Over the last few years, the quantity and quality of free training for realtors on YouTube has exploded. If you know where to look, you can find experts doing deep dives on everything from social media marketing to creating listing presentations. The trick is knowing which real estate YouTube channels offer the best content.

To help you get started, we put together this list of the best real estate YouTube channels online today. There are hours and hours of free education here, so be sure to bookmark this page!

The 27 Best Real Estate YouTube Channels of 2023

YouTube Channel CategoryOur Top Picks
Social Media MarketingHaley Ingram (Coffee & Contracts), Community Influencer, Katie Lance
InspirationDan O’neil, Ryan Serhant, Karin Carr, LeAnn Henri, Grant Cardone
Real Estate HumorThe Broke Agent
Top-producing Agent InterviewsReal Geeks (Keeping It Real), Keeping It Real Podcast
Coaching and TrainingLab Coat Agents, Tom Ferry, The Close, Kevin Ward Yesmasters, Mike Sherrard, Chastin J Miles, Kyle Handy, Travis Thom
Luxury Real Estate Tours (+ Quirky Real Estate)Josh Altman, Producer Michael, Enes Yilmazer, Nyasia C., Kirsten Dirksen
Interior DesignApartment Therapy, Architectural Digest
Real Estate InvestingBiggerPockets

Social Media Marketing

Haley Ingram (Coffee & Contracts)

Founder of the stellar Coffee & Contracts social media marketing platform, Haley Ingram, posts insider tips on using Canva, Instagram, and other social media channels.

At this time Coffee and Contracts has closed its membership until Fall 2023, however you can join the waiting list now and receive access to their free resource suite and get an exclusive discount when they open their doors again.

Visit Haley’s Channel

Community Influencer

We’ve had our eye on Community Influencer’s Aarin Chung for a few years now, and we think this is the year she’s going to blow up. Her take on social media for agents is unique, practical, and easy to get started with.

Visit Community Influencer’s Channel

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Katie Lance

A regular on the real estate conference circuit, Katie Lance offers agents hard-won strategy and advice for crushing it on social media. If you want social media advice, check out her channel below or head to a real estate conference like National Association for Realtors (NAR) to watch her speak in person.

Visit Katie’s Channel


Dan O’neil

Broker and team lead Dan O’neil sold over $50,000,000 in one year as an agent. But Dan is not working in Beverly Hills or Manhattan. He works in Smithtown on Long Island. Did I mention he’s only been an agent since 2016?!

Visit Dan’s Channel

Ryan Serhant

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that Ryan Serhant loves to show off glitzy mansions on YouTube. His home tours have tens of millions of views. But over the last few years, Ryan has been sharing incredible free training videos on YouTube to promote his best-selling courses.

Visit Ryan’s Channel

Karin Carr

She may not have the star power of Ryan Serhant, but Georgia Realtor Karin Carr is crushing it on YouTube. She puts out light, fun, and informative videos helping her audience buy homes in Georgia. If she can do it, you can too. What are you waiting for?

Visit Karin’s Channel

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LeAnn Henri

Atlanta Realtor LeAnn Henri is one of those millennial souls who are brave enough to share everything online. From rants about losing deals to poolside celebration videos from St Lucia, LeAnn’s channel is a must-watch if you can relate to the soaring highs and crushing lows of real estate.

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Grant Cardone

While his brash style might not be for everyone, there is no denying Grant Cardone’s power to inspire people to push harder and stop making excuses. Is this the message you need to hear today? I know I need to hear it some days.

Visit Grant’s Channel

Real Estate Humor

The Broke Agent

When it comes to real estate humor, there is only one game in town. Sure, there are some funny real estate videos here and there on YouTube, but there is only one channel that posts consistently funny content for realtors: The Broke Agent. It’s not just funny skits, though. Eric’s channel also features episodes of his Over Ask podcast.

Visit The Broke Agent’s Channel

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Top-producing Agent Interviews

Real Geeks (Keeping It Real)

One of the longest-running channels with top producer interviews, Real Geeks “Keeping It Real” is a great way to learn from innovative agents who are genuinely crushing it.

Visit Real Geeks’ Keeping It Real Channel

Keeping It Real Podcast

Not to be confused with Real Geeks’ Keeping It Real, DJ Paris’ channel also features insightful deep-dive interviews with top producing agents. DJ asks the questions you would want to ask, so you’ll get actionable advice from every episode. Check out The Close’s own Chris Linsell dishing on real estate software above for a taste.

