First impressions matter. Even if your business is 100% online, real estate business cards with sophisticated design are a crucial part of your personal brand. Handing your next prospect an eye-catching card that feels luxe can do wonders for your career. Sure, they’re old school, but so are a lot of homeowners.

To help you nail your next meeting, we gathered our 20 favorite real estate business cards, plus seven cringe-inducing design clichés to avoid. Use our list of affordable providers to help you design and print your cards without breaking the bank. We’ve included our Real Estate Branding Guide as an added bonus to help you polish every aspect of your personal brand—start to finish.

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20 Real Estate Business Cards We Love


SERHANT Real Estate Business Cards

Ryan Serhant worked with a graphic designer to create a visual identity for SERHANT. that effectively relays his brand’s core identity. These beautifully designed, luxury real estate business cards are a strategic marketing tool that communicate his personal and company brand to the world. 

The blue connotes trustworthiness. (If you’ve ever wondered why most banks use blue for their brand colors, now you know why.) The bold, all caps Helvetica typeface communicates his brand adjectives (successful, limitless, polished), and the period is a clever way to tell potential clients the SERHANT. Brokerage is the ideal choice to sell their luxury property.

If you want to learn how to use the Serhant Brand Strategy System to develop your brand, check out Ryan’s “How to Build Your Personal Brand” course.

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2. The Perry Apartments

The Perry Apartments Business Cards

The Perry is a luxury development in Potomac, Maryland, that wouldn’t look out of place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. These bright yellow real estate business cards feature high-end finishes, sleek modern design, and our favorite aspect—a gorgeous, retro-themed brand to match. The memorably layout, colors, and typography all work perfectly for The Perry brand. 

3. 520 Park Avenue

520 Park Avenue Business Cards

The Seventh Art real estate branding agency created this stunning card for 520 Park Avenue, a luxury building on the Upper East Side of New York City. The restrained design allows the formal type, slate gray, and creamy white to convey a timeless elegance. 

These elegant real estate business cards, while not trendy or flashy, stand out with a calm confidence, much like the 64-story limestone high-rise address. These cards show that sometimes, the simplest approach is the most effective and attractive.

4. Brown Harris Stevens Select

Brown Harris Stevens Select Business Cards

With a history dating all the way back to 1873, New York City luxury brokerage Brown Harris Stevens knows a thing or two about great branding. That’s why it’s not surprising that these real estate business cards for its ultra-exclusive Select New Development Marketing division are drop-dead gorgeous.

Just bold enough to hint that they’re staying on the cutting-edge of property marketing and subtle enough not to make waves at an East Hampton polo mixer, these cards walk a fine line and walk it well.

In what may be a case of keeping up with the Halstead’s, the firm also recently finished a top-shelf rebrand worthy of the historic name. While we have a lot more to say about this in a future article on branding, for now just check out the new logo and slogan. Pretty great, right?

Brown Harris Stevens Logo

5. Century 21

Century 21 Business Cards

While we haven’t exactly been quiet about our love of the Century 21 rebranding, their color theme, refreshed logo, and brand mark look especially great in the flesh. These new cards for Century 21 are no exception. They manage to be subtle and elegant without being pretentious, and they’re just daring enough to be interesting.

To get a sense of what I mean, how easy would it have been to go all-out and foil stamp the logo in metallic gold? While that might actually look pretty slick, it would kill the approachable high-end vibe their new branding has in spades. These real estate business cards look expensive, but not flashy. 

6. Steven Harrison, Tribeca

Steven Harrison Tribeca Business Cards

The Seventh Art has proven themselves again with this eye-catching, artistically styled card for the Seven Harrison Building in Tribeca.

The color palette, a cool, bright orange, contrasted against cream and the stark black back, pull a big punch. The thin-line drawing of the building at an angle in the corner is just the right amount of illustration. 

Once again, the agency has delivered a design that conveys an aesthetic sensibility and cool factor that is perfect for the building and neighborhood. These real estate business cards might just be pretty enough to frame. 

7. The Vandewater

We’re reminded again why The Seventh Art is one of the most celebrated agencies for New York luxury development design work. The Vandewater is a new building designed to fit into a historic neighborhood, blending in with Columbia’s neo-classical facade and nearby gothic spires. 

Their real estate business card design had to give a nod to history, but promise luxury. The deep, rich navy blue is soothing and timeless, and the typeface harkens back to an age of classic New York.

The design and cards are confidently minimalistic and skew masculine, calling to mind a beautifully tailored suit. 

8. Fox Real Estate

Fox Real Estate Business Cards

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, Adelaide’s Fox Real Estate went with a clever, bold approach for its business cards and branding.

These cards hint at semaphore, art deco, or even modern art, but they actually reference fox hunting. Can you imagine getting this card after a frustrating experience with a lesser brokerage? Talk about a reassuring tagline. 

This is branding done right. Cheeky but not obnoxious, bold but not over the top, there is an actual message behind the pretty imagery.

