too much meaning, and that remind your clients not only that you care, but that you’re the local expert they can rely on for years to come. A tall order for sure, but remember, the number one rule of gift giving is to buy them something they want but probably wouldn’t buy for themselves.

But First, Why Should Real Estate Pros Buy Closing Gifts?

There has been some debate on whether real estate closing gifts should even be a thing. After all, the best closing gift is a completed transaction with minimal hiccups. Your job as a real estate professional is to guide your clients through the most stressful, important financial decision they will most likely make. Why do you bring them a gift for providing a service? When was the last time you received a gift from your CPA? Or your doctor? So, why do we provide our real estate clients with gifts when we close on a deal?

It’s a great question. And there is an argument to be made against providing closing gifts to real estate clients. But the truth is, you will reap the lion’s share of benefits when you recognize this big emotional moment in your clients’ lives with a physical gift. It gives your clients yet another reason to evangelize you to everyone they know from that day on.

We work in a relationship business. That means the deeper our relationships with our clients, the more business we’ll get in return. So, take it from us, choosing a great closing gift for your clients when you finish a deal is in your best interest. And your clients will love you too, which will also make you feel amazing.

So, How Much Should You Spend on a Real Estate Closing Gift?

This is another great question. And the answer is there’s no hard-and-fast rule about what’s appropriate to spend. But if you want to set a budget, you should probably stay between 1% and 5% of your total commission on the transaction. For example, if you have a transaction closing at $350,000 on which you’ll earn a 3% commission, your total gross commission will be $10,500 for that transaction. So, you should budget between $105 and $525 for that client’s closing gift.

Keep in mind that spending too much on a real estate closing gift can seem insincere and could even make your clients feel uncomfortable. You want to be thoughtful in your gift-giving, choosing something that reflects how well you know your clients. And avoid gifts that are branded to the point your clients won’t want to use them. They may say “Thanks” for that sweet cutting board you branded with your logo, but they probably won’t pull it out of the cupboard when company’s around. 

And now, without further ado, here is our list of the best real estate closing gifts for 2023:

1. A Branded Gift They Will Love

Evabot's branded gift boxes

The problem with branded gifts is that most people secretly hate them. Sure, they will thank you for that insulated coffee mug with your logo on it, but let’s face it, that thing is getting shoved in a cabinet, never to be seen again.

That’s where EvaBot comes in. Using artificial intelligence (AI), EvaBot figures out what products your client really wants, then sends them a gift in a custom-branded box with your logo on it. So your client receives a desirable gift (that isn’t branded)—in a branded box. No shopping, wrapping, or gift-picking stress required on your part.

To start gifting 21st century-style, visit EvaBot’s website below to claim a $25 dollar gift credit.

  • Cost: Gifts range from $30 to $250 (branding packaging costs extra)
  • Where to find:

2. A Box Subscription for Pups

dog treat subscription box

Today’s pampered pooches live better than we did as kids! Well, maybe not, but pets have slowly become a focal point in many people’s lives. 

So if your client is a certified dog mommy or daddy, they’ll absolutely love the unique and fun items they’ll get from a subscription gift box. Instead of boring old bones, their little fur monsters get high-quality toys, treats, and essentials. 

The best part of these subscriptions is that even if your client deletes your phone number right after closing, you get to feel good about keeping a little four-legged friend happy for an entire year. 😊

  • Cost: $20 to $40 per month (depending on size and subscription type)
  • Where to find: Multiple sites offer these playful box subscriptions: ShaggySwag, BarkBox, PupBox

3. A Cat GPS System

Cat staring into the camera

Cats usually have a mind of their own while graciously letting you feed and clean up after them. But it’s difficult to keep tabs on them. Your clients who own cats are most likely going to worry about their feline friend in a new neighborhood. After all, cat parents don’t know what kind of new dangers are around any more than their felines do. 

You can now alleviate some of their frustration and anxiety with a GPS system designed specifically for cats. PawTrack is a collar with built-in Wi-Fi that allows cat owners to track their furry felines no matter where they go. And at just $35, it’s a great gift for your clients and your pocketbook. 

