Real estate education has changed dramatically over the last ten years. In this Real Estate Express review, we’re going to examine what Real Estate Express offers, discuss the pros and cons of the platform, and peek behind the curtain into a live Real Estate Express course to see what you’ll experience when you make a purchase.

We’ve seen the shift from live classrooms to completely digital platforms firsthand. No other company has led this shift like Real Estate Express. But is Real Estate Express the best real estate education company in the business? Ultimately, we’ll decide whether Real Estate Express actually lives up to the hype.

Why Should You Trust This Real Estate Express Review?

unique perspective

Hi, I’m Chris Linsell. While you may have a Real Estate Express Review here and there, I bring a unique perspective to evaluating their pre-licensure program.

As a Senior Real Estate Writer and Coach with The Close, I write articles, produce videos, and do live coaching with agents across the country. I’m also a former test prep professional with plenty of experience in the online education space.

As a senior instructor for Kaplan Test Preparation, I taught in classrooms and online for close to two years. I also spent a year and a half working as a standardized testing tutor for Sylvan Learning Centers of America.

When you consider my real estate background, coaching expertise, and online education experience, it’s fair to say I’ve got a unique perspective on online real estate education. I know what works and what doesn’t.

You can count on my Real Estate Express review to be thoughtful and objective both from a real estate and a professional test prepper’s standpoint.

Real Estate Express: Pros, Cons, and the Close Recommendation

We’ll deliver a deep dive into the Real Estate Express experience, but first, here’s our topline analysis of the great and not-so-great features of the platform. Finally, we’ll share our verdict on whether you should consider Real Estate Express for your needs.

Real Estate Express ProsReal Estate Express Cons
  • One of the lowest priced options on the market
  • Not a mobile-friendly platform; desktop or laptop strongly encouraged
  • Live access to instructors
  • 95% text-based means you’ll be doing a LOT of reading
  • On-Platform note-taking app
  • Requires a self-discipline and motivation
  • Pass-or-Don’t-Pay Guarantee
  • Some material is in need of updating

The Close Recommendation: Real Estate Express is a great option for just about anyone needing to complete their required real estate pre-license education. The price point, access to instructors, and company support make Real Estate Express an excellent choice. Did we mention their money-back guarantee that you’ll pass your real estate exam? That’s a huge plus.

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A high volume of reading and self-discipline are necessary to be successful with Real Estate Express. Students who struggle with reading or attention may not find it to be the best fit. We recommend Kaplan Test Prep’s Live Online classes for those students. While still virtual, Kaplan’s classes are streamed live to your computer, simulating the real-time experience of an in-person classroom.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Express

Empty Classroom

Before we take a look inside an actual Real Estate Express course, let’s get on the same page regarding what they offer, where they operate, and how much the programs cost.

What Does Real Estate Express Offer?

Real Estate Express offers pre-license education for both aspiring real estate agents and brokers, plus real estate exam prep and real estate continuing education. In this Real Estate Express review, we’ll cover only their real estate agent pre-license course.

In What States Does Real Estate Express Offer Services?

Real Estate Express offers courses in 33 states plus the District of Columbia. Click here to find out if Real Estate Express offers a real estate pre-licensing course in your state.

What Packages Does Real Estate Express Offer for Pre-License Education?

Real Estate Express offers four packages for those looking to fulfill their pre-license exam requirements:

  • The Basics: The least expensive option. Covers the minimum requirements for each state, including an online, self-paced class, instructor support, and e-books.
  • Exam Preparation: Everything in The Basics package, plus entry-level exam preparation materials, and a pass-or-don’t-pay guarantee. Plus, you’ll get a year-long subscription to the Real Estate Express premium weekly newsletter, which provides industry insight, strategy, and training.
  • Exam Preparation Plus: Everything from the first two packages, plus a real estate terms dictionary and access to weekly Q&A with a live instructor.
  • Ultimate Learning: Everything from the first three packages, plus a printed textbook and a ton of professional development resources. These include Sherri Johnson’s 90-day bootcamp where you’ll learn how to produce income in your first three months as a new agent.

How Much Does Real Estate Express Cost?

Real Estate Express pricing varies depending upon the number of classroom hours mandated by your state prior to taking your licensing exam. Costs are generally commensurate with the number of classroom hours required.

For example, Florida requires 63 hours of study, so The Basics package starts at $132. In New York, where 75 hours are required, The Basics package starts at $245. In Texas, you can expect 180 hours of required classroom time to cost you $507.

These packages often go on sale for a limited time. The Close readers can save even more using the coupon code REAgentSuccess25, which gives you an additional 25% off of already discounted packages!

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How Long Do Real Estate Express Classes Take?

