Instead of a glorified brochure page, today’s real estate agent websites come with advanced CRMs, landing pages, multiple lead generation options, custom IDX, PPC advertising, and integrations with transaction management platforms like Dotloop.

These sites offer new agents a turnkey solution that offers pretty much everything they need to get started generating leads online.

The only problem is that with so many options, choosing the platform isn’t easy. In order to make your life easier, we did an in-depth comparison of four of the leading real estate agent website options available today; Chime, Easyagent PRO, Real Geeks, and Boomtown.

Before we dive in, here’s a quick comparison of pricing and main benefits for each platform:

Real Estate Agent WebsiteBest ForPricing
ChimeBest looking websites$218—$338 per month
(+$218—$338 setup fee)
Easyagent PROBest lead capture$159—$259
(+setup fee)
Real GeeksBest for Teams$299 + $25 for each new agent
BoomtownBest for Brokerages$350—$999 per month
(+$199—$499 setup fee)

Best Looking Real Estate Agent Websites: Chime

Chime Full Logo
A Real Estate Operating System 

Offering a fully featured CRM, lead generation, an IDX website, and even basic transaction management, Chime is positioning itself as a “real estate operating system” offering almost everything an agent or team needs right out of the box.

Amazingly, according to users we spoke with, Chime manages to package all of their tools in a well designed, easy to use package that is very new agent friendly. Everything they offer looks great, is intuitive to use, and even better, comes with an actual app instead of a mobile website.

For today’s mobile only agents and leads, having an app that just works is a huge selling point. This will increase agent adoption, and help individual agents integrate the system into their daily workflow.

Pricing for Chime is also pretty reasonable for what you get. PPC advertising for lead generation is also fairly and transparently priced starting at $500 per month+ 15% ad management fee.

Gorgeous IDX Websites

Although many might disagree with us, we thought that Chime offers the nicest looking IDX websites of the four platforms. Layouts are clean and well organized, and best of all, great looking. Check out California’s the Boyenga Team’s site for an idea of what we’re talking about.

Unique Features:

Since most of the platforms offered somewhat similar functionality for their CRM and IDX websites, here are a few standout unique features for Chime:


Chime’s dialer let’s agents click to call their leads as well as leave voicemails, send pre written texts and more. It even offers suggested scripts for reaching out to the leads it suggests for you every morning.

Transaction Management

Another cool feature Chime offers is transaction management. You can create custom automated workflows, store documents, team management tools, and basic accounting tools.

Chime also integrates with Dotloop if you’re already using Dotloop or plan to in the future.

Chime Pricing for Website & CRM (+onboarding)

Price $218 per month + $218 setup fee$338 per month  + $338 setup feeCall  
Discount10% discount for Professional package if paid for year up front15% discount for Accelerator package if paid for year up front15% discount for 10 or more seats
Chime Buyer Lead Generation ToolsChime Seller Lead Generation Tools
IDX WebsiteHome Evaluation Landing Page
Example Chime IDX websites:  
Example Home Evaluation landing Page:

Chime PPC (Pay-Per-Click)Lead Generation Pricing (They advertise on social media for you)

Buyer Lead GenerationSeller Lead Generation
16-20 leads: $500 per month +15% ad management fee6-8 leads: $500 per month +15% ad management fee
32-40 leads: $1000 per month +15% ad management fee12-16 leads: $1000 per month +15% ad management fee
48-60 leads: $1500 per month +15% ad management fee18-24 leads: $1500 per month +15% ad management fee

CRM Capability and Lead Nurturing

ProfessionalAccelerator All above features+
Bulk email Round Robin and Blast
Bulk textingAction Plan Library
Custom sales pipelineSmart Dynamic Lead Scoring
Mobile CRMFull Funnel Business Forecasting
Automated smart actionsTeam Performance Analytics


Mail Chimp, BombBomb, Zapier, Dotloop, Brokermint, Zillow, Realtor, Trulia, (Skyslope and ziplogix coming soon)

Customer Support/Training

Phone support: Monday-Friday 9-5 EST

Email: 24/7

Visit Chime

Best Real Estate Agent Websites for Mobile & Lead Capture: Easyagent PRO

easy-agent-pro-logo-Best Real Estate Agent Websites 2018: Chime vs Easyagent PRO vs Real Geeks Mobile First Design

One of the best things about Easyagent PRO is that their IDX websites are not only great looking, but have a mobile first design.