If your clients have a canine escape artist, there’s a GPS tracker for them too.

  • Cost: $35 for the collar + $8 to $13 per month for the data plan
  • Where to find:

4. A Practical Gift That Can Generate Referrals

A couple painting an interior wall

The best closing gifts do two things: They show your former client you actually care, and they keep you top of mind when it comes to referrals. Home Manager is one of the few that actually does both pretty well.

The company’s app makes it easy to schedule the crucial home maintenance tasks that so many of your clients forget about until it’s too late—perfect for new homeowners. Even better, it comes boxed with a practical gift of your choice, such as a carbon monoxide detector, and the subscription model keeps you top of mind for two years.

5. A Home Warranty for One Year

Large brick home

I always recommend a whole home warranty to my clients. It provides an extra layer of protection on items like appliances, electrical systems, and HVACs because you just never know what could happen after you’ve signed on the bottom line.  But many buyers, especially first-timers, are strapped for the cash to purchase a home warranty. 

They can be costly, depending on where you operate and how much your typical home warranty covers. But if you have clients who can’t afford to purchase their own policy, a whole home warranty to cover their first year in their new home is an excellent, and practical, real estate closing gift. Plus, it can help avoid buyer’s remorse on a fixer-upper.

6. A Smart Vacuum

A smart vacuum with a cell phone app

A robotic vacuum will make your tech geek clients grin like a kid at Christmas. The only problem, of course, is that these things were exorbitantly priced—up until now. Today, you can get a well-reviewed robotic vacuum that syncs with Amazon’s Alexa, has an app, and even charges itself when the battery runs out, all for under $200.

If your client is more of a brand snob, you can upgrade them to the original iRobot Roomba for under $300. Still a great bargain for a gift that ticks both the useful and neato boxes that most gifts can’t.

  • Cost: $200 to $500 (depending on which brand and upgrades you choose)
  • Where to find: You can find either of these brands and models on Amazon, or go directly to their websites: &

7. Anything From Hermès

An ashtray from Hermés sitting on a table

Hermès is just one of those brands that will impress (or at least satisfy) the pickiest and wealthiest clients. Yes, these closing gift ideas come with a hefty price tag, but you can keep it simple with a small ashtray or change tray ($500). Or you can go a little bigger with a cake platter ($600) or show off your sense of style with a horsehead paperweight ($550). If you want to put more luxe into your gift, check out the Hermés blankets ($1,650). Beautiful and unique enough to keep out on a sofa, coffee table, or console, a gift from Hermès is a surefire way to stay top of mind. Expensive, but a big return on investment for your real estate closing gift budget.

  • Cost: $200 and up
  • Where to find: Shop in-store in select locations or online at

8. A Wishing House

A small wishing house made of pewter

What gives a lucky rabbit’s foot its sentimental value? The answer, of course, is the wishes and dreams of the person who owns it. Wishing Houses, handcrafted by Brooklyn-based jewelry designer Brauna Rosen, allows you to send your client a gift that already has sentimental value.

Here’s how it works. Your client gets an adorable cast pewter Wishing House along with a handwritten wish from you. They put the Wishing House in their own home and then send a Wishing House back to you, or send a new Wishing House on to a friend or loved one who needs some moral support.

Best of all, at only $28 per Wishing House and wish shipped, they’re affordable enough to send out to all your clients at any time as a heartfelt personal keepsake.

9. An Espresso Machine

An espresso machine making an espresso

Got a die-hard coffee fanatic as a client? If so, you can’t go wrong with a tiny personal barista as a closing gift. For many, an espresso machine is considered a luxury item, so even your most avid coffee drinkers may not pony up for their own machine. But you can! And your clients will think of you every morning while brewing their perfect espresso.

