If you’re excited to choose among the best real estate schools in Missouri, we’re right there with you. We reviewed the top schools to parse all the features that matter to you.

Your real estate career in Missouri starts with a 72-hour prelicensing course. To get started, let’s take a look at our top schools’ features, such as affordability, instruction, ease of use, and more.

4 Best Real Estate Schools in Missouri

Our Top PicksPricing FromPromo Codes
Best Overall: Colibri Real Estate$269TheClose25 - Save 25%
Best for Continuing Education: The CE Shop$279TheClose30 - Save 30%
Best for Interactive Study: Kaplan$299KAPRE5 - Save 5%
Best In-person Classes: Real Estate School of the Ozarks$495

(Missouri prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

Real Estate Schools in Missouri: Helpful Info

We’ve rounded up the most useful information to help you get started in your Missouri real estate career.

Your 72-hour prelicensing course consists of a 48-hour salesperson pre-examination course and a 24-hour real estate practice course. You must complete the 48-hour course before applying for your license exam, and complete the 24-hour practice course before applying for your license.

Most students complete all their coursework before starting the state exam and licensing process. Each of the schools on our list offers a variety of programs; here’s a look at the different types.

Choosing the school that’s right for you can help you at every stage of your real estate career. Let’s dive into our top picks.

Best Overall Real Estate School in Missouri: Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate Offers: 

  • Prelicensing
  • Exam Prep
  • Continuing Education

Colibri Real Estate makes our top pick of schools for its affordable, expertly designed courses and easy-to-use online platform. They’ve been offering real estate education nationwide for 25 years, and were one of the first in the industry to adopt the online learning.

In Missouri, Colibri Real Estate offers self-paced and livestream prelicensing courses. This allows you to choose between schooling that fits your schedule and classes that keep you on schedule.

Colibri Real Estate ProsColibri Real Estate Cons
  • Easy-to-use online platform
  • The Basics course doesn’t come with test prep materials
  • Packages offer a variety of features
  • A printed textbook costs extra for most packages
  • Affordable

Colibri Real Estate Pricing

Colibri Real Estate offers four comprehensive online prelicensing packages and a livestream course.

  • The Basics ($269): You’ll enjoy the 72-hour prelicense course, state-approved instructor support, and three e-books.
  • Exam Preparation ($379): Find everything in the Basics package and you’ll also get an Exam Prep package and a Pass or Don’t Pay guarantee.
  • Exam Preparation Plus ($459): You’ll get all the previous features, but you’ll also enjoy live Q&A sessions with instructors, a real estate dictionary, and the Live Exam Crammer Series focused on preparing you for the license exam.
  • Ultimate Learning Package ($539): You’ll find everything in previous packages, plus a copy of the course textbook and a professional development membership.
  • Livestream ($539): You’ll get everything in the Ultimate Learning package but with classes that are livestreamed Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

(Colibri Real Estate prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

Readers of The Close can SAVE 25% on any Colibri Real Estate prelicensing course in Missouri. Use promo code TheClose25 at checkout.

BEST FEATURE: We love the value you’ll get from Colibri Real Estate’s prelicensing packages. They’re so confident about the quality of their exam prep options, they’ll reimburse you for the cost of your state license exam if you don’t pass the first try.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: Colibri Real Estate focuses on your success in the course and on your license exam, but they don’t offer the most career resources out of the schools on our list. For packages with even more features to help you as a new agent, check out The CE Shop.

BOTTOM LINE: You won’t be disappointed with Colibri Real Estate‘s well-designed courses and exam prep materials.

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Best Real Estate School in Missouri for Continuing Education: The CE Shop

The CE Shop Offers: 

  • Prelicensing
  • Exam Prep
  • Continuing Education

The CE Shop got its start offering continuing education and serves agents in all 50 states. Now it offers its full suite of programs in Missouri.

You’ll have a wealth of engaging, relevant, and expertly designed continuing education courses to choose from through The CE Shop. And you’ll be at the forefront of the most pertinent topics, such as fair housing, advocating for short sale clients, and serving the unique needs of the senior market.

The CE Shop ProsThe CE Shop Cons
  • Modern, expertly designed courses
  • No access to live instructors
  • Even the Basic package contains a LOT of bonus resources
  • No access to live instructor support
  • Offers one-stop shopping CE courses AFTER you pass your exam
  • Not as focused on simply passing the exam
  • Offers a pass guarantee for three of their four packages

Try The CE Shop’s FREE 5-DAY TRIAL!

The CE Shop is the only school on our list that lets you test drive their courses and features before you buy. Visit their website today!