Fonts are big and easy to read, layouts make perfect sense on mobile, and everything just seems more mobile focused that the other platforms. It’s so mobile focused that some design elements look a little bit odd on a desktop.

Considering a huge number of buyers are switching their home search to mobile, this is hugely important.

Unique Features:

Done for you blogging

One of the coolest features that Easyagent PRO offers for the leadsites are “done for you” blog posts. The team at EAP will write two posts to your blog every week. For busy Realtors who don’t have the time or resources to blog, this is a great feature.

Automatic Text Followup

Using EAP’s Texty app, you can send automated text messages every time a lead opts in on one of your landing pages or lead capture form. Text messages are a great way to get your leads attention.

Unlimited Landing Pages — point and click editing

EAP also offers the ability to create unlimited landing pages with their point and click landing page creation tool. You can even add a tracking pixel to show ads to leads who didn’t sign up across the web.

Easyagent PRO Pricing for Website and CRM (+onboarding)

 LeadsitesLeadsites Plus
Price$159/month (CRM not included)$259/month (CRM not included)
Easyagent PRO Buyer Lead Generation ToolsSeller Lead Generation Tools
IDX website
Home valuation landing page
Example Easyagent PRO IDX Websites:

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)Lead Generation Pricing (They advertise on social media for you)


Features: CRM Capability (N/A) and Lead Nurturing

Automated text messaging


Liondesk, Mailchimp, Top Producer, BombBomb, Hubspot, Realty Juggler, Follow Up Boss

Customer Service/Training

Phone: M-F 9-5 MST

Incredible training and “office hours”

Visit Easyagent PRO

Best Real Estate Agent Websites for Teams & Value: Real Geeks

Real-Geeks-Best Real Estate Agent Websites 2018: Chime vs Easyagent PRO vs Real Geeks Great Value for Solo Agents and Teams

Starting at just $299 per month for 2 agents and just $25 extra per new agent, Real Geeks is a great deal for growing teams. While Easyagent PRO comes in at a slightly more affordable $159, they don’t offer a CRM, and the site is designed for one agent only.

They also offer a ton of team friendly features like round robin lead assignment, idle lead reassignment, text autoresponders, and the ability to text with multiple leads in one window with auto replies.

You can send out a mass text, then carry on multiple text conversation from your desktop with those that reply.

Home Valuation Tool & Market Reports

Although the other platforms also offered variations of home valuation landing pages, Real Geeks is the only one to offer instant valuations. The other platforms just ask for leads to wait for a call or email from an agent.

This is important because many seller leads just want to get a quick valuation. They’re also perfectly willing to give away some contact info for that valuation.

However, many are not willing to offer contact information just so an agent can call them for a home valuation. Using Real Geeks, you can capture partial lead info, e.g. just an address that you can send postcards too.

The site will also create and send out market reports to nurture seller leads. Like Easyagent PRO, you can also create unlimited market reports.

Unique Features

Facebook marketing tool

Real Geeks Facebook Marketing Tool let’s agents easily and quickly create Facebook ads right in the Real Geeks platform. It helps agents create Facebook ads through their website, and also allows them to easily include a tracking pixel to advertise to site visitors across the web.

Idle Lead Reassignment

Another cool feature offered by Real Geeks is their idle lead reassignment feature. If a lead is assigned to an agent who doesn’t take an action in a specified time frame, that lead gets sent to the next agent in the rotation.

That means ALL leads in your system have a much better chance of being followed up with quickly. No more micromanaging. Just tell your junior agents that Real Geeks will reassign the lead if they don’t act.