9. One Eleven Murray Street

One Eleven Murray Street Business Cards

Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my God, it even has a watermark …

Ha-ha. Sorry—couldn’t resist working that quote in … If you know what this is from, ping me on Twitter or Pinterest for a top-secret free prize. 😎

Anyway, these cards were designed by one of the world’s most serious branding agencies, Pentagram, for a jaw-dropping Tribeca condo development. 

The vertical layout is ideal for this skyscraper coming in at 64 floors, and the marble and embossed logo on the front gives a subtle nod to Tribeca luxury.

But that was definitely the challenge here. After all, glittering glass skyscrapers are a little more Battery Park than Tribeca. One could easily lose Tribeca street cred by going tacky and modern. The marble ensures that’s not even a consideration.

10. The Cape

The Cape Business Cards

SDCO Partners brings us another stunner with their design project at The Cape. Also located in South Carolina, their brief was to bring to life a new development on Kiawah Island. 

The Cape is a development that will appeal to those comfortable in Palm Springs and Palm Beach, buyers searching for understated elegance and assured luxury. 

SDCO delivered with this bright, citrus card that evokes the glamor and sunshine of jazz-age Hôtel du Cap. 

The sherbet colors in a sun umbrella stripe make one crave a cold, frothy drink and a penthouse in a glorious new-build on the beach. 

11. 71 Wentworth

One more real estate business card design from SDCO Partners. 71 Wentworth is a storied building in the Charleston, SC, dynamic retail district along King Street. Like the Vandewater, the art direction plays masculine and restrained. The color palette, a bold slate black, offset by French yellow, gold foil, and creamy white, shows confidence, style, and a strong identity. 

The cards themselves are thick and solid, just like the building—a 19th century Tudor Gothic Revival and former Masonic Temple. Proclaimed the Crown of King Street, its real estate business cards are perfectly regal.

12. Leading Real Estate Companies of the World

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Business Cards

When Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, a trade group that promotes the most exclusive brokerages on the planet, decided on a complete rebrand, they chose to work with famed real estate branding agency, 1000watt.

With their new look, they wisely chose to go timeless, rather than hip and trendy. The result is a lovely script typeface that wouldn’t have looked out of place on a logo in 1925. Or 1965. Or 2015.

The deep, rich-blue background gives an otherwise staid and traditional logo a bit of playfulness and punch and brings it safely into the 21st century.

13. Lee Mintz

Lee Mintz Business Cards

SDCO Partners was tasked with creating a brand for a new development near Kiawah Island, South Carolina, that spoke to its natural setting. At the time, the Kiawah River development was nothing but a vision and an empty landscape. The art direction for the collateral was responsible for conveying luxury, connection to nature, relaxation, and especially, possibility. 

These cards really nail a sense of place: the twin redfish jumping in the logo, and the clean, laid-back, all-caps typeface. These real estate cards lack formality, but not sophistication. We especially appreciate the grain texture included in the design suite, a nod to the large live oaks that dot the property. 

14. The MIRA SF

The Seventh Art did another beautiful job with MIRA in San Francisco. A complete departure from the buttoned-up elegance of the Upper West Side, this building is edgy and modern. Seventh Art created collateral that stands out, and not just because of its design.

The design plays with angles and architectural details, reflecting the grid and glass concept behind the building. Each piece tells the world that this building is unexpected and completely unique. 

It brings to mind a 1980s sensibility of modern design, which makes it perfectly on-trend for today. 

15. The W Collection From Windermere Real Estate

The W Collection From Windermere Real Estate Business Cards

Designed by, you guessed it, 1000watt, the W Collection from Windermere was designed to complement its collection of ultra-exclusive waterfront Washington mansions so opulent Bill Gates would blush.

The brand mark is suitably master-of-the-universe and wouldn’t look out of place on a priceless car or emblazoned on the door of an ultra-exclusive private club.

Black and gold was the natural choice here, but they added in nice touches like debossing, and the foil stamps seal the deal.

16. Morley Brokerage, Bahamas

Going from ultra-high end to island cool in a single bound, next up we have another design from 1000watt. This look is one of our favorites as the design is boldly unafraid to anchor itself in the locale using organic shapes. The color scheme is fresh and bright, with colors that reflect the sea and sun.

But, the typeface is classically tailored and formal and reminds us that it might be the tropics, but when it comes to real estate and marketing, these are serious professionals. 

17. Henshaw Fox

Henshaw Fox Business Cards

There’s bold and cool, and then there’s BOLD and COOL. These real estate business cards for U.K.-based Henshaw Fox are definitely the latter. This electric green shows us that you can be bright, playful, and interesting at the same time. 

The Canary Wharf startup vibe on the front is toned down a bit with a minimally styled back, but that geometric fox head logo brings us right back to hipster-tech.

18. Will Doyle RE/MAX

Will Doyle REMAX Business Cards

Speaking of leaning on your brokerage, these bold red cards from RE/MAX agent Will Doyle just work. Being big, bold, bright red is always an unforgettable statement. We also like the understated image of a skyline. This is a design by 99designs, the design service arm of VistaPrint—more about them below. 