The CE Shop Pricing

The CE Shop offers four online, self-paced prelicensing course packages.

  • Course Only ($279): On top of your prelicensing course, enjoy digital flashcards and e-books by real estate professionals.
  • Standard Package ($339): This package includes the course-only features and the Exam Prep Edge bundle to prepare you for your license exam.
  • Value Package ($379): You’ll receive all of the previous features as well as business-building courses for new agents.
  • Premium Package ($489): This package includes everything from the above packages plus a 12-hour CE course.

(The CE Shop prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

Readers of The Close can SAVE 30% on The CE Shop prelicensing course. Use promo code TheClose30 at checkout.

BEST FEATURE: We love that The CE Shop’s premium prelicensing package includes 12 hours of continuing education. This makes it a one-stop shop for your prelicensing needs and first renewal cycle as a new agent.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: The only downside to their package features is the lack of interactive support. You won’t find online or live study groups, so be prepared to be a little more self-sufficient with The CE Shop’s prelicensing courses.

BOTTOM LINE: Choose The CE Shop to find the greatest offering of continuing education.

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Best Real Estate School in Missouri for Interactive Study: Kaplan

Kaplan Offers:

  • Prelicensing
  • Exam Prep
  • Continuing Education

Kaplan can stand proudly behind its reputation in real estate education. Their online content is well-organized and easy to navigate, and they offer a variety of helpful features to their packages.

Kaplan made our list because of the unique way in which they bring the in-person class setting to your online studies. With live interactive study groups, you can bring all your questions to a webinar to discuss your course with expert faculty and fellow students.

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Kaplan Pricing

Kaplan offers the 72-hour prelicensing course in online and home-study formats.

  • Home Study with Exam Prep ($299): You’ll be sent copies of your course workbooks, and you’ll also get the Real Estate Drill and Practice Bank loaded with practice questions as well as access to the Live Interactive Study Group.
  • Home Study Career Launcher Package ($499): Enjoy everything from the Home Study package above, as well as the Real Estate Accelerator Course and eight weeks of professional coaching.
  • Online with Exam Prep ($329): You’ll receive the features of the first package in this list, but your interactive course material will be available online.
  • Online Career Launcher Package ($529): You’ll receive everything from the Home Study Career Launcher package, but your interactive course material will be available online.

(Kaplan prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

BEST FEATURE: In particular, we appreciate that Kaplan offers the live interactive study group in every package option, so you don’t need to upgrade to enjoy the best features.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: Kaplan doesn’t offer a pass guarantee, which can be reassuring to potential students looking for online courses.

BOTTOM LINE: Kaplan is great choice for anyone looking for the interactive elements of in-person learning in an online setting.

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Best Real Estate School in Missouri for Live Classes: Real Estate School of the Ozarks

Real Estate School of the Ozarks

Real Estate School of the Ozarks Offers: 

  • Prelicensing
  • Exam Prep
  • Continuing Education

Real Estate School of the Ozarks (RESO) is located in Southwest Missouri, with multiple locations that offer in-person real estate classes. RESO has a reputation for offering a great learning atmosphere, with expert instructors delivering engaging classes.

Real Estate School of the Ozarks Pros
Real Estate School of the Ozarks Cons
  • Quality instructors
  • No pass guarantee
  • In-person classes
  • No online self-paced classes

Real Estate School of the Ozarks Pricing

Real Estate School of the Ozarks offers in-person classes in multiple Missouri locations. The 48-hour pre-exam costs $375 and the 24-hour practice costs $200, with savings when you bundle.

  • 72-hour Bundle Prelicensing Course ($495): Choose from daytime, evening, and weekend classes in one of five locations and receive targeted in-class exam prep.

(Real Estate School of the Ozarks prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

BEST FEATURE: It’s great to see how many locations and class options Real Estate School of the Ozarks offers. You can even take your 48-hour and 24-hour courses at different locations.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: Real Estate School of the Ozarks offers no refunds once you’ve started the course, although you can receive a credit on your account for up to a year.

BOTTOM LINE: Real Estate School of the Ozarks is for you if an interactive classroom setting helps you learn best.

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Real Estate School in Missouri FAQs

Have more questions? Scroll down to read our answers to your most frequently asked questions. We’d love to hear from you if you have another burning question—just comment in the section below!

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Bringing It All Together

We want to thank you for reading our top picks, and we hope you’re one step closer to choosing the right real estate school for you. Here at The Close, we strive to give you actionable strategies for every stage of your career. Have any insights, advice, or additional questions? Leave us a comment below!