Take a break and laugh at the awkward moments that we all inevitably encounter while working in real estate.

We reached out and asked you what your most embarrassing moments in real estate are. We also scoured TikTok for even more awkward moments. And we weren’t disappointed!

We hope you get a grin out of these stories and can relate to them because you know as well as we do—we’ve all been there.

13 Most Embarrassing Moments in Real Estate

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1. The Key That Won’t Cooperate

Prelicensing courses should also cover what to do when a lockbox or a key just won’t work. We’ve all been there. As this video from Amber Garneski shows, it can be nerve-wracking.


Amber Garneski, Realtor, The Rosario Team

2. When the Owners Are Still Home

With over 60,000 TikTok followers, Carys Eccleshall shares her expertise and some comically relatable moments. Like when you arrive for a showing with clients and the owners aren’t expecting you.

@caryseccleshall The things we see 😂🥴 #realtorlife #realtoroftiktok #realtortok #realtorsoftiktok #realestatelife #floridarealtor ♬ original sound – BadParentingMoments

Carys Eccleshall, Real Estate Agent & TikTok Coach

3. We’ve Seen Too Much

Karin Carr, CEO, Karin Carr Coaching

“I had an appointment to show a house a few years ago. I scheduled it, the listing agent confirmed it, and I texted that I was on my way. I always ring the doorbell as I’m opening the lockbox and then yell as I’m opening the door, “REALTOR, here to show the house!” No answer, so we go on in. (You know where this is going!)

“Clients and I are walking around and we get to the bedroom door. I open it and the owner is in bed, stark naked!!!

“I screamed and slammed the door, yelled, “I’m so sorry! I thought no one was home!” He said he was home sick with the flu and couldn’t leave for the showing.

“Doesn’t explain why he had no clothes on, though. My clients and I had no idea how to respond until we went out into the backyard and then we all died laughing.”

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4. Must Love Dogs?

If you’re not following The Broke Agent on TikTok, we suggest you start doing so.

Like his Instagram account, he leans into the cringe moments that us agents sometimes find ourselves in. Case in point: Agents who are scared of dogs.


Eric Simon, The Broke Agent

5. On Shaky Ground

Suzie Mayes, Real Estate Broker, NextHome Realty Connection

“I was touring a potential seller’s home years ago when I first got licensed, and he was redoing the hardwood floors. I went to take a look out the large picture window into the backyard, flung open the curtains, and exclaimed, ‘Oh! Look at this glorious backyard!’ Then promptly stepped into an open floor return vent and hit the ground—hard. The seller, my partner, and all of the folks working on the flooring looked at me as I was laughing hysterically and trying to pick myself up off the floor.”

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6. When the Buyers Won’t Stop Talking

We all know that many homes we show often have cameras. And yes, that means cameras with audio recording. Sometimes our buyers just don’t get the memo, though. Agent Monica Singer depicts this all-too-common scenario.

@realtor_monicasinger Funny story. Part 2! #realtor

Monica Singer, Luxury Real Estate Agent

7. Didn’t See You There

Cathy Valdiviez Baumbusch, Realtor, EXP Realty

“My most embarrassing moment was when I rammed my car into that of my client’s. I had parked in the home’s driveway and my client had parked behind me. We were both leaving the property and he had left before me (or so I thought.) I sat in the driveway and took a moment to put the next address into my GPS. Thinking my client was gone, I threw the car in reverse and backed up at full speed. BAM! He got out of his truck and said, what are you DOING? I’d never been so mortified in my life.

And he still wanted to go see more properties! My insurance company called him before we got to the next one and he got his car fixed.

He actually called me a couple more times after that, but I got the feeling he was just using me to open doors at that point because that man never bought anything LOL.”

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8. It’s Not the Heat (It’s the Humidity)

The heat has been brutal this summer across many parts of America and Europe. If you’re an agent who has had to show up drenched in sweat, then you will relate to this video from agents Dawn Fisher and Molly Babczak.

@jenschurter Embarrassing moment in real estate…but there’s a lesson here somewhere. I think? #embarassing #foryou #realtor ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Dawn Fisher and Molly Babczak, Lead Agents at Above and Beyond Realty

9. The Unforgettable Moment Your Car Gets Impaled

Imagine you have a married couple in your backseat en route to a property in a gated community. However, this community has a rather unusual way of keeping outsiders out. Neal Weichel explains this frightening scenario.


Over 30 years in real estate – I’ve had some embarassing moments

♬ original sound – nealweichelgroup

Neal Weichel, Real Estate Broker, Neil Wichel Group

10. When You Have to Tell Buyers “No”

This scenario might feel more embarrassing for new agents. However, veteran agents like Tristian Clunin have perfected the art of recalibrating a buyer’s expectations.

@tristianclunis My most embarrassing moment in real estate. #realtor #realestate

Tristian Clunin, Realtor, Royal LePage Signature Realty

11. I’ll Be Right Back

Kerry Cameron is keenly aware that it gets pretty hot in Texas in July. But that didn’t keep her from locking herself and her client out of the house they were touring when they stepped outside onto the patio. She could see their purses, phones, and the house key inside on the counter through the glass door.


Kerry Cameron, Realtor, Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty

12. Dancing By Myself

Real estate involves a lot of “hurry up and wait.” Just be warned that you might get startled if you choose to jam out to some music while waiting on clients (as this video from agent Nicole Tyler shows).


Nicole Tyler, Agent, Nicole Tyler Real Estate

13. Refreshing

Nina Sensenbaugh loves a nice refreshing dip in the pool. She was taking a video of the house she was listing and didn’t notice the pool when she took a big step backward and went right into the water. The best part is her client picked up her phone and caught her on video. Classic.

@nina.sensenbaugh My most embarrassing moment in real estate. #realtor #realestate #realestateagent #realtors #realtoroftiktok #realtorlife ♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

Nina Sensenbaugh, Realtor, Guarantee Real Estate

Man with Creepy Smile

We’ve all had those cringeworthy moments when we felt that flush in our cheeks and the humiliation of knowing that, yes, someone did see that. It happens. 

But the best part of sharing these experiences with others is it helps all of us to know we’re not alone. These stories connect us to our own humanity and to each other.

Have a delightfully embarrassing moment that you want to share? We’d love to hear it. Comment below. After all, the one thing these stories have in common is that they show the human in all of us.

Your Take

Let these shared moments remind you that you can’t take yourself too seriously in this business because things will happen, no matter what you do to try to avoid them. 

We at The Close love bringing you the type of content you enjoy reading, including fun stories from our colleagues in the trenches. Being a real estate professional is a tough job, and we’re proud of all you do every day to make it happen.