Are you ready to jump into an exciting and flexible real estate career where you help clients make important financial decisions? We reviewed some of the best real estate schools in Arkansas and made recommendations on price, ease of use, instructor quality, and more.

Your dynamic new career starts with quality education so you can get started quickly and on the right foot, with a solid foundation in Arkansas law. Read on to learn how each school compares and before you know it, you’ll be selling ranch-style bungalows in Little Rock or historic homes in Fayetteville.

5 Best Arkansas Real Estate Schools

Our Top Picks
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Best Overall: The CE Shop
TheClose35 – Save 35%
Best User Experience: Colibri Real Estate
TheClose30 – Save 30%
Best Career Resources: Kaplan
KAPRE5 - Save 5%
Best Livestream Classes: Arkansas Real Estate School
Best In-person Classes: Elite Real Estate School

(Arkansas prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

Arkansas Real Estate Schools: Helpful Info

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Quick Facts

Arkansas Real Estate Governing Body:

Arkansas Real Estate Commission (AREC)


Prelicensing Requirements:

60 Hours


Post-licensing Requirements:

18 Hours Within the First Six Months


Continuing Education Requirements:

7 Hours Every Year

Your real estate journey in Arkansas starts with a 60-hour prelicensing course, but it doesn’t stop there. To stay licensed, you’ll be revisiting your real estate education every few years. To help, we’ve outlined what you can expect from the various programs in the Arkansas real estate schools we’ve chosen. Then, we’ll review our top picks so you can choose the best provider and course package for you.

Best Overall Arkansas Real Estate School: The CE Shop

The CE Shop Offers:

  • Prelicensing
  • Exam Prep
  • Post-licensing
  • Continuing Education

The CE Shop tops our list as the best overall real estate school in Arkansas because of its combination of expertly designed content and valuable package features. The CE Shop aims to make your learning experience as easy as possible, equipping you with everything you need to succeed. With various features to choose from, like added exam prep tools and post-licensing course hours, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for here.

The CE Shop Pros
The CE Shop Cons
  • Expertly designed courses
  • No access to local real estate professionals
  • Most important content often repeated
  • No access to live instructors
  • Some packages include CE courses
  • Not the most affordable option

The CE Shop Pricing

The CE Shop offers four prelicensing packages in Arkansas that vary by additional features to help you get the most out of your prelicensing course.

  • Courses Only ($369): A great value, you’ll receive a bundle of useful features like business e-books, career resources, flashcards, a real estate glossary, and a study schedule alongside your 60-hour prelicensing course.
  • Standard Package ($439): Enjoy the course-only package’s features, plus get The CE Shop’s Exam Prep Edge tools to ensure you’re prepared for the license exam and a Pass Guarantee.
  • Value Package ($469): This package includes everything from the standard package, but you’ll also get a series of business-building courses full of valuable tips to start your real estate career.
  • Premium Package ($649): This premium package includes all the previous packages’ features, as well as a printed copy of the textbook for easy reading and an 18-hour post-licensing course.

(Arkansas prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

Readers of The Close can SAVE 35% on any prelicensing course from The CE Shop. Use promo code TheClose35 at checkout.

BEST FEATURE: We’re most excited about the value you get out of The CE Shop’s courses. Even their most entry-level package includes a variety of useful career and study tools. Prices jump from the Value Package to the Premium Package, but we appreciate the convenient option of purchasing your required post-licensing course ahead of time.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: The only thing The CE Shop is missing is an interactive live component. In the future, we’d love to see them develop online study groups or live webinars. But for most people looking to complete their courses independently and online, their instructor support is efficient and helpful.

BOTTOM LINE: The CE Shop provides tried and tested real estate courses. Try them today!

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Best Arkansas Real Estate School for User Experience: Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate Offers: 

  • Prelicensing
  • Exam Prep
  • Continuing Education

Colibri Real Estate is another real estate education giant, offering prelicensing courses in 40 states plus Washington, D.C. They were one of the first real estate education companies to develop an online learning platform, so it’s no wonder they top our list for best user experience.

Colibri Real Estate creates dynamic online lessons and an online learning platform that’s easy to use on any computer, tablet, or mobile device. Plus, they stay current with online learning trends, so you can keep coming back knowing you’ll be getting the sleekest online experience.

Colibri Real Estate ProsColibri Real Estate Cons
  • Easy-to-use online platform
  • The Basics course doesn’t come with test prep materials
  • Packages offer a variety of features
  • A printed textbook costs extra for most packages
  • Affordable

Colibri Real Estate Pricing

Colibri Real Estate offers four self-paced, online prelicensing packages in Arkansas.

  • The Basics ($352): Enjoy your 60-hour prelicensing course, real estate e-books, and instructor support by phone and email.
  • Exam Preparation ($415): You’ll get everything in The Basics package, plus exam prep and a Pass or Don’t Pay guarantee.
  • Exam Preparation Plus ($487): This package includes all of the above features, as well as instructor Q&A sessions, a real estate dictionary, and the Live Exam Crammer Series to prepare you for your license exam.
  • Ultimate Learning Package ($582): This top-tier package includes all of the previous features, plus a printed copy of the textbook and a one-year professional development membership.

(Arkansas prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

Readers of The Close can SAVE 30% on any Colibri Real Estate prelicensing course in Arkansas. Use promo code TheClose30 at checkout.

BEST FEATURE: Colibri Real Estate’s expertly designed online course is helpful whether you’re computer-savvy or not. Their online platform will keep you on track at home or on the go on any device.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: It’s hard to find anything wrong with Colibri Real Estate courses. If we had to choose, we’d ask them to offer a prelicensing package option that includes your continuing education hours.

