When it comes to military strategy, most people are surprised when the upstart beats the old guard. You shouldn’t be. After all, instead of constantly bragging about how great they are, the upstarts just quietly work on their tech until it’s really ready and change the game. We think all-in-one CRM/IDX Website/Marketing platform Propertybase has just pulled this off with the rest of the market none the wiser.

Combining the state-of-industry IDX websites from Boston Logic, a rock solid and highly customizable Salesforce-based CRM, marketing tools, lead gen tools, and transaction management we think Propertybase is the new elephant in the room for real estate tech companies.

If you’re looking for a new CRM or an entire lead-to-close platform for an entire brokerage, then read our Propertybase review to hear what happened when we decided to kick the tires a bit.

Propertybase Pricing

Propertybase Salesforce Edition is ideal for larger teams and brokerages starting at $79/user per month with a minimum of 10 users. The additional IDX integrated website is an additional $299/month. You can also inquire about Propertybase GO—ideal for teams and brokerages of all sizes.

For the CRM this might be a little on the high end, but considering the features and quality of the platform we think it’s well worth the money.

For the entire platform CRM+IDX website, this is around the same price that competitors charge, that may or may not match Propertybase feature for feature.

The New Heart of Your Real Estate Business? A Closer Look at Propertybase’s CRM.

propertybase dashboard

While it seems like everyone and their cousin is making a CRM these days, not all CRMs are created equal. Sure, you can get a CRM like Hubspot or Insightly that won’t cost you a dime, but at the end of the day you and your agents will find yourselves doing things the old fashioned way most of the time.

For example, will that free CRM talk to your MLS? Will it work with Zillow or BoldLeads without a liberal application of digital duct tape like Zapier? Can you build out pipelines and custom reporting? Will that effort have an ROI? Will it scale with your business as it grows?

If you’re going to take the time and effort to integrate technology into your business, you need a solid platform that can grow with you. Built on the industry standard Salesforce platform, Propertybase can do that and more.

Propertybase CRM Basic Features

propertybase salesforce CRM

One of the problems with choosing a great real estate CRM is that you sometimes don’t know what features you want until you start using them. That said, there are baseline features that every sales professional in real estate wants a CRM to do.

As you might imagine, Propertybase knocks the basic CRM features out of the park. Leads can be sent into Propertybase from pretty much anywhere, and can be segmented, set up on drip campaigns, and endlessly sliced and diced to match people with properties quickly and easily.

You can also create custom pipelines to track each stage of your deal from inquiry to nurture to close, and pull sophisticated reports to track your progress.

MLS Integration

Considering that Realtors’ primary role is to match people to properties, it boggles my mind that so few real estate CRMs manage to integrate MLS into their products. Instead, they expect their users to bounce back and forth between open tabs and copy/paste until their fingers get numb.

Sure, this isn’t really that big of a deal, but think of just how much time you spend juggling between your CRM and your MLS today. Most of you probably immediately tallied up a half hour or so, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case. Now, think about team leaders and broker owners. They need to multiply that haf hour by five, ten, or fifty. Suddenly, the money “saved” with a bargain basement CRM starts to evaporate. Quickly.

Propertybase allows you to manage MLS listings, search for and curate listings to add to drip campaigns, and more. Your agents might even start to abandon the MLS altogether.

Marketing Automation

While pretty much every CRM has marketing tools that can be automated, the vast majority of them seem to miss the mark. After all, a big part of matching people to properties is marketing those properties along with your brand. Here again MLS integration saves the day.

Bulk Email & Drip Campaigns

Want to automatically pull together a listing alert to send out to one lead or groups of leads? Well, instead of flipping back and forth between tabs, with Propertybase you can set these up automatically using any criteria your MLS allows. That means your leads will get basically custom listing updates without you lifting a finger.

Texting & Print Marketing

Since Realtors spend so much time texting back and forth with leads these days, having texting features in your CRM is a no brainer. While it doesn’t come as a standard feature for the CRM, Propertybase does offer texting that can be seamlessly integrated into your workflow for listing alerts, drip campaigns, etc.

