Imagine a tool so savvy that it feels like it’s your assistant, strategist, and cheerleader all rolled into one. That’s Propertybase for you, a customer relationship manager (CRM) designed specifically for the fast-paced world of real estate. This comprehensive platform is a game-changer, offering a blend of client management, automated marketing, and website creation. My in-depth review peels back the layers to evaluate key areas such as ease of use, customization, customer support, and value for money to see if Propertybase is right for your business.

Propertybase Review
  • User-friendly interface
  • Allows for extensive customization
  • Seamlessly integrates with various real estate tools
  • Mobile application for quick access to contacts
  • No free trial offered
  • Learning curve when setting up the platform
  • Lead automation not provided
  • No phone or live chat support offered
The Close Score
General features:
Additional features:
Ease of use:
Help and support:
Customer review rating:
Expert score:

My Verdict on Propertybase & Why You Should Trust It 

My experience in the real estate sector, coupled with a keen eye for technological solutions that genuinely make a difference, positions me to offer an insightful perspective on this platform. Propertybase GO is engineered as a turnkey CRM solution and designed to be fully functional right out of the box. This approach significantly reduces downtime associated with setup and initiation, allowing real estate professionals to hit the ground running. 

The listing management tools within Propertybase set it apart, especially considering that even some of the top-rated real estate CRMs lack this feature. With functionalities that include automated syndication across multiple platforms and detailed analytics on listing performance, Propertybase gives agents and brokers a significant advantage. It enables them to optimize property visibility and attract potential buyers more effectively.

Screenshot of propertybase dashboard with charts and lead information
Propertybase GO dashboard (Source: Propertybase)

While the platform demonstrates immense potential in streamlining operations, enhancing client relationships, and boosting lead generation, it’s not without its learning curve and cost considerations. Ultimately, my verdict on Propertybase is that it represents a significant advancement for real estate professionals looking to elevate their business management and client engagement strategies. However, like any tool, its true value comes from how well you can implement it into your existing workflows and processes.

Propertybase Alternatives

While Propertybase offers a robust suite of features tailored for the real estate industry, several factors may lead professionals to consider alternatives. Its position as a higher-cost option without a free trial period may deter smaller agencies or individuals mindful of their budgets. Additionally, those seeking more advanced lead automation tools or immediate customer support might find the platform lacking. 

Here are some other available alternative solutions that might better align with your needs:

Why It’s a Great Alternative
The Close Review
Ready to Purchase?
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What Current Users Think of Propertybase

Users of Propertybase generally hold the platform in high regard, as reflected in its impressive overall review score of 4.7 out of 5 on Featured Customer. From my perspective, this rating is well-earned due to the platform’s comprehensive integration capabilities, which seamlessly connect various real estate tools and the availability of real estate websites that significantly ease the marketing process.

Here are some user reviews of Propertybase:

“Propertybase helped turn our biggest challenge into our biggest revenue generator by automating the routing of our leads.”

“Everything is in one system. Our databases, our deals and our documents.”

“One of the keys of success has been the usability of Propertybase over other CRM systems.”

Despite the accolades for Propertybase’s comprehensive features and intuitive interface, a fair assessment reveals challenges. Users from Capterra mentioned obstacles in integrating the platform into their operations, citing a notable gap in support as a primary concern.

“Managing some of the customization and learning to operate on your own is the toughest challenge. The workflow and sales pipeline can be cumbersome when working through a deal, but after some experience and repetition I’m sure it will make sense. We are still learning to create and operate the reports and analytics feature.”

Key Features of Propertybase

Propertybase delivers a powerful array of features designed for the modern real estate professional. At its core, it’s a customer relationship management platform that excels in managing client interactions, sales, and marketing tasks under one roof. Its list of features collectively makes Propertybase a well-rounded tool for any real estate business looking to optimize its operations and client services.

Take an up-close look at how this dynamic platform can revolutionize your real estate business:

Introduction to Propertybase GO (Source: Propertybase)

Here are some standout features of Propertybase: 

Dedicated Property Pages

The dedicated property page feature stands out as a key feature, designed to showcase individual listings in their most appealing manner. This functionality allows real estate professionals to craft detailed, visually engaging presentations for each property, complete with high-resolution images, virtual tours, and comprehensive details that underscore the property’s unique features and selling points. 

Image of property page on various devices
Property page example (Source: Propertybase Go)

These pages, adaptable to the branding of the agent or agency, serve as powerful marketing assets. They enhance the online presence of listings and offer potential buyers a comprehensive and engaging viewing experience. This feature plays a crucial role in facilitating a closer connection between potential buyers and their future homes by elevating the presentation of properties and simplifying the buyer’s journey.

Automation of Daily Processes

Automation in Propertybase GO transforms the efficiency of real estate professionals’ daily operations. The platform’s sophisticated algorithms can schedule property showings, send follow-up emails, and even trigger alerts for important tasks, ensuring that the workflow is smooth and that no crucial step is missed. This level of automation saves time and ensures a consistent and professional approach to client management and follow-ups, enhancing the overall service quality delivered by agents.