Visit Keeping It Real Podcast’s Channel

Coaching & Training

Lab Coat Agents

An OG in the real estate training space, Tristan Ahumada and Nick Baldwin have built themselves a mini agent education empire over the last few years. Expect deep-dive interviews and from-the-trenches strategy on almost any lead generation and marketing technique you can think of.

Visit Lab Coat Agent’s Channel

Tom Ferry

A real estate coach who needs no introduction, Tom Ferry’s channel offers agents daily pearls of wisdom, mindset hacks, and of course, deep-dive interviews with top-producing agents and other inspirational people from the real estate industry and beyond.

Visit Tom Ferry’s Channel

The Close

Hey, no one ever said we were afraid of a bit of self-promotion! We really do think our growing YouTube channel offers agents some truly valuable content, all for free. We have deep-dive interviews with industry luminaries from Ryan Serhant to Coldwell Banker CEO Ryan Gorman, training sessions, and much more.

Visit Our Channel

Kevin Ward Yesmasters

Kevin Ward offers no-nonsense, straightforward real estate training you can apply to your business right now. He also manages to present his strategies with enough energy to get you amped up to keep learning and keep crushing it.

Visit Kevin Ward’s Channel

Mike Sherrard

Mike Sherrard trains agents on social media and offers fantastic insight into which brokerage to join, how to get started, and how to succeed as a realtor.

Visit Mike’s Channel

Chastin J Miles

For another behind-the-curtains look at an agent building a real estate business, Chastin J Mile’s channel is worth the two seconds it takes to subscribe. Lots of great advice for agents, and you can follow along with Chastin growing his business.

Visit Chastin’s Channel

Kyle Handy

A long-time EXP agent, Kyle has been crushing it on YouTube for years and offers agents new and old a “warts and all” look into what it’s really like to work as a realtor. He even provides updates on exactly how much he has personally sold each quarter. Talk about full disclosure!

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Travis Thom

If you want to master Facebook advertising, Travis Thom’s channel is a great place to start. He offers some excellent advice for agents just getting started or agents who want to up their Facebook game.

Visit Travis’ Channel

Luxury Real Estate Tours

Josh Altman

If you want to take a break and gawk at some eye-wateringly expensive Beverly Hills mansions, Josh Altman’s channel is a must-watch. He offers extended tours of homes that cost more than my entire hometown.

Visit Josh’s Channel

Producer Michael

If you like your mansion tours with a dose of goofy British humor, then check out Producer Michael’s channel. A music and television producer who became a viral sensation as this generation’s Robin Leach, Producer Michael makes some highly entertaining videos without the snobbishness of some real estate YouTubers.

Visit Producer Michael’s Channel

Enes Yilmazer

Of course, not all the luxury real estate YouTubers are in Beverly Hills. Enes Yilmazer has been racking up the miles showing off jaw-dropping homes in New York City, Florida, Colorado, and all over the country.

Visit Enes’ Channel

Nyasia C.

If you want to come back down to earth, New York agent Nyasia C’s channel has tours of gorgeous New York City homes that are “just” a few million bucks. She also shows off some shockingly small micro-apartments (one is 185 square feet!) in Manhattan.

Visit Nyasia’s Channel

Kirsten Dirksen

Want some viral content to share with your audience? Kirsten Dirksen has been creating video tours of whimsical homes, including shoebox-size Manhattan apartments to Hobbit homes in the woods of Oregon. Her most popular videos get tens of millions of views.

Visit Kirsten’s Channel

Interior Design

Apartment Therapy

Are you looking for interior design inspiration you can actually afford? Check out Apartment Therapy’s channel and their yearly “Small Cool” awards for real people’s magazine-worthy interior design in some truly tiny homes.

Visit Apartment Therapy’s Channel

Architectural Digest

If you’re more into peeking behind the curtains of celebrity homes, Architectural Digest’s channel has you covered. They also show some genuinely unique homes and before and after renovations.

Visit Architectural Digest’s Channel

Real Estate Investing


Whether you want to dip your toes into real estate investing or become a full-time house flipper, then chances are you already know about BiggerPockets. If not, what are you doing here?

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