10. A Personalized Noodle Board

A wooden noodle board sitting on a stovetop with a family name painted on it

If you’re confused as to what a noodle board is, you’re not alone. I had never heard of it until I saw one recently while scrolling through Facebook. When I went to Etsy to find the store from the post, I was surprised to find several woodworkers who make these. Originally designed to hold pasta as it dries, these crafty boards are now more commonly used on top of the stove range. It covers unattractive burners and adds an elegant addition of usable space for working or decorating. There are a handful of sellers on Etsy who make these gorgeous boards in various styles and materials. Your clients will love the unique personalization as well.

  • Cost: $90 to $175
  • Where to find:

11. The Nest Doorbell

A family answering their front door

In 2023, everyone seems to have a smart doorbell. With package deliveries showing no signs of slowing, smart doorbells are great for keeping track of your arrivals and protecting against would-be thieves. The Nest Doorbell is one of the best and most reasonably priced. Buy this as a real estate closing gift for your new homeowner and they will be able to see who’s at the door from their phone and never miss a package or visitor again.

Even better, like Nest’s namesake thermostat, it’s well-designed enough to complement pretty much any exterior decor.

12. A Small (or Large) Gift From Tiffany & Co.

Set of four small vides poche from Tiffany & Co.

Another brand that will impress pretty much any client is Tiffany & Co. While not exactly cheap, you can (and should) try to buy something special for your client no matter your budget.

If you close a giant deal, go for something nicer. Who doesn’t get excited when they’re handed an iconic blue box from Tiffany’s? There are actually a few items at Tiffany & Co that will fit inside any agent’s budget. Stunning Tiffany key rings will run around $200, as will a pair of Audubon champagne flutes, while a pair of Tiffany & Co blue shot glasses made of bone China will cost just $170. The gifts can go up as high as you’re willing to go, obviously, for something like a gorgeous vide poche (a fancy French word for a bowl to empty your pockets) in sterling silver for $1,000. I personally like the set of four small vides poche for $350 in different colors. So elegant! And of course, they say Tiffany & Co, which is the point, isn’t it?

  • Cost: $170 to $1,000+
  • Where to find: Shop in stores in select locations or online at

13. A Consultation With a Local Landscape Designer

 A backyard patio surrounded by well-manicured greenery

If there’s one home decorating area where even a lot of design snobs are at a loss, it’s landscaping. As a result, many homeowners just skip it, not realizing just how dramatic an effect a well-designed yard can have on their home.

That’s why an hour-long consultation with a professional landscape designer can be a great closing gift idea for new homeowners. It’s something they might not think about that can have a huge impact on how their home looks and feels. When shopping for a good landscape artist, there are few different ways to find someone you can trust. Start by going to a site like Yelp or Facebook to ask the locals who they recommend. You can tap into Google to see reviews too. Then, you can use a site like Houzz, Angi, or HomeAdvisor to find a few you want to interview for the job. Get your list of questions ready, then contact a handful of your top picks to get some estimates.

14. A Subscription to a Meal Kit Delivery Service

Several different dishes set on a table

If your client likes to cook (but not grocery shop), then a subscription to a meal kit delivery service like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh will make a fantastic closing gift. When they end up using it, they will think of you every time they prepare one of these curated meals. 

With the success of companies like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, there has been a veritable explosion of meal kit delivery services over the last few years. So instead of just one or two, you now have dozens to choose from, including some ready-made meals you don’t even have to cook. The options now in food delivery are expansive and growing every week.  If you’re shopping for foodies, though, the more specific the kit, the better. If you’re not sure where to start, Epicurious has a buyer’s guide with 40 different kits to choose from. 

  • Cost: Varies depending on the type of meals and number of servings; $8 to $18 per serving or approximately $35 to $119 per delivery
  • Where to find:,, for starters. For locavores, search “[Your town] + meal kit subscription”

15. A Fully Planned & Paid for Evening Out

A waitress takes orders at a table with several people in the party

While buying your clients an experience rather than an object is often recommended, sometimes your gift of a night out can be more of a chore than a welcome respite from moving.

Think about it. If they have kids, they need to hire a sitter. If they want to drink, they need to order an Uber. And so on and so forth.

