If you’re looking for the best Indiana real estate schools to help kickstart a new career in real estate this year, you’re in the right place. We’ve reviewed the options and picked the five best schools for their quality of instruction, extra features, cost, ease of use, and more.

To start your career in real estate in Indiana, you will need to complete a 90-hour prelicensing course and pass the Indiana real estate license exam. Indiana is a vibrant state, with Indianapolis being one of the top housing markets expected to grow in 2023. With so many opportunities for new real estate agents, let’s dive into your first step and find the Indiana real estate school that’s right for you.

5 Best Indiana Real Estate Schools for 2023

Our Top 5 Picks
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Best All-in-One School: The CE Shop
TheClose35 – Save 35%
Best Course Design: Colibri Real Estate
TheClose25 – Save 25%
Best for Students on a Budget: McColly Real Estate
Best for Taking Your Time: PDH Real Estate Academy
Best for Students in a Rush: Tucker School of Real Estate

(Indiana prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

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Quick Facts

Indiana Real Estate Governing Body:

Indiana Real Estate Commission


Prelicensing Requirements:

90 Hours


Post-licensing Requirements:

30 Hours Within the First Two Years


Continuing Education Requirements:

12 Hours Every Year

Finding an Indiana Real Estate School

We’ve collected some important information for you as you start looking into a real estate career in Indiana. Below, you’ll find the type of education offered by the schools on our list to guide you along each step of your career.

It’s important to note that real estate agents in Indiana are called brokers, whereas most states call a new salesperson a real estate agent. When you receive your real estate license, you’ll be considered a real estate broker, and you’ll work under a broker in charge or managing broker.

Let’s take a look at the types of courses offered by Indiana real estate schools and the education requirements for the various stages of your new career.

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Now that you know the kind of ongoing education that’s required throughout your career as an Indiana real estate broker, we can dive into choosing the Indiana real estate school that’s right for you.

Best Overall Indiana Real Estate School: The CE Shop

The CE Shop offers: 

  • Prelicensing
  • Exam Prep
  • Post-licensing
  • Continuing Education

The CE Shop has been in the real estate education sphere for many years. They specialize in online self-paced learning and focus on designing online material that reaches every learner. The CE Shop offers continuing education in all 50 states and prelicensing courses in 34 states.

The CE Shop ProsThe CE Shop Cons
  • Modern, expertly designed courses
  • No access to live instructors
  • Even the Basic package contains a LOT of bonus resources
  • No access to live instructor support
  • Offers one-stop shopping CE courses AFTER you pass your exam
  • Not as focused on simply passing the exam
  • Offers a pass guarantee for three of their four packages

Try The CE Shop’s FREE 5-DAY TRIAL!

The CE Shop is the only school on our list that lets you test drive their courses and features before you buy. Visit their website today!

The CE Shop Pricing

The CE Shop offers a free trial of their courses, so you can sign up and take a tour of their platform. They offer four packages for your prelicensing course.

  • Courses Only ($519): This basic package is far from basic; it still includes e-books, digital flashcards, and a real estate glossary to help you study.
  • Standard Package ($579): You’ll get everything from the courses-only package as well as the Exam Prep Edge materials. They’ll also reimburse your exam fee if you don’t pass your license exam the first time.
  • Value Package ($619): On top of the previous features, you’ll get business-building courses to hit the ground running after you get your license.
  • Premium Package ($839): In addition to all the above features, this includes your 30-hour post-licensing course.

(Indiana prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

Readers of The Close can SAVE 35% on The CE Shop prelicensing course in Indiana. Use promo code TheClose35 at checkout.

BEST FEATURE: We have to call out The CE Shop’s free trial as our favorite feature. No other school on our list offers you the opportunity to peek at their materials before you buy. We also love that The CE Shop provides courses for every stage of your career and makes it convenient by offering your post-licensing hours in their premium package.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: The CE Shop’s courses aren’t the most affordable, though they often go on sale. At least their packages are comprehensive, so you’re getting a lot of out your investment.

BOTTOM LINE: Choose The CE Shop if you’re looking for a top-tier Indiana real estate school to stick with throughout all your real estate education needs.

