Are you considering a career in real estate? Does a flexible schedule, being your own boss, and earning a great income appeal to you? If you live in Oregon, the good news is that you can obtain your Oregon real estate license in just a few simple steps.

There are two basic prerequisites for becoming a real estate agent in Oregon: you must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED. If you meet these basic requirements, here are the steps you’ll need to follow to earn your Oregon real estate license, which is called a broker’s license.

How to Get an Oregon Real Estate License

Infographic: How to get an Oregon real estate license

In most states, a real estate broker is a professional who oversees the work of other real estate agents. In Oregon, that’s not the case.

Typically, a real estate agent becomes a broker after a minimum level of experience and following additional training. In most states, a broker has passed a higher-level licensing exam. In Oregon, a more experienced professional who manages other agents is called a principal broker.

As you follow the steps laid out here, you’ll be pursuing an entry-level Oregon real estate license, called a broker’s license. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to earn your Oregon real estate license and begin your new career.

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1. Create an eLicense Account

Before you can enroll in real estate classes, you need to create an eLicense account online with the state. You’ll need to provide some personal information such as your address and contact information.

2. Apply for a Broker’s License

Fill out the real estate broker application through your eLicense account and pay the $300 fee. Once your request has been processed, you’ll receive an applicant ID number by email. You’ll need this number to sign up for prelicensing classes.

3. Complete a 150-Hour Prelicensing Course

Cost: $329 to $429
Time commitment: One to three months

As a broker, you’ll be helping clients with one of the most important financial decisions of their lives. Understandably, the state of Oregon takes real estate education seriously. To earn your Oregon real estate license, you’ll need to complete a 150-hour prelicensing program from an approved real estate school. The 150 hours of classes cover all the contractual and legal aspects of buying and selling properties. Courses are offered in a classroom, over livestream, or at-your-own-pace online. Learn more about the types of instruction below.

Readers of The Close can save 30% on any of The CE Shop’s prelicensing and business-building courses. Use promo code TheClose30 at checkout.

We recommend >The CE Shop if you’re looking for a comprehensive online school. They offer their Exam Prep Edge materials plus a Pass Guarantee with three of their four Oregon prelicensing packages to help you succeed when you sit the Oregon real estate exam.

We chose The CE Shop as one of our favorites in our review of Oregon real estate schools. Why? Their feature-packed program will not only help you pass the licensing exam, it also provides career resources to help launch your new profession. Their business-building courses are included The CE Shop’s two top-tier packages.

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4. Pass the Oregon Real Estate License Exam

Once you’ve completed the 150 hours of coursework, you’ll be qualified to schedule and take the Oregon real estate broker exam. The exam is administered through PSI in cooperation with the Oregon Real Estate Agency. You’ll be charged a $75 fee for the exam when you schedule your exam online.

PSI has seven testing locations in Oregon, but you can also opt to take the Oregon real estate license exam from the comfort of your own home. Online, proctored exams are permitted if your computer meets compatibility requirements. Otherwise, you can take the exam in person in:

  • Baker City
  • Bend
  • Eugene
  • Independence
  • Medford
  • Portland
  • Wilsonville

You’ll need to bring two pieces of valid, government-issued photo identification to the in-person testing center. The exam is multiple choice and is comprised of 80 national questions and 50 Oregon-specific questions. Be sure to download the candidate information packet from their website to learn about common items you’re prohibited from bringing to the exam room, such as pens and cell phones.

Once you’ve finished taking the online exam at one of the testing centers listed above, your grade will be displayed on the screen at the end of the session. You can retake the broker exam if you fail it the first time, but you’ll need to wait at least a day to schedule any subsequent attempts.

You’ll need about a week or more to study for the exam. To help you prepare for the Oregon real estate license exam and pass it on the first try, we recommend investing in quality exam prep materials to help you study.

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5. Get Fingerprinted

Helpful resource: PSI Candidate Information Bulletin

You’ll be fingerprinted as part of the process at the PSI testing center as soon as you pass the brokerage exam. Fingerprint processing may take up to four weeks.