Real Geeks Pricing for Website and CRM (+onboarding)

 1-2 AgentsAddititional Agent
Price $299/month (2 users incl.)+ $250 onboarding fee
+$25 for each agent
Buyer Lead Generation ToolsSeller Lead Generation Tools
IDX website
Market report drip emails
Home Valuation Landing Page (instant)
Example Real Geeks IDX websites:  
Example home valuation landing page:
Market report drip emails

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)Lead Generation Pricing (They advertise on social media for you)

Google PPC: Starts at $300 per month + ad spend

Real Leads Facebook Marketing: Starts at $300 per month+ ad spend

Features: CRM Capability and Lead Nurturing

Email & SMS notificationsPrioritize Leads' Motivation
Live FeedLead Scoring
Track Lead ActivityAutomated Email Drip
Email Integration and SyncEmail Blasts
Lead SMS AutorespondersSocial Profiles
Agent ActivityLead Source Tracking
Advanced Search FilteringEmail Templates
Agent/Lender Lead RoutingMobile Optimized
Idle Lead ReassignmentSMS Templates
Follow-ups and Reminders


Zillow, Realtor, Bold Leads, Lion Desk, Zapier, Wise Agent, Dotloop, Mojo Dialer, Riley, Velocify

Customer Support/Training

Email and phone
8 am CST – 11 pm CST, 7 days a week

Visit Real Geeks

Best Real Estate Agent Websites for Brokerages: Boomtown!

Boomtown-Best Real Estate Agent Websites 2018: Chime vs Easyagent PRO vs Real Geeks Highly Flexible Sites for Brokerages

Designed (and priced) with growth in mind, Boomtown is a great option for larger teams and growing brokerages. Big names like Adam Hergenrother, and Pearson Smith Realty rave about the robust features that Boomtown offers their brokerages.

Unique Features

Agent subdomains

One of the coolest features Boomtown offers for teams and brokerages is the ability to create agent subdomains right from the platform. Being able to offer custom websites (on your domain) can be a huge selling point for recruiting new agents or team members.

Data gathering popups

Boomtown also put a lot of time, testing, and effort into creating popups that don’t just try and gather contact information, but useful data as well. For example, one popup discreetly asks site visitors for their time frame for buying a home.

This means more data to segment leads and less time spent qualifying leads. Instead, you can route leads to the right agent quickly and easily before they’ve been screened.

MLS Hotsheet

The MLS hotsheet is a feature that all CRM’s with MLS integration should offer. It shows your agents the “hot” new listings in the system that are getting a lot of attention. This means less time spent on your clunky MLS interface and more time in Boomtown.

Boomtown Pricing for Website and CRM (+onboarding)

Price1-3 agents: $750 + $750 onboarding fee 3-10 agents: $1500 + $1500 onboarding fee Price varies by number of markets
Buyer Lead Generation ToolsSeller Lead Generation Tools
IDX websiteHome Valuation Landing Page (limited)
Example Boomtown! IDX Websites  

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)Lead Generation Pricing (They advertise on social media for you)

15% of Marketing budget ($250 minimum spend, $750 minimum spend for AdWords and Social)

Features: CRM Capability and Lead Nurturing

Actionable InsightsLender Access
Hot Sheet with MLS UpdatesLead Routing
Smart Prospecting ToolsDrip System
Automated emails, textsMarketing Automation
Lead ScoringEmail Templates
Property AlertsEmail Templates
Predictive Intelligence
Listing Analytics


Zillow, Trulia, RPR, Mojo Dialer, BombBomb

Customer Support/Training

Email and phone

8 am EST – 8 pm EST,
7 days a week

Visit BoomTown

The 30,000 Foot View

Choosing the right real estate agent website builder for you or your growing team or brokerage is not easy. However, most of the platforms on offer today offer something unique that might help you close more deals. Chime, Easyagent PRO, Real Geeks and Boomtown all offer a great combination of features at several price points.

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