If you really want to impress your clients, set up a dinner at a local restaurant and cover ALL the annoying details that make nights out an obligation rather than a treat. You should, at the very least, make a reservation and tell the restaurant to expect them, send the restaurant a custom cake or bottle of wine, arrange for a sitter, and most importantly, arrange for an Uber XL to take them to and from dinner in style.

Trust me, your clients will sing your praises for years if you get this right!

  • Cost: Uber gift certificate: $20 to $35 (approx.), dinner: $100 to $150 (approx.), bottle of champagne: $100 (approx.), childcare: $15 to $25 per hour ($0 if you do it yourself)
  • Where to find: Search “[Your town] + local restaurant gift certificate”

16. A Membership to a Local Museum or Gym

Several large sculptures in a museum

Speaking of experiences, why not consider a membership to a local museum or gym? Of course, you’ll need to take the time to get to know your clients, but you should be doing that already. If they’re into local art and your community has a great museum, consider signing them up for a year. 

On the flip side, if they seem more interested in a healthy lifestyle, maybe a gym membership for a year makes more sense. Unless that house you just helped them buy has a home gym, of course. It’s important, in either situation, to learn about your clients and what they really enjoy doing.

  • Cost: Gym memberships run $20 to $50 per month; museum memberships are typically around $50 per year for an individual and up to $150 per year for a family membership.
  • Where to find: Check local gyms and museums in your area or try

17. A Gift Certificate to a Local Nursery

A woman shopping for flowers in a nursery

While most people like house plants and small trees, those who love them are generally pretty particular. Some plant lovers collect succulents, while others prefer hanging plants or perennials. That makes picking out a nice plant as a closing gift a tricky proposition. If you want to ensure your plant-loving client is happy, a gift certificate is the way to go.

Like the other closing gift ideas on this list that come from local business owners, make sure to form a relationship with the nursery owner before buying the gift certificate. If they’re greeted warmly by a store owner who speaks well of you, your clients will think of you as a well-connected local rather than just someone they completed a transaction with.

  • Cost: $50 to $300, though this will depend on how much you want to spend. Judge by how much the average plant or tree in your local nursery costs and buy accordingly.
  • Where to find: Look for local nurseries instead of Lowe’s or Home Depot. The plants at nurseries are sourced directly and usually hold up better than plants from big box stores.

18. A Customized Gift for Children

A wooden plaque with a 3D name on it

Of course, if you do develop a deeper relationship with your client, then getting them something that they’ll personally resonate with makes sense. If they have kiddos, you’ll make a lasting impression with a personalized gift. You can find talented artists on Etsy who specialize in practically anything, including personalized gifts like wooden name signs, for reasonable prices. That’s important if your clients have more than one kid. Wooden signs run anywhere from $20 to $50. 

But there are tons of other great ideas, like nightlights featuring the child’s name, wooden name puzzles, neon signs, and tons more. Just type in “custom gifts for children” and explore all the options.

  • Cost: $20 to $100+
  • Where to find:

19. A Local Cooking Class

A cooking class with several people reading a recipe

This is the perfect closing gift for your foodie clients. Even better, if you work in a major city, you can find classes at all levels of experience and intensity. For example, a bachelor first-time homeowner might genuinely appreciate a cookery 101 course, while a die-hard home chef might get a lot out of a butchery or advanced knife skills class.

Again, knowing your client’s interests is key to great real estate closing gift-giving! You can also opt for an online master class with a well-known chef that your client can enjoy from the comfort of their new home. Even some local grocery stores, like Publix and Whole Foods, offer cooking classes.

20. A Celebratory Dinner (With You)

A nicely plated meal at a restaurant

For a truly special experience, treat your clients to a nice dinner complete with wine (or champagne) and give them an event they’ll always associate with you. Real estate is about relationships, so taking your clients out for a memorable evening builds that bond, generates tons of goodwill, and puts smiles on faces.