You can even quickly design and send out flyers, letters, or other print materials right from the CRM. Once again, since you have MLS integration, you can automatically pull in listings instead of wearing out the control C and control V keys on your keyboard.

Reporting & Scalability for Teams & Brokerages

propertybase reports

If you or anyone on your team is a numbers wonk, then you’ll find a lot to love in Propertybase. They seem to offer a widget, graph, or dial to display and compare pretty much any metric you or your team leader might want to see.

You can compare leads by source, total sales, response rates, conversion rates, and agent productivity at a glance. Even better, since Propertybase is on the Salesforce platform, you can set up your reporting and analytics dashboards to report on whatever it is you find important.

As far as scalability goes, Propertybase’s CRM is one you can use for the long haul. It comes standard with team features like listing management, lead assignment, and more. Combined with the IDX website and maybe a transaction management platform like their own Backagent or Dotloop, you can happily run a team or any size brokerage.

Ease of Use & UX Design

Like most CRMs on the market today, Propertybase is pretty easy to use once you get some guidance or spend some time poking around. Of course, since they offer so much to customize and an almost endless number of integrations from Salesforce, it’s also easy to fall down a rabbit hole. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, you’re going to need onboarding.

As far as UX design goes, Propertybase is a nice place to spend time and a joy to use. The layout is clean, friendly, and intuitive, and response rates are as snappy as you’d expect from enterprise quality software.

By the way, if aesthetics aren’t near the top of your CRM wishlist you might want to reconsider. First, think of the hours and hours per day you and your agents are going to spend staring at your CRM. Do you want to spend hours in an ugly, unprofessional looking workspace?

Lead Generation

With their recent acquisition of BoldLeads, Propertybase can now offer powerful purpose-built lead generation software to their already strong toolkit. They can generate buyer leads and seller leads with the added benefit of exclusivity. They’ve also seamlessly integrated BoldLeads into their system so no need to worry if your CRM has a BoldLeads integration.

Propertybase’s IDX Websites: Pretty, SEO Friendly, and Optimized for Lead Capture

Next, let’s take a look at the place where most all-in-one platforms let Realtors down. The IDX websites. Yes, they all technically have MLS listings and a place to hang your digital shingle, but like CRMs, not all websites are created equally.


The biggest problem with most all-in-one platform IDX websites is that most of them look like what they are. An off the shelf solution they “customized”. Propertybase’s websites on the other hand look bespoke.

They offer excellent layout and typography, as well as the bells and whistles customers expect from high-end brands like parallax scrolling, video hero images, and professional looking lead capture.

SEO Friendliness

Yet another area where these packages fall short is SEO. Many Realtors think they’re going to rank on Google just for having a website. These days this couldn’t be further from the truth. It can take years of hard work to rank on Google at all, and if you don’t have the right strategy the chances of capturing leads from Google is pretty much zero.

Propertybase solves this by having great widgets and pages that can be customized with content and auto populated listing to laser target micro neighborhoods, types of homes, or even just sought after blocks or subdivisions. It can also generate custom market reports for the site or to send out to leads on a drip.

While ranking on Google will still take a lot of planning, time, and effort, the tools Propertybase offers give agents, teams, and brokerages a nice head start.

Lead Capture: Contact Forms, Pop-Ups, Landing Pages, & More

The days of using your website as a static brochure for your business are long gone. These days, if your website isn’t set up to capture leads you may as well not even bother. Propertybase websites offer lots of ways to capture leads.

You can set up landing pages for social media ads, home valuation, or pretty much anything you want. There are also lead capture forms that can be dropped into any page and feature any agent on your team.

Finally, you can set pop-ups to trigger when your visitors search for a certain length of time, or whenever you think they’ll be most likely to enter their contact info.

Live Example Websites

Want to see what a few good Propertybase websites look like in the wild? Check out these examples below.

Propertybase: The 30,000 Foot View

As a relatively new all-in-one platform Propertybase will tick pretty much every box that today’s Realtors, teams, and brokerages have. It combines a rock solid Salesforce-based CRM with MLS integration, and killer IDX websites that work together seamlessly. Throw in an available transaction management platform and you may not need to buy any more software ever.

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