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Best Indiana Real Estate School for Course Design: Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate offers: 

  • Prelicensing
  • Exam Prep
  • Continuing Education

Colibri Real Estate has been teaching prospective real estate students for 25 years. They were one of the early adopters of the online learning platform, so they’ve had decades to tweak it and keep it as innovative as possible.

Colibri Real Estate understands how different every learner is, so they offer a variety of packages with various features. Their platform is well-organized and incredibly easy to use, making it a perfect fit for mobile and tablet users too.

Colibri Real Estate ProsColibri Real Estate Cons
  • Easy-to-use online platform
  • The Basics course doesn’t come with test prep materials
  • Packages offer a variety of features
  • A printed textbook costs extra for most packages
  • Affordable

Colibri Real Estate Pricing

Colibri Real Estate offers four prelicensing packages with varying features.

  • The Basics ($554): If you’re only looking to get your hands on the course, this package is for you. You’ll still receive access to a state-approved instructor for support and access to three e-books.
  • Exam Preparation ($615): Along with everything from the above package, you’ll also get access to exam prep materials and their Pass or Don’t Pay guarantee.
  • Exam Preparation Plus ($681): On top of the features above, you’ll get access to instructor Q&A sessions, a real estate dictionary, and the Live Exam Crammer series.
  • Ultimate Learning Package ($802): This package includes all the features above and a printed copy of the course textbook for easy learning, as well as a one-year membership to a professional development program.

(Indiana prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

Readers of The Close can SAVE 25% on any Colibri Real Estate prelicensing course in Indiana. Use promo code TheClose25 at checkout.

BEST FEATURE: We love how Colibri Real Estate’s online platform and courses are designed. You can easily find course material, use study resources, and contact your instructor whenever you need them. The material is organized into manageable chunks to help you get the most out of it.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: It’s hard to find something wrong with Colibri Real Estate’s courses, but if we had to find a fault, we do wish their prices were more affordable.

BOTTOM LINE: Choose Colibri Real Estate if you want an online, self-paced course with all the features that make learning online easy.

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Best Indiana Real Estate School for Students on a Budget: McColly Real Estate

McColly Real Estate Logo

McColly Real Estate offers: 

  • Prelicensing
  • Post-licensing
  • Continuing Education
  • Managing Broker Prelicensing

McColly Real Estate has been in operation since 1974 and teaches real estate in Indiana and Illinois. They offer both in-person and online self-paced learning packages, and they’re the only Indiana real estate school on our list that offers in-person classes outside of Indianapolis. You can take their in-person classes in Crown Point, Highland, or Valparaiso.

McColly Real Estate Pros
McColly Real Estate Cons
  • Expert instructors
  • No livestream courses
  • 1-month accelerated morning package
  • No access to live instructor in the online package
  • Affordable

McColly Real Estate Pricing

McColly Real Estate offers three prelicensing packages for Indiana.

  • In-person Indiana Real Estate License ($449): Choose from morning, evening, or the one-month accelerated morning classes. This package includes a copy of your textbook.
  • Online Indiana Basic Package ($534):  This self-paced online package includes your prelicensing student workbook, instructional videos, practice homework, and downloadable resources.
  • Online Indiana Premium Package ($633): You’ll get everything from the above package. You’ll also get their Review Crammer package, which includes hundreds of practice questions and a review of key concepts.

(Indiana prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

BEST FEATURE: We’re happy to see an in-person class option that doesn’t break the bank. Typically, in-person classes tend to cost more than their online counterparts, so this gives students who want in-class learning a break.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: McColly Real Estate’s affordable pricing doesn’t quite extend to their online packages, placing them around the average cost of packages with fewer features than Colibri Real Estate or The CE Shop.

BOTTOM LINE: If in-person classes are a priority for you, you won’t be disappointed with McColly Real Estate.