  • Cost: Depending on where you go and how extravagant you choose to be, it could cost anywhere from $200 to $500
  • Where to find: Choose one of your local restaurants over a chain

21. A Custom House Portrait That Guest Stars Your Clients & Pet

A painting of a house with a couple and their dog standing in front of it.
(Source: ivyillustrations on Etsy)

While a custom house portrait makes a generally pretty safe (and great) closing gift, why not go the extra mile and include the happy couple and their pet? This way, you can turn something that’s fairly personal into something they may even cherish for decades.

The trick is to find a talented artist who can really capture the spirit of your clients and their new home. Some artistic license (and some Facebook snooping) will ensure your closing gift is heartfelt and truly personalized.

22. A Well-curated Case of Wine

Shelves with bottles of wine

Another way to tap into the art of giving experiences (instead of more stuff) is to find a gift that will be shared and enjoyed without leaving anything behind. Work with a local wine shop to curate a sampling for many different occasions. If you work with the right shop, they will happily provide you with in-depth descriptions of the origin, tasting notes, and pairing for each bottle they sell.

Once again, the point here is not to prove your oenophile bona fides, but to show your client that you’re a fixture in the local community. The owner of the wine store will love you, and so will your client. What more could you ask for?

  • Cost: A case of wine is 12 bottles. With the average price per bottle between $12 and $25, a case will probably cost between $125 to $250 with the typical case percentage discount
  • Where to find: Tap your local wine shop and build a relationship with the sommelier. After all, your goal is to become a frequent shopper

23. A Local Experience They’ll Never Forget

People free-falling after jumping from a plane

If your clients are on the daring side, why not treat them to a heart-racing local experience they’ll never forget? Depending on where you work, you might be able to get them lessons on skydiving, horseback riding, parasailing, or something even more unique, like a NASCAR racing experience.

  • Cost: $50 to $250 per person
  • Where to find: Every city has different attractions. Do a Google search of your local area.

24. A Gift Card to a Local Coffee Shop or Tab at a Local Pub

Overhead view of a coffee shop with people waiting for their coffee order

A gift card to a well-loved coffee shop or bar can be a great way to nudge your buyers into becoming locals. First, if you have a relationship with the owners, you can make sure they are warmly welcomed, which anyone brand-new to a neighborhood will appreciate.

Second, you give them an easy way to start a routine and meet new friends in the neighborhood. Just make sure to get to know your clients well before buying them something like this. A teetotaler will not take kindly to getting a tab at a bar as a closing gift.

  • Cost: $100 to $250
  • Where to find: Check out local coffee shops and pubs in your area. Do not get a gift card to Starbucks or Applebee’s—that’s defeating the point of this gift

25. A Gift Certificate to a Local Antique Store

Several curio pieces including wooden boxes, a tea kettle, and candle holders on a shelf

If your clients are moving into a vintage home or if their tastes lean on the old-fashioned side, then a gift certificate to a local antique shop is a no-brainer. Even if they don’t find that perfect piece right away, they’ll likely form a relationship with the owners that will ensure pleasant browsing for years to come.

This is a win-win in anyone’s book. You get your local shop owner a potential lifetime customer, and you show your client that you really understand what they value.

  • Cost: $50 to $200
  • Where to find: Find a local antique store in your community (just make sure it’s not too far on the thrift/junk shop side for your clients’ tastes)

26. Something to Make a Transplant Feel Welcome

A man surfing

Let’s face it: Moving to a new city across the country or even around the world can be intimidating. You don’t know anyone, and feeling truly at home isn’t easy right away. If you’re working with transplant clients, one of the best closing gifts you can get them is a local experience that helps them feel at home.

For example, if your client just moved from Chicago to Los Angeles, then get them surfing lessons. If they moved from India to Cape Cod, then a day of whale watching will help your client get excited about the unique spirit of their new home.

Just remember that closing gifts like this don’t have to be super serious. They can be lighthearted or even corny. The idea is to provide a unique local experience that will turn your clients into instant evangelists for your services!

