Most agents don’t know how lucky they are. We live in an unprecedented age, a time when there are thousands upon thousands of free real estate training videos that can help you find success and maybe even 10x your gross commission income (GCI). 

We’ve compiled 15 of our favorite real estate videos covering everything from social media marketing to lead generation and goal planning. You can listen in the car, while you’re working out, or when you have a few minutes to burn between showings—it doesn’t matter, as long as you make a commitment to learn every day. So bookmark this page and enjoy this free real estate master class! 

1. How to Get Listings in the HOTTEST Real Estate Market Ever! (MasterClass)

Jackie Kravitz – Real Estate Coach

Jackie brings her signature straight-talk approach when coaching you through one of the craziest markets in real estate history. With concrete numbers and actionable advice, she spends almost an hour laying out a concrete plan for the rest of your real estate career. 

2. Prospecting for Listings, Expireds, FSBOs

Lab Coat Agents interviewing April Hunter

Lab Coat Agents’ Tristan Ahumada interviews April Hunter, who is dominating prospecting expired listings in Atlanta, Georgia. Her first year in real estate she made $5,000. After mining expireds and working her scripts with a dialer, she jumped to $115,000 the very next year. This real estate video makes us feel like cold calling might just 10x our GCI.

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3. YouTube for Beginners – Real Estate Agents

Tina Caul – Top Producer – Real Estate Mentor

Tina presents a very professional introduction to using YouTube. She lays out the stats, the analytics, and a clear plan for moving forward. Her tips are useful (like where, how, and when to add a call to action) and her presentation style is engaging. As she says, if she can master YouTube, anyone can!

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4. ​​How to Make a Real Estate Website With WordPress

Darrel Wilson

Darrel’s very in-depth real estate video is really a masterclass in website design in WordPress. He takes you step by step through building a site that showcases your properties and experience. For anyone shy about making the jump to WordPress, Darrel makes it feel pretty easy and straightforward.

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5. 6 High-converting Lead Magnets to Generate Leads

Lori Ballen

Lori Ballen starts simply: What is a lead magnet? From there she builds a case for using lead magnets in a way that helps to generate leads. Lori even shows you how to create these magnets, like an e-book, in Canva. Her presentation is full of helpful visuals and in just 30 minutes, you’ll feel like an expert. 

6. How to Win Every Real Estate Listing

Tom Ferry

This is an older video (2019), but the content was as relevant yesterday as it is today and will be tomorrow. We dare you to spend 44 minutes with Tom Ferry and not feel totally energized. Bonus, this video includes a Q&A with industry experts Jacquie Othen, Alan Shafran, and Gary Gold. Ferry brings his signature dynamic delivery in this real estate video, and the experts offer concrete advice and entertaining stories. 

7. Getting Leads With Instagram Stories 

The Broke Agent

Consistency is key when it comes to marketing through Instagram stories. Jason Cassity explains his strategy and how Instagram stories present incredibly helpful features for agents. Swiping up, down, or out connects users to valuable content and stands out in a crowded article. 

Remember, film your Instagram stores vertically and for less than 15 seconds. This real estate video is really an interview format, so it’s perfect to listen to in the car.

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8. 7 Sure-fire Ways to Get Real Estate Listings (WITHOUT Cold Calling)

The Close

Our own Chris Linsell offers excellent tips on filling that sales funnel for times when inventory is tight. Chris’ video gets right to the point, making this seven-minute video an efficient run-through of actionable strategy. We bet you’re going to watch and then immediately start planning a swanky lead-generating housewarming party. 

9. Secret Sources of Real Estate Buyer Leads

The Close

Chris offers another bite-sized video with concrete lead generation sources. We bet these are strategies you haven’t considered, and your competition hasn’t either. Chris identifies the sources and offers actionable steps to target these markets. We won’t spoil them for you, but it’s definitely worth your time!

10. Future-proofing Your Real Estate Business With Jay O’Brien

The Close

Jay O’Brien spends some time with The Close contributor Sean Moudry about his success in building Client Giant. Jay is known throughout the industry for his simple stance that focusing on service is the best lead generation strategy available. If you take care of your clients, they will be clients for life and refer all their contacts to you.

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11. Raising Your Average Sales Price

Kevin Ward | YesMasters – Real Estate Agent Coaching and Success Training

Kevin Ward’s quick real estate video argues that to increase your GCI, you need to keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t give up lower-priced listings, but while you’re working those, prospect expireds at all price points. This business will drive your business, which will make you more money, and you’ll organically move into a luxury lifestyle. Add in a custom marketing strategy, and you’re well on your way.

12. Real Estate Listing Presentation MasterClass (7 Steps to Mastery)

Jackie Kravitz – Real Estate Coach

Jackie Kravitz uses her extensive experience to teach this listing presentation class and leaves nothing on the table—except her very real prop of $10,000 cash. She’s direct, realistic, and doesn’t over-promise. But with her tips and strategies, you’re sure to leave those homeowners impressed and ready to sign. 

13. 21 Proven Ways to Get Leads That Close 

Kyle Handy

You may have heard of a lot of these lead generation strategies before, but Kyle does a great job of presenting them clearly and succinctly. He lays out each strategy, but offers helpful tips to really follow through. For example, when mining FSBO, he offers reasons someone might be selling by owner, and gives pointers on how to pitch to them.

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14. Direct Mail Strategies for Listings in Affluent Markets 

Real Geeks

Brett Jennings, one of the top agents in Silicon Valley, sits down with Real Geeks in this real estate video to break down his brokerage’s direct mail strategy, which has proven success in affluent markets. He has a sophisticated presentation with statistics, details, action points, and even vendor recommendations. 

15. ​​Realtor Goal Planning Blueprint

Tina Caul – Top Producer – Real Estate Mentor

Tina is really one of the greats. It’s rare to find a coach who’s willing to share so much information based on really extensive real estate experience. She shares all of her knowledge as she walks you through a plan to set your goals (both personal and professional), and creates a business plan to reach these goals in 2022.

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Over to You

Do you have a favorite real estate training video that has helped you boost your GCI? Let us know in the comments!