AceableAgent has established itself as a trusted name for quality real estate education. If you’ve read even a few of our national and state-specific school guides, you’ll see that AceableAgent has always been a constant on our best schools list. Still undecided if this school is the right choice? Don’t worry! I’ve spent over 180 hours researching AceableAgent. In this AceableAgent review, I’ll outline the school’s offerings, evaluate its pros and cons, and answer whether it’s a worthwhile investment for your real estate education needs.

The Close Score: AceableAgent

  • Great learning platform for mobile
  • Pass guarantee
  • Affordable
  • Exam prep materials included in all prelicensing packages
  • Live webinars and private tutoring included in the premium package
  • PrepAgent offered in all states
  • No live instruction option
  • No career assistance or networking opportunities
  • Not available in a lot of states
The Close Score
Learning Format & Accessibility:
Course Features:
Help & Support:
Expert Score:

My Verdict on AceableAgent & Why You Should Trust It

As a real estate education researcher/writer who has spent thousands of hours evaluating many real estate schools in different states, I based my AceableAgent review on thorough analysis. I’ve tested its online learning platform, examined its course offerings and exam prep materials, and read Aceable real estate reviews. I am committed to providing you with my unbiased assessment, so rest assured that the scores and analyses presented here are solely mine and reflect the stance of The Close’s editorial team.

After extensively reviewing AceableAgent, I recommend this school to people who thrive while learning independently and on the go. Its courses are accessible through any device, which makes it easy if you’re preoccupied with a different job during the day. While no school is without its drawbacks, such as limited course availability and class format options, AceableAgent’s strengths outweigh its weaknesses.

AceableAgent Reviews

As of this writing, the school has an average rating of 4.9 based on 8,200 Aceable real estate school reviews from Trustpilot. Below are some 5-star AceableAgent reviews from verified users:

I first used Aceable to obtain my real estate license, and now I’m using for my continuing education. The courses are engaging, humorous, and repetitive (in a good way!) I appreciate that Aceable includes multiple forms of content (text, videos, graphics, quizzes, and little games). I also never knew I could be so endeared by a cartoon robot.

Aceable is well structured. I am a visual learner, all the examples and videos are greatly appreciated. Customer service is quick with timely responses if there are hiccups. The proctored exams are smooth and seamless each time I’ve taken my exams. Thank you.

Overall, students are satisfied with AceableAgent’s course offerings, class format, and platform. While there are a lot of good reviews, Aceable also has its share of negative ones, with some of the usual issues being technical and related to online testing. Here are some examples of 3-star reviews:

The coursework and website were tremendously easy to navigate. The coursework was very well laid out and made interesting much of the minutiae that otherwise could have been tedious. However, the online testing was an unmitigated disappointment. With the exception of 1 time, each time I went to test online there was some technical issue which prevented me from testing either at that time or on that day (which required that I had to reschedule my appointment and get ahold of the help desk.) The online testing UI needs to be worked through and all the bugs removed.

Aceable itself is a well-run entity. However, examity being the company who does the proctored exams is less than ideal. Always such a hassle. Will be very glad to not have to use examity once I’m finished with the courses. Other than that I have enjoyed the experience using Aceable to attain a real estate license.

AceableAgent Course Availability: Can I Take AceableAgent Real Estate Courses in My State?

Aside from striving to enhance student’s overall learning experience, AceableAgent is also working on expanding its services to more states. In this section, I’ve listed the types of real estate classes AceableAgent offers and the states where they are available.

AceableAgent Pricing

The pricing for AceableAgent course packages is state-specific due to the varying number of course hours required by each state. For instance, AceableAgent’s basic prelicensing course package in Florida will only cost you $116, whereas the equivalent option in Texas will run you $449. Here’s what’s usually included in Aceable’s course packages:

  • Self-paced online format accessible across all devices
  • Instructor support
  • Audio guide for all lessons
  • Mini-course on finding the right broker
  • Private tutoring, live webinars, and instructor Q&A in premium package
Exam Prep
  • Offered via PrepAgent by Aceable
  • Available in all states
  • Flashcards and exam study guides
  • Live group webinars
  • Private tutoring option
  • 1-week, 1-month, and 3-month subscription options
  • Individual and packaged courses
  • Payment plan available
Continuing Ed.
  • Self-paced online format
  • Virtual classroom and coursework
  • Mandatory and elective CE courses available

AceableAgent Alternatives

Since AceableAgent only caters to a few states, it obviously isn’t the best option for everyone. For example, AceableAgent doesn’t have career resources or networking opportunities for prospective agents, which can be a deal-breaker for some. Here are other real estate schools you might be interested in, including our link to each school’s review and video walk-through.