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Best Indiana Real Estate School for Students Needing More Time: PDH Real Estate Academy

PDH Real Estate Academy Logo

PDH Real Estate Academy offers: 

  • Prelicensing
  • Exam Prep
  • Continuing Education

PDH Real Estate Academy is a growing real estate school that prides itself on no-nonsense, quality instruction that will help you get your real estate license. Many of their instructors have more than 20 years of experience in real estate, brokerage, and property law. They offer online self-paced courses and continuing education in Indiana.

PDH Real Estate Academy offers a video preview of their online course so you can take a quick peek at the format of their lessons. You can expect to learn the material through videos of their instructors guiding you through each concept.

PDH Real Estate Academy Pros
PDH Real Estate Academy Cons
  • Access to instructor support
  • Limited package options
  • Includes practice questions and quizzes
  • Mobile and tablet-friendly platform

PDH Real Estate Academy Pricing

PDH Real Estate Academy offers two packages for their prelicensing course.

  • Basic Prelicense ($480): You’ll get access to instructor support, e-books, and lifetime access to their career resources.
  • Premium Prelicense with Exam Prep ($540): This package includes the above features and exam prep materials such as practice quizzes and a simulated final exam. This level also features an exam pass guarantee.

(Indiana prelicensing and interactive package prices as of December 2022)

BEST FEATURE: We certainly love that PDH Real Estate Academy offers lifetime access to its learning materials. Most real estate schools offer something more like six months when it comes to platform and materials access. Better yet, PDH prides itself on keeping its career resources up to date, so you have the most current information at your fingertips.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: You won’t get quite as many extra features with PDH Real Estate Academy’s packages, although they include some of the important items, such as the pass guarantee and exam prep.

BOTTOM LINE: If you’re in no rush to complete your prelicensing course and want to take your time reviewing the course, PDH Real Estate Academy is a good option for you.

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Best Indiana Real Estate School for Students in a Hurry: Tucker School of Real Estate

Tucker School of Real Estate Logo

Tucker School of Real Estate offers: 

  • Prelicensing
  • Post-licensing
  • Continuing Education

Tucker School of Real Estate is one of Indianapolis’s largest real estate schools. They are a great local option, with many of their instructors having received their education at the Indiana University School of Business. They pride themselves on knowing the local market well.

You can take the 90-hour prelicensing course at Tucker School of Real Estate online or in person. Their campus is conveniently located in the heart of Indianapolis, and their instructors are committed to making sure you don’t leave class without feeling certain about the material.

Tucker School of Real Estate Pros
Tucker School of Real Estate Cons
  • In-person and online instruction options
  • No livestream courses
  • A copy of the textbook is included
  • 15-day accelerated program

Tucker School of Real Estate Pricing

Tucker School of Real Estate offers two different options for the 90-hour prelicensing course. You can choose to take your course at your own pace online or in person.

  • Live 90-Hour Broker Prelicensing Course ($599): In-person classes run weekdays on half days or evenings. Or choose the 15-day accelerated course that runs full-time Monday to Friday.
  • Online 90-Hour Broker Prelicensing Course ($599): Choose this option if you prefer to work at your own pace. You’ll get access to videos, quizzes, and interactive material to help you get through the course.

(Indiana prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

BEST FEATURE: Our favorite feature is the 15-day accelerated in-person course option. It’s perfect for someone who wants to efficiently power through the prelicensing material. By heading to class full time, you’ll have access to your instructor, who designs the course by starting with the essential concepts.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: Because Tucker School of Real Estate offers in-person and self-paced course options, it would be nice to see them add livestream options in the future. Sometimes, students crave the accountability of in-class learning but can’t make it to Indianapolis.

BOTTOM LINE: Tucker School of Real Estate is a great local option if you’re in the Indianapolis area and want to get your course done quickly.

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Finding an Indiana Real Estate Schools FAQs

Have more questions? We can help! Scroll down to find answers to the most commonly asked questions about finding an Indiana real estate school. If we haven’t answered your question, let us know in the comment section below. We love hearing from you!

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Bringing It All Together

We hope our research into the best Indiana real estate schools will help you narrow your search for one that suits your needs, learning style and goals. At The Close, we’re committed to sharing actionable strategies for every phase of your career. Have additional thoughts or questions? Leave us a comment below!