OK, I’m going to say something bold here that many of you are not going to like: If you don’t have a healthy way to deal with the stress of working in real estate, you are going to fail. Luckily, there is a quick and easy way to deal with stress that will help you avoid burnout and thrive in 2022 (and beyond): meditation.

Many super-successful agents practice meditation every morning, and you can learn how in just a few minutes. I’ll walk you through easy meditation techniques and four meditations you can use between showings, cold calls, or whenever you have a moment to close your eyes and reset.

Why Is Stress in Our Lives Anyway?

Burnout. I’ve seen it happen again and again with my coaching clients over the years. They either try to ‘power through’ the stress, or worse, fall into the ‘work hard, play hard’ trap and end up closing the bar every night. A recipe for disaster!

Stress comes from our survival instinct. Back when humans faced dangers like being chased by a tiger, it was good to have that prompt in our bodies to say run like hell to survive. Unfortunately, our body doesn’t know the difference between being chased by a tiger and the stress we experience when trapped behind a driver going below the speed limit in the fast lane.

Even worse, we hang onto stress because, after all, that person made us late for our appointment. We carry stress with us until something else happens in our day, and it accumulates. We all know these days that go off the rails—every client has a problem, financing is falling through, closing is delayed, the home inspection was a failure.

Meditation balances stress and anxiety within your nervous system and awakens the part of your brain that wants peace and rest. Meditation is a shortcut to shift your thoughts and energy into something productive instead of destructive.

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Getting Over the Weirdness of Meditation

When I first tried to meditate, there was little or no guidance to help me learn how. I always thought I needed to close my eyes, cross my legs and chant “om.” Well, I don’t know about you, but that just seemed weird. Yet I still attempted it because it seemed like the right thing to do. I saw pictures of monks doing it so it must be the way. After a few minutes, my mind was trying to figure out why I was doing this.

Next, my thoughts became consumed with my “forgot to do” list. Oh, I have to send so and so an email … oh I have to call so and so … shoot, I forgot to call my mom back. What was all this really accomplishing anyway? Can you relate?

Meditation can be really simple and NOT weird if you build the right habits. Trust me, when you get on the other side of this, you will wonder how you functioned without it. And now everyone else who hasn’t experienced meditation will seem weird to you.

The Secret to Effective Meditation

Your mind does not understand lingo such as “stop thinking” or language when we try to tell it what to do. We have to trick the brain and change the subconscious through mindset, breathing, and intention-setting.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: No expectations

  • Start without having any expectation of stopping your mind or relieving stress.

Step 2: Don’t be hard on yourself

Step 3: Have an intention as a mantra

  • An affirmation that resonates with you (I am enough, I take action, I achieve my goals, I am abundant, all my needs are met, and so on)

Step 4: Bring yourself back to your breath

  • Do a body scan from head to toe, focusing on all the parts of your body that you recognize are holding a little tension.
  • Know that thoughts will come.
  • Recognize them.
  • Welcome them and move on to the next thought.

Every time you do this you will have a different experience. It WILL get easier with time.

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4 Easy Meditations for Agents to Try in 2022

Now that you have the “secret” to meditation, you need to apply it! Most of our excuses run along the lines of: I don’t have time; I can’t meditate because I’m working; the kids need me for something. But don’t let that stop you. Here are some easy and practical meditations you can try while still having time for all the things on your to-do list.

On-the-Go Meditation: Eyes Open (2-5 Minutes)

Calm & Cool Meditation: Eyes Open (1 Minute)

Mindfulness Meditation: Eyes Closed (15 Minutes)

Over to You

Who’s ready to give meditation a try today? I can’t wait to hear your experience, and I sincerely hope these habits help you build a less stressful real estate career. Share your thoughts in the article comments or in The Close Facebook Group.

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