BOTTOM LINE: Colibri Real Estate’s expertly designed user experience makes their courses easy to complete anywhere, at your convenience.

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Best Arkansas Real Estate School for Career Resources: Kaplan

Kaplan Offers: 

  • Prelicensing
  • Exam Prep
  • Continuing Education
  • Broker Prelicensing

Kaplan knows you aren’t only looking for quality education—you’re looking for support as you start your real estate career. That’s why Kaplan makes our list for best career resources. They’ve narrowed in on the help you need in your first years as a real estate agent.

Kaplan ProsKaplan Cons
  • Best-in-class live and live online courses
  • Interface is a little dated
  • Great post-test professional development tools in some packages
  • Difficult to take classes on a mobile device
  • Excellent textbook and class materials
  • Live online classes are pretty pricey

Kaplan Pricing

Kaplan offers three online, self-paced prelicensing course options in Arkansas.

  • Arkansas Real Estate Principles Package ($369): This package includes your 60-hour prelicensing course and access to an interactive study group to help you understand all course concepts in live webinars.
  • Arkansas Real Estate Principles with Master Exam Prep Package ($449): Choose this package to get all the features above, plus national and state exam prep full of practice questions.
  • Arkansas Career Launcher Package ($649): This top-tier package includes everything from the previous package, plus a Real Estate Accelerator course to build your business skills and four weeks of professional coaching.

(Arkansas prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

BEST FEATURE: We love that Kaplan includes access to an interactive study group at every level of their package options. Having access to live support when you’re stuck on a concept in the course is invaluable.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: For the price, we’d hope that Kaplan could offer a pass guarantee like the other schools on our list.

BOTTOM LINE: Try Kaplan if you’re looking for ways to build your real estate career from the ground up.

Readers of The Close can SAVE 5% off of Kaplan classes using promo code KAPRE5.

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Best Arkansas Real Estate School for Livestream Classes: Arkansas Real Estate School

arkansas real estate school logo

Arkansas Real Estate School Offers: 

  • Prelicensing
  • Exam Prep
  • Post-licensing
  • Continuing Education
  • Broker Prelicensing

Arkansas Real Estate School, located in West Little Rock, focuses on creating courses with the most current and practical tools you’ll need as an agent. While they offer self-paced online classes, where they shine is with their scheduled livestream classes. Arkansas Real Estate School offers engaging, expertly organized courses led by industry leaders with decades of experience.

Arkansas Real Estate School ProsArkansas Real Estate School Cons
  • All materials included
  • Limited career resources
  • Online self-paced and livestream classes
  • No Pass Guarantee
  • Easy to navigate

Arkansas Real Estate School Pricing

Arkansas Real Estate School offers one livestream prelicensing course option and two online self-paced prelicensing courses through The CE Shop.

  • Real Estate Basic Principles Sales Agent ($450): Enjoy your 60-hour course and all your textbooks and course materials in scheduled livestream classes that run on weekdays full time or on weekends all day.
  • Self-Paced Online Package (from $395): There are three online course packages: The course-only is just that for $395; the basic package is $450 and includes the courses and the exam prep edge; the complete package is $480 and includes three building your business courses, as well as a copy of the e-book and career resources to help you start your business from scratch.

(Arkansas prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

BEST FEATURE: Arkansas Real Estate School’s livestream classes are designed to give you the in-class experience from the comfort of home. You’ll get target lessons on each concept, with access to the instructor in real time to answer questions in a classroom setting.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: Arkansas Real Estate School includes practice within their classes but doesn’t provide a comprehensive exam prep package for students to work on at their own pace.

BOTTOM LINE: Choose Arkansas Real Estate School if you work best in a classroom environment but can’t make it to an in-person course.

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Best Arkansas Real Estate School for In-person Classes: Elite Real Estate School

Elite Real Estate School logo

Elite Real Estate School Offers: 

  • Prelicensing
  • Post-licensing
  • Continuing Education
  • Broker Prelicensing

Elite Real Estate School is a local Arkansas school that makes our list for offering all the live classes you’ll need for your real estate career. They offer engaging lectures in their in-person prelicensing courses that will make sure you understand the material from end to end. Their courses are perfect for students who prefer to learn through in-person instruction.

Elite Real Estate School Pros
Elite Real Estate School Cons
  • In-person classes
  • No exam pass guarantee
  • Variety in class schedule
  • Limited exam prep materials
  • Livestream classes available

Elite Real Estate School Pricing

Elite Real Estate School offers one prelicensing course prospective Arkansas agents can take in-person in Benton, Arkansas, or via Zoom from home.

  • Sales Agent Prelicensing Course ($325): Take your scheduled prelicensing course in person in Benton, Arkansas, or join the class via Zoom. Your textbooks and materials are included.

(Arkansas prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

BEST FEATURE: Elite Real Estate School’s courses are offered often, and you can take them on weekdays and weekends. By sticking with a scheduled course, you can complete your prelicensing course in as little as two weeks, the fastest and most affordable scheduled program of any of the schools on our list.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: We’re sure there are many people who’d like to complete their prelicensing course quickly. We only wish that Elite Real Estate School offered scheduled in-person courses in a couple more locations across Arkansas for those who learn best in-person.

BOTTOM LINE: Elite Real Estate School is perfect for any student who wants to skip online learning and have an in-person course with access to their instructor in real time.

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Arkansas Real Estate School: FAQs

Got questions? We have answers! Scroll down for answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see an answer, be sure to ask us in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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Bringing It All Together

We hope our thorough guide has narrowed your search for the right real estate schools in Arkansas to fit your busy schedule. At The Close, we provide actionable advice and resources to help you at every stage of your career. Have additional thoughts or questions? Leave us a comment below!