  • Cost: $30 to $150
  • Where to find: Check with your local tourism board or search your town on Tripadvisor

27. A Gift Certificate to a Local Florist

Florist wrapping flowers in brown paper

If your client loves fresh flowers, then a gift certificate to a local florist can make a great closing gift. As a rule of thumb, go for a florist that’s a little more high-end than your clients may normally buy from. This way, your gift will be seen as a treat rather than something they might have bought on their own anyway. In bigger cities, you might even be able to find a subscription service that will send a bouquet every month.

  • Cost: $75 to $150
  • Where to find: Explore local florists and build a relationship with one that offers unique designs that stand out

28. A Consultation With a Local (or Online) Interior Designer

Woman holding her baby in a nicely decorated living room
(Source: Havenly)

If there is one luxury that even relatively wealthy people skip out on, it’s hiring an interior designer. After all, it just seems so decadent. Of course, interior designers work in all flavors and at most price points. They can also actually save you money because they often arrange or rearrange furniture you already own so it works better.

In many ways, that makes a session with an interior designer the perfect closing gift. It’s something useful for the house, decadent, and something most people wouldn’t dream of hiring themselves. If you want to go local, then Yelp would be a good place to start looking. Or, you can pre-book time with an online interior design consultant using a service like Havenly, where clients can shop their style and build a Pinterest board to get things rolling. Fun!

  • Cost: Starting as low as $79
  • Where to find: Check out some local interior designers in your community, or go for an online service like

29. An Apple iPad

Apple iPad and iPad Pro

While generally viewed as important as oxygen itself for many real estate agents, there are still a lot of people out there who see iPads and tablets as luxury items. Now that doesn’t mean they don’t want one—far from it. It just means that even extremely successful people hold off on what they consider personal luxuries.

Luckily for real estate agents trying to buy closing gifts for their clients, though, a high-end tablet can be a great gift. It’s useful, fun, luxurious, and something many people just won’t buy for themselves. If you’re leaning toward a tech gift like an Apple iPad, drop some hints during your showing to see if they already have one and gauge their interest in owning one. If they don’t have one and think they’re the bee’s knees, then you have yourself a pretty sweet closing gift.

  • Cost: $449 to $799
  • Where to find:

30. A Luxury Pen

Fancy ink pen with lid
(Source: Parker Pens)

Even though a luxury pen might come across as a little impersonal, you can easily turn that around by having it engraved, adding personalized stationery, or including a clever card with the pen presented in a nice gift box. If you’re feeling bold, write something like “For our next deal” on the card, or just go traditional with something like “Home isn’t a place—it’s a feeling.”

You can get a beautiful luxury pen starting at around $50 with a gift box from companies like Parker or Cross. If you want to go big, Montblancs start at around $300.

31. House Cleaning Service

Two people cleaning a house

Really want to make an impression that lasts? Take away some of the stress your new homeowners will surely face as they get settled into their new home. Give them the gift that keeps giving month after month: biweekly housecleaning for up to 12 months.  

Every other week, when they have their home cleaned and refreshed without having to do it themselves, they’ll quietly thank you. And just imagine the praises they’ll sing of you, a real estate professional who knows how to treat their clients. Cue the referrals.

  • Cost: $130/month average, choose to pre-pay for as many months as you like
  • Where to find: Check out or Yelp for some great suggestions. You can also use to find an individual housecleaner with reviews.

32. Décor & More

A unique light fixture

Still stuck? Here are a few more ideas to get your creative juices flowing. If you know what their taste and favorite colors are, you might find a unique decorative piece that will fit with their new home. Think wall art, table décor, or a nice rug that will showcase the home’s beauty along with your client’s style. Shop at local boutiques, antique stores, and artisan shops for unique gifts. 

And, of course, the basic bottles of champagne will come in handy in a pinch. If your clients are non-drinkers, consider some non-alcoholic spirits like Seedlip, Lyres, or The Zero Proof.

Our Take on Great Real Estate Closing Gifts

The perfect closing gift is personal and thoughtful and reminds your client that you are the local real estate expert they can rely on for years to come. Choose carefully by getting to know your clients well, and you just might help create an evangelist for life!

Have a great story around a closing gift that was well received? Or how about a closing gift you regretted giving? We’d love to hear your stories! Share them in the comments.