Your state’s requirements for pre-requisite hours and the amount of free time you have to devote to studying will ultimately determine how long your classes take. If you’re working a full-time job while completing your real estate pre-license classes, you may only have one or two hours available in your day to study. With exam preparation, the majority of students need about two months to complete most programs.

However, if you have more free time to devote, you might sail through even the lengthiest of courses in just a couple of weeks.

The Real Estate Express Student Experience + Video Walkthrough

Now you understand the pros and cons of Real Estate Express, their packages, and pricing. Next, let’s dig into what you can expect as a Real Estate Express student.

With full access to experience the platform just like any other student, here’s what I found. Follow me through the student experience in the video walkthrough above, and gain even more insights in the steps below.

Signing Up and Logging In

Real Estate Express homepage

The sign-up process for Real Estate Express is easy. I simply chose my package, provided some personal information, and selected my payment method using a couple of form fields. All in all, the process took less than 10 minutes, including the time to verify my email address, complete the course agreements, and read the terms of service.

Opening Your Course

How to Open Course in Real Estate Express

After completing my sign-up, I arrived at my course dashboard. Here, you can dive into course material, check out the course documents or the class discussion board. You can also view notes you’ve taken along the way.

Since my home State of Michigan requires a specific number of course hours before I can take the final exam, my exam prep options weren’t yet unlocked.

Overall, my impressions were positive. The dashboard is easy to understand, simple to navigate and it gets you where you need to go without a lot of muss and fuss. It’s a clean user interface without a lot of bells and whistles, but honestly, you don’t need anything sleek or sexy.

Starting Your First Class

Course Introduction in Real Estate Express

After selecting “Open Course,” the site took me to the first page of the first chapter of my Michigan pre-license course. Right away, I noticed the screen is very text-heavy. I’m a good reader, especially of digital text. But if this first slide is any indication, I recognized that I’d need to take regular breaks to rest my eyes and keep my mind sharp.

Easy navigation for the course is built into the bottom right corner, plus an appealing progress bar on the bottom left—ideal for long chapters. If you’re like me, knowing there’s an imminent stopping point may motivate you to push through challenging sections.

email your instructor directly from the class slides

The top menu provides a direct link to email your instructor. When clicked, a window on the right-hand side of the screen pops open, allowing you to email your instructor directly from the class slides.

The email messaging feature reads, “Use this feature to directly email your instructor for any content-related issues or questions. Your instructor will respond within 1 business day.”

Support options like these will be critical to your success, especially for students who are new to the online learning environment.

Progressing Through Your Course

Progressing Through Your Course

Working through the first chapter of the course was pretty straightforward. Most of the slides were primarily text, some images, and lots of bulleted lists. For an independent learner, especially one with some experience in the real estate industry, this format was easy to consume.

While the information on the slides was clear and well-written, it lacked emphasis or a hierarchy in the information being presented. For someone with no experience in the industry, it might be hard to distinguish the most important details from the info provided strictly for context.

Taking Your First Quiz

Taking Quiz in Real Estate Express

I made it to the Chapter 1 / Unit 1 quiz after a bit of work. The quiz format is multiple choice, and after reviewing my notes from the section, I felt ready to get started on it. The quiz questions were easy to understand and pulled directly from the materials in the Unit that I had just completed.

I received immediate feedback on the questions I got right and wrong after completing the quiz. The platform allows you to review the sections where you need more work before retaking the quiz. You’ll need to achieve 80% to pass a Unit quiz and move on to the next section.

Wrapping Up For The Day

saving progress in Real Estate Express

When I decided to wrap up and call it a day, saving my progress was easy. You simply select the “Close” button in the top right corner of your display, which automatically saves your progress in the course and takes you back to the course dashboard. Once there, I could see that the progress bar showed the changes in my progress.

Final Thoughts on the Real Estate Express Student Experience

All in all, my student experience with Real Estate Express was a good one. One of my big complaints with online education is that often the platform itself can be a distraction or a hindrance to learning. That isn’t the case here. I had a clear and immediate understanding of how to navigate the material. Taking notes, asking questions, and getting help was easy.

The one negative aspect of my experience was the platform’s heavy dependence on text-filled slides to present information. The average student may spend more than their required class hours studying due to the site’s less than optimal information design.

Integrated videos throughout the lesson content were relatively few and far between. If you’re not a strong reader, you may struggle with this platform, at least when getting started.

Bringing It All Together

Based on a thorough Real Estate Express review, we believe the platform definitely lives up to the hype. Real Estate Express provides comprehensive courses that are widely available at affordable prices. Their pass-or-don’t-pay guarantee adds to the many reasons I recommend this product and why I’ve chosen Real Estate Express as the Best Real Estate School of 2022.

If you’re ready to get started with Real Estate Express, make sure to use The Close’s coupon code, “REAgentSuccess25” to receive 25% off your course purchase.

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