Screenshot of creating an email dependency action item
Creating email action trigger (Source: Propertybase GO)

Email Marketing Campaigns

The email marketing campaign feature in Propertybase GO is a powerful tool that supports real estate marketing strategies. Users can design and dispatch visually appealing newsletters, property announcements, and custom communication using an easy-to-navigate interface. Detailed analytics are provided, offering insights into open rates, click-through rates, and the overall engagement level of the campaigns, allowing agents to refine their marketing efforts for better results.

Screenshot of email designs available with Propertybase Go
Email marketing templates (Source: Propertybase Go)

Area Profile Builder

With the Area Profile Builder, agents can showcase neighborhoods’ attractiveness. This feature integrates demographic statistics, school information, local amenities, and real-time market data to provide comprehensive area profiles. Such profiles can greatly assist buyers in making informed decisions and can be used by agents as part of their listing presentations to demonstrate local expertise.

Screenshot of icons for website page creation
Setting up area profiles (Source: Propertybase Go)

Customizable Website

The customizable website feature of Propertybase is not just about creating a digital presence; it’s about building an interactive platform for clients. Agents can tailor the websites to reflect their brand identity or their agency’s, with easy-to-use design elements requiring no coding knowledge. 

Image of an example website on mobile and desktop
Premium website designs (Source: Propertybase)

These websites are designed to be responsive, ensuring they work seamlessly on all devices, and they come equipped with search engine optimization (SEO) tools to improve visibility. Integrated IDX listings, lead capture forms, and client testimonials can all be incorporated, providing a full-featured real estate website that serves as a hub for clients and a powerful lead generation tool for agents.

Propertybase Pricing

Propertybase offers two distinct customer relationship management (CRM) options tailored to meet the diverse needs of real estate professionals: Propertybase GO and Propertybase Salesforce Edition. Propertybase pricing for each CRM version reflects the depth of features and level of support provided. You can get more detailed pricing information through a demo call with the Propertybase team.

Propertybase Go
Propertybase Salesforce Edition
Starting Monthly Price*
Customizable Website
Social Media Tools
Transaction Management
Team Management
Custom Dashboard
Mobile Application
International Support
*Estimated pricing; contact Propertybase for comprehensive pricing breakdown


At The Close, our approach to assessing platforms like Propertybase is thorough and unique. We dive deep into the world of real estate (free and paid) CRMs with a fresh perspective, employing a multifaceted evaluation method that sets us apart. Our process is rooted in real-world application, ensuring our findings are relevant and actionable for real estate professionals. 

Our approach to evaluating platforms like Propertybase blends firsthand experience with community feedback, comparative analysis, and industry standards. By comparing it against its competitors, we discern its unique value and potential shortcomings. This comprehensive process thoroughly examines Propertybase’s fit and reviews its functionality and role in the evolving real estate business technology landscape.

We based our Propertybase reviews using the following criteria:

  • Advanced CRM Features 25%
    • This evaluation delves into advanced features such as document and team management, mobile app availability, comprehensive marketing tools, social media integrations, and the depth of reporting and analytics tools.
  • Value for Money 20%
    • An in-depth analysis of the CRM’s cost-effectiveness was conducted, looking into Propertybase pricing models, subscription options, the presence of free trials, and the potential for discounts on bulk purchases.
  • General CRM Features 20%
    • We examine essential functionalities, including contact management, messaging capabilities, task scheduling and alerts, lead tracking, customizable dashboards, segmentation options, transaction coordination, and system integrations.
  • Ease of Use 10%
    • The ease with which users can navigate the CRM, customize its features, and set up the system was critically evaluated.
  • Customer Rating 10%
    • Each CRM’s overall reputation was assessed by collecting and analyzing reviews from verified users.
  • Expert Score 10%
    • Our experts at The Close provided a thorough review, highlighting unique features, additional benefits, and overall value from a real estate professional’s viewpoint.
  • Help & Support 5%
    • The availability and quality of customer support services, including live chat, telephone assistance, and email support, were considered crucial for real estate agents needing help.

Read more about our methodology here.


Bottom Line: Is Propertybase Worth Your Money? 

When you zoom in on Propertybase, you’ll find it’s like that multifunctional tool you never knew you needed until you got it. It’s packed with features that real estate pros can’t get enough of, like seamless document management, automation tools that keep your day on track without breaking a sweat, and email marketing campaigns that make reaching out to clients feel like a breeze. The mobile app means you can run your empire from the palm of your hand. 

Let’s be real for a moment: every platform is flawed. And while it’s packed with features, there’s a learning curve to tackle before you’re flying high. If you’re serious about taking your real estate game to the next level and are ready to invest in tools that can genuinely keep up with your ambition, it’s a solid investment. It will pay itself off by freeing up your time, impressing your clients, and helping you close more deals. Just be ready to jump in with both feet and consider the cost as an investment in your business’ future. 

Your Take

Have you used Propertybase and have thoughts about it? Let us know them below! We want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly, so let ‘er rip! 

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