6. Submit to a Background Check

Cost: $56.25
Time commitment: One month

You must submit to a background check before you can work as a real estate broker in Oregon. You’ll be unable to work as a real estate agent until you’re notified by the state licensing board that you passed the background check. You’ll be charged $56.25 for the fingerprinting and background check fees.

While waiting for your background check results, consider taking business-building courses through The CE Shop. Their three business accelerator course offerings can help you jumpstart your new career by teaching you about real estate marketing, developing leads, and the day-to-day operations of your real estate business in Oregon.

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7. Find a Principal Broker to Hire You

Cost: Free
Time commitment: Two to four weeks

Oregon real estate brokers must work under a principal broker. A principal broker undergoes additional coursework and must pass a supplementary exam to manage Oregon real estate brokers.

Start your search with the big-name real estate agencies in your city or town to find a principal broker. But don’t ignore the smaller brokerages, as they may offer new real estate professionals more one-on-one guidance and training.

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Oregon Real Estate Agent Compensation

As of this writing, Indeed indicates that Oregon real estate brokers make an average annual income of $92,840.

We recommend inquiring about several important topics with any principal broker you’re looking to work with, as these questions will impact your financial bottom line. Ask about your split, which refers to how you’ll share the commissions you earn. For example, some brokerages will ask for an even 50/50 split on commissions. Some brokerages will offer you a higher percentage for your split, but they may charge you a monthly desk fee.

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You should also ask about your cap, the maximum amount that a brokerage will take from your commissions within a calendar year. Once you’ve met your cap, the rest of your commissions earned will be entirely yours to keep. Negotiating a low cap will mean more commissions will end up in your bank account.

While getting paid as a commissioned salesperson is unique from a salaried role, the benefit of commissioned sales is that it rewards people who work hard and provide excellent customer service to their clients. However, some Oregon real estate brokers prefer to ease their way into their new profession by working part-time instead of jumping in with both feet.

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How Much Does It Cost to Get an Oregon Real Estate License?

Quick Facts Oregon

It costs around $1,000 to get your real estate license in Oregon. While some costs are fixed, such as the state’s application, exam fee, and fingerprint fee, others can vary greatly, including the price of your prelicensing education, which ranges from $329 to $429 depending on the provider you choose.

Oregon Real Estate License Costs

Prelicensing Classes, Including Exam Prep (150 Hours)$429 (through The CE Shop)
Oregon Broker Real Estate License Exam Fee$75
License Fee$300
Fingerprinting Fee$56.25
Total Cost$920.25

(*Oregon Real Estate License Costs as of July 2021)

Types of Real Estate Prelicensing Classes

Whether you live in Salem, Eugene, or the Portland area, you should be able to find an Oregon real estate school that offers in-person classes that meet during regularly scheduled sessions. Livestream classes are scheduled classes that are broadcast over Zoom or other video conferencing tools. Online classes are popular for those wanting to become real estate agents in Oregon. The course material may be presented in a series of slides, videos, and interactive content.

There are pros and cons for each type of instruction.

Types of Instruction
In-person Classes
  • Traditional classroom setting

  • Get to know other students

  • Easy access to the instructor
  • More expensive than online classes

  • Commuting and traffic

  • Finding class times to fit your schedule
Livestream Classes
  • No commute

  • Ideal if you live far from in-person schools

  • You can ask instructors questions in real time
  • Finding classes to fit your schedule

  • No interaction with other students

  • Technology doesn’t always work as it should
Online Classes
  • Work at your own pace anywhere with internet

  • Take classes when convenient for you

  • Least expensive option
  • Instructors can only be accessed via email or phone

  • Little interaction with real estate pros

  • Technology doesn’t always work as it should

How to Get an Oregon Real Estate License: FAQs

We’ve covered a lot of information in this article, but you may have a few more questions. Don’t worry—as a team of licensed real estate experts; we’ve got answers.

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