Over the past 80 years, Kaplan has honed a tried-and-true method that delivers results for students in a wide range of professional and educational arenas. Operating in 28 countries, their secret to success is simple: high-quality content taught by subject matter experts and delivered in a way that meets the needs of their students.

If you’re looking for a school that boasts some of the most qualified instructors in the industry and class formats tailored to your learning style, then Kaplan Real Estate could be the ideal real estate education provider for you.

Trust Chris: Former Kaplan Instructor, Realtor & Coach

As a senior instructor for Kaplan Test Preparation, I taught in classrooms and online. It’s fair to say that with my real estate background, coaching expertise, and teaching experience, I’ve got a unique perspective on online real estate education. You can count on my Kaplan Real Estate review to be thoughtful and objective both from a real estate and a professional test prepper’s standpoint.

The Close Recommendation

After thoroughly reviewing Kaplan Real Estate School’s offerings and testing their platform for ourselves, The Close is happy to recommend it for real estate prelicensing coursework. Their experienced instructors, courses designed for various learning styles, and an excellent first-attempt pass rate make them a standout choice for real estate training.

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Kaplan Real Estate Video Walk-through

Curious about what’s like to be a Kaplan Real Estate Education student? In this video, we’ll share with your our all-access pass to Kaplan’s OnDemand class, the most popular package choice. Your experience will vary slightly depending on your state (we chose a course from the great state of Minnesota to try ourselves), but with this video, you an idea of what to expect with Kaplan OnDemand when you sign up. 

The Close Review: Kaplan Real Estate Education

If you watched our video walk-through, you know we tested out all the different elements of the Kaplan Real Estate Education experience. In this section, we go even deeper, breaking down all the must-know information you need when deciding on the right real estate school for you.

Kaplan Real Estate Education Pros & Cons

Kaplan Pros
Kaplan Cons
  • Fantastic track record in online education
  • Dated interface, not a great mobile experience
  • Packages include extremely affordable license renewal options
  • Packages offer little flexibility in class choice
  • Variety of class formats
  • No phone-based student support
  • Optional Career Launcher program

Where Is Kaplan Real Estate Education Available?

Kaplan Real Estate is currently available in about half the U.S., although some states have more limited package selections. Though we’d love to see Kaplan expand their offerings, they do offer options for the most populated areas in the country, making them a valid choice for most would-be Realtors. 

Kaplan Real Estate Availability: State-by-State

kaplan real estate education prelicensing courses

How Much Does Kaplan Real Estate Cost?

The cost of Kaplan Real Estate courses varies depending on your state and the education package you choose; it ranges from $160 to $1,100. Since each state requires a different number of prelicensing class hours to get your license, each Kaplan course will vary in terms of price, length, and content. While Kaplan is on the pricier end, we feel like the cost is well worth it. 

In terms of packages, Kaplan offers three class formats (in most states), plus some additional add-ons like their popular Career Launcher program. These formats include:

  • Home Study
  • OnDemand
  • Live Online

We’ll describe each in detail, but first, here are the costs of each of the Kaplan programs in some of the most populated states in the U.S.:

How Long Do Kaplan Real Estate Courses Take?

Your timeline depends on which package you choose and how many classroom hours your state mandates.

For instance, if you’re in Michigan, you’re only required to put in 40 classroom hours before taking your state licensure exam. If you’re in Texas and you opt for the Live Online option, it could take six weeks or more to complete your 180 required course hours. To learn more about the prelicensing requirements in your state, check out our guide.

The Kaplan Real Estate School Student Experience

Wondering what it’s actually like to take a course with Kaplan Real Estate? Here are the Kaplan platform highlights:

Room for Improvement

Even though the Kaplan platform is very robust, it isn’t perfect. If The Close had a say in it, here’s what we’d fix:

Final Thoughts: Does Kaplan Pass the Test?

I went into this Kaplan Real Estate School review as a former Kaplan teacher with years of experience teaching their Live Online program. Some of the same criticisms that were true when I taught are still true today: their interface feels old, their real-time student support could be improved, and you can’t get their programs everywhere. But the many positives far outweigh these few negatives.

Kaplan’s program should be a serious contender for anyone wanting to get into real estate. Their courses are well worth the cost, and students of the Kaplan program will face their state licensing exam well prepared and ready to start their careers.

Over to You

If you want to find out more about how Kaplan Real Estate stacks up against the other real estate education companies out there, make sure to check out our buyer’s guide for the Best Real Estate Schools.

Have you taken Kaplan Real Estate courses? Tell us about your experiences in the comments!