SoftwareWhy It’s a Great AlternativeLearn More
colibri real estate logo Pass or Don’t Pay guarantee
Exam prep packages include lots of features
Self-paced and livestream course options
Buffini & Company coaching videos
One year of access to Colibri’s Career Booster Pack
Professional growth tools for real estate agents
Colibri Real Estate Review + Video Walk-through
The CE Shop logo Modern, expertly designed courses
Excellent online learning platform
Pass guarantee
Continuing education or post-licensing courses already included in Premium packages
Business building courses for new agents
The CE Shop Review: Real Estate Courses & Test Prep
kaplan real estate education logo All packages have test prep materials
Interactive study groups
Career Mentor Connect via Zoom
Real Estate Accelerator online video course and live online coaching
Interest-free payment plans
Kaplan Real Estate School Review (2024): Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons
360training Agent Campus logo. Affordable courses
Live chat, phone, and email support
Individual and packaged self-paced courses
Offers a variety of interesting continuing education electives
User-friendly, modern interface
360training Agent Campus Review: Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons (2024)

Key Features of AceableAgent

In this section of the AceableAgent review, I’ll highlight AceableAgent’s strengths and identify areas for improvement.

Value for Money ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

With its affordable pricing, AceableAgent is a cost-effective option among national real estate schools. It offers excellent value for money with competitively priced packages that include extra features such as audio guides, practice exam questions, and instructor support. AceableAgent’s basic package offers more features than other schools like Colibri Real Estate.

Class Formats ⭐⭐⭐

Since AceableAgent’s courses are self-paced online, it may not be the best option for students who prefer more interactive classes. However, if you’re willing to pay for Aceable’s premium package, you’ll get a scheduled private tutoring session with an expert and live webinars where you can ask questions in real time.

Student Dashboard ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The AceableAgent course dashboard is pretty simple. On the left-hand side, you’ve got an outline of classes, marking your progress through the required material. A “what’s next” prompt sits front and center, indicating your immediate steps toward completing your prelicensing course and a collection of typical navigation links across the top.

Other real estate education companies, like Colibri Real Estate or Kaplan, have dashboards with more information (such as upcoming training webinars, course statistics, and mastery opportunities). Still, we weren’t dissatisfied with the AceableAgent experience.

Mobile Interface ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

AceableAgent provides online real estate prelicensing education and a fresh, mobile-first approach to real estate learning. Their mobile app makes completing your class hours as easy as listening to a podcast and is an exclusive offering that none of their competitors provide. If spending your nights and weekends in a stuffy classroom crushes your soul, AceableAgent’s mobile experience might be the ideal solution.

Reputation ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

AceableAgent is well-known for its innovative approach, easy-to-use platform, and comprehensive course offerings. Students and licensed professionals appreciate the school’s commitment to staying current with industry standards. The school has been around for over a decade, so it’s no wonder it’s always among students’ top real estate school choices.

Bottom Line: Is AceableAgent Worth Your Money? 

If you’re a visual learner and enjoy studying at your own pace, AceableAgent is a great choice. However, it isn’t perfect. Its offerings lack features to help you interact and network with other prospective agents and speak to instructors in real time. If your learning style thrives on interaction with people and content, you must go the extra mile on AceableAgent to make that happen.

Also, your prelicensing course is just part of the real estate education you’ll need to launch and maintain a long and successful career. AceableAgent doesn’t offer many options for continuing education or broker prelicensing, so while a competitor like Colibri Real Estate or The CE Shop can offer everything under a single banner, you’ll likely only take one course with AceableAgent.

Methodology: How We Evaluated & Scored AceableAgent

Regarding our methodology at The Close, our licensed real estate professionals, writers, researchers, and editors created a weighted rubric to evaluate AceableAgent. Our experts have done hours of research to analyze key features, pricing, course offerings, AceableAgent student reviews, and more. All the features we explored are essential for students to become successful agents and brokers in the real estate industry. 

Our detailed criteria included:

  • Course Features 25%
    • This comprises items that assist agents and brokers in completing their education, like pass and refund guarantees, career and instructor support, coaching, training, interactive study groups, and course extensions.
  • Value 20%
    • Pricing and availability of coursework are important factors to assess. This value accounts for real estate school offerings in prelicensing, post-licensing, continuing education, broker prelicensing, and exam prep. 
  • Learning Format & Accessibility 20%
    • Real estate professionals must consider the best format for their learning, which includes self-paced, on-demand video, livestream, and in-person classes. Also, accessibility via multiple devices, like computers, tablets, and mobile devices, determines the convenience for users. 
  • Expert Score 15%
    • The Close closely reviews each course for standout features, details, ease of use, and the value for money spent from a real estate expert’s perspective. 
  • Help & Support 10%
    • If students need additional support, knowing the customer service options through phone, email, live chat, and ticket system is necessary. 
  • Reputation 10%
    • This examines the reputation of each real estate school through the eyes of current and past students, reviewing customer reviews and the popularity of each provider. 


Your Take

I hope my AceableAgent review has assisted you in deciding whether it fits your learning style and budget. Do you think AceableAgent is ideal for your real estate education needs? Have you had the opportunity to explore AceableAgent? Share your insights in the comments below!

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