19. Hilton & Hyland

Hilton & Hyland Business Cards

Back to Beverly Hills, check out these too-cool-for-school business cards for the Cumming & Beisel team at Hilton & Hyland Christie’s. Perfect for a swanky market that loves a chrome Bentley hood ornament as much as a chrome-stamped black business card.  


20. Skyline Tower

We’re closing out this section with one more New York address and another gem from Conway+Partners. We couldn’t resist the bright canary yellow set against a slate gray (with a yellow border—we love a card thick enough for a contrasting color border) and all of the geometric shapes that frame it. “All in Your Altitude” is the Skyline’s tagline and when it comes to these cards, we couldn’t agree more!

Mistakes to Avoid: 7 Cringe-worthy Real Estate Business Card Fails

1. Too Much Clutter!

Real Estate Business Card Fails

Look, we get it. Even if you’re doing great, money is money. Spending extra for back-and-front printing can add up. Here’s the thing though—you’re going to have to sacrifice SOMETHING. Trying to jam a million and one words onto one side of a card is going to look overwhelming.

2. Trying to Shoehorn Your Hobbies Onto Your Cards

Real Estate Business Card Fails

Like millions of other people, I’m a huge “Game of Thrones” fan. My friends and I would spend hours breaking down each episode and trying to predict upcoming plot twists. Chances are, if you like “Game of Thrones,” we would have a lot to talk about.

That said, when I’m looking to hire a professional, the last thing I want to know is what kinds of TV shows they like or whether or not they thought Tyrion Lannister would end up riding a dragon. Why are you making it the sole focus on your business card?

3. Using Cheesy Stock Real Estate Photos on Your Cards

Real Estate Business Card Fails

OK, you work in real estate—I already know that because not only did you tell me when you handed me your card at a REAL ESTATE SHOWING, but it also says the name of your brokerage and the word Realtor next to your name.

Instead of splashing out on full-color printing for cheesy pictures, why not spend a little more time getting your layout and typography to look more sophisticated?

4. Bad Photoshop

Real Estate Business Card Fails

Yes, your cousin’s brother’s nephew has Photoshop. No, that does not mean he knows how to use it properly. Cut-out headshots, cheesy pictures, and weird text effects all scream 1995 and have no place on your professional real estate business cards.

5. Not Learning the Business Card Etiquette of Other Cultures

Real Estate Business Card Fails

Even if you’re working in the middle of nowhere in North Dakota, chances are if you do enough deals, you’re going to work with people from other cultures. 

Most countries have very similar business etiquette practices as the United States, but China and Japan are major exceptions. In Japan, they have a whole business card ceremony called meishi koukan (名刺交換).

When working with someone from China, you’ll need to hand over your card with both hands, never give them cards while sitting (stand up instead), and have a card case. You should never hand anyone a wrinkled or creased business card—this is actually an insult in Chinese business culture.

6. Taking Advice From This Guy

This might sound a little hypocritical, but you should take all of our advice here with a grain of salt. Yes, we’re design snobs and yes, we have decades of combined experience in real estate and marketing, but always remember this is YOUR card. 

Whatever you end up doing, just make sure you either hire a professional or get their advice before you send your cards off to the printers.

7. Funny Shapes

Real Estate Business Card Fails

The novelty of long, skinny real estate business cards lasts about as long as it takes one to get lost in the card pocket of your wallet. And these ALWAYS get lost in the card pocket of wallets. I think I have at least one buried in a deep dark recess of my wallet right now …

Best Real Estate Business Cards—Where To Get Yours

Now that you’re inspired by some of our favorites, and you know what mistakes to avoid, you might be wondering where to get your own elegant real estate business cards. 

If you have the resources to work with SDCO Partners, Seventh Art, or 1000watt, by all means do it. These branding agencies are some of the best in the world specializing in real estate design. 

But if you’re not quite ready for Madison Avenue, consider the options below. These sites offer myriad templates and various pricing, and we’re sure you’ll find one that fits your style, brand, location, and budget. 

1. Canva Pro

A Canva Pro subscription costs about $120 annually and gives you access to these templates and many more.

Visit Canva

2. Fiverr

Fiverr has talented designers from all over the world who can design your card quickly and cheaply. Prices are surprisingly affordable, starting at as little as $5 or $10.

Visit Fiverr

3. RockDesign

RockDesign offers plenty of high-quality templates. Luxury cards cost $310 for a set of 250. Classic cards run about $110 for a set of 250 and eye-catching metal cards cost $220 for a set of 50.

Visit RockDesign

4. VistaCreate

VistaCreate is the design arm of VistaPrint. They have a collection of ready-made templates for social media marketing, advertising, and you can even develop entire brand kits.



We like’s selection of real estate templates, plus they have pretty reasonable pricing. A set of 50 business cards will run $20 to $27.

Visit MOO

6. LCA Marketing Center

LCA Marketing Center is like Canva but for real estate agents. An all-in-one design solution, LCA has top-notch, professional designs. Pricing scales based on the number of users, but is $59 per month for an individual subscription.

Visit LCA Marketing

Over to You

Work for a brokerage with exceptional, uniquely designed, or unconventional real estate business cards? Let us know in the comments!

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