Real Estate Express, which is now Colibri Real Estate, is a market leader in online real estate education. It continues to pave the way in quality online education content and its courses are available in almost every state. But is Colibri Real Estate the best real estate education company in the business? And perhaps more importantly, is it right for you? In this Colibri Real Estate review, we’ll help you find out.

We’ll take a close look at what Colibri Real Estate offers, discuss the pros and cons of the platform, and peek behind the curtain to see a Colibri Real Estate course. By the end, you’ll have all of the information you’ll need to decide if you should enroll in Colibri Real Estate for your prelicensing courses. 

Trust Chris: Teacher, Realtor & Coach

As a former senior instructor for Kaplan Test Preparation, I taught in classrooms and online. It’s fair to say that with my real estate background, coaching expertise, and teaching experience, I’ve got a unique perspective on online real estate education. You can count on my Colibri Real Estate review to be thoughtful and objective, both from a real estate and a professional test prepper’s standpoint.

The Close Recommendation

Colibri Real Estate is an ideal option for just about anyone who needs to complete their required real estate prelicense education. The price point, access to instructors, and company support make Colibri Real Estate an excellent choice. Plus, they offer a money-back guarantee that you’ll pass your real estate exam, which makes it hard to beat.

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Colibri Real Estate Video Walk-through

Are you curious to see what it’s like to be a Colibri Real Estate student? In this video, we’ll share our all-access pass to the Colibri Real Estate platform, explore the interface, and even sample a course.

The Close Review: Colibri Real Estate

Our video walk-through explored the Colibri Real Estate Education student experience. In this section, we’ll go even deeper, breaking down the details you’ll need to decide on the best real estate school for you. 

Colibri Real Estate Pros & Cons 

Here’s our top-line analysis of the great and not-so-great features of the platform.

Colibri Real Estate ProsColibri Real Estate Cons
  • One of the lowest-priced options on the market
  • Not a mobile-friendly platform; desktop or laptop strongly encouraged
  • Live access to instructors
  • 95% text-based instruction means you’ll be doing a LOT of reading
  • On-platform note-taking app
  • Requires self-discipline and motivation
  • Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee
  • Some material is in need of updating

Where Is Colibri Real Estate Available?

Colibri Real Estate has course offerings in all but a handful of states. They also have an extensive network of partnerships under the umbrella company, Colibri Real Estate, including McKissock and Allied Real Estate Schools

Colibri Real Estate Availability: State-by-State

Colibri Real Estate prelicensing courses

How Much Does Colibri Real Estate Cost?

Colibri Real Estate pricing varies depending on the number of classroom hours mandated by your state. The costs generally reflect the number of classroom hours required.

The Colibri Real Estate Student Experience

Here, we walk through the actual student experience and explore the Colibri Real Estate interface.

Room for Improvement

We’re big fans of Colibri Real Estate and believe it’s a strong option for many real estate students. We have, however, identified some areas where we think Colibri Real Estate could improve. 

Final Verdict on the Colibri Real Estate Student Experience

Based on a thorough Colibri Real Estate review, we believe the platform definitely lives up to the hype. Colibri Real Estate provides comprehensive courses that are widely available at affordable prices. Their Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee adds to the many reasons I recommend this product and why I’ve chosen Colibri Real Estate as the Best Real Estate School of 2022.

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Over to You

Have you taken Colibri Real Estate courses? Do you have more to add to our Colibri Real Estate review? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below!