If you’re ready to plunge into a dynamic new career in real estate, you’ll need to complete a 60-hour prelicensing course before you can sit for the Kansas real estate licensing exam. To help get you started, we reviewed some of the leading Kansas real estate schools and pinpointed our four favorites based on pricing, online platforms, course design, and more.

In as little as six weeks, you could be fully licensed and ready to embark on a lucrative career path with lots of flexibility. Let’s dive into our picks for the best Kansas real estate schools.

4 Best Kansas Real Estate Schools

Our Top PicksPricing FromPromo Codes
Best Overall: Colibri Real Estate$209TheClose30 – Save 30%
Best All-in-One School: The CE Shop$199TheClose35 – Save 35%
Best In-person Classes: Career Education Systems$450
Best Value School: PDH Real Estate Academy$240

(Kansas prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

Kansas Real Estate Schools: Helpful Info

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Quick Facts

Kansas Real Estate Governing Body:

Kansas Real Estate Commission (KREC)


Prelicensing Requirements:

60 Hours


Post-licensing Requirements:



Continuing Education Requirements:

12 Hours Every Two Years

Since each state’s real estate requirements differ, we’ve collected all the helpful information you’ll need to get started. Even though you’ll start by taking a 60-hour prelicensing course, your real estate education doesn’t stop there. We’ve outlined all the programs offered by the schools on our list that you’ll run into throughout your career below.

Since you’ll be returning to your real estate education, it’s important to choose the right school for your budget, schedule, and lifestyle. Let’s look through our top picks to help you narrow down your choices.

Best Overall Kansas Real Estate School: Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate Offers: 

  • Prelicensing
  • Exam Prep
  • Continuing Education

With prelicensing courses available in 40 states including Washington, D.C., Colibri Real Estate is an industry titan in real estate education. They top our list because of their combination of budget-friendly options that are packed with helpful resources.

Colibri Real Estate also consistently follows the latest trends in online learning, so you can rest assured you’ll get the best possible online experience. Their seamlessly designed courses are easy to navigate, and they have a variety of comprehensive package options to choose from.

Colibri Real Estate ProsColibri Real Estate Cons
  • Easy-to-use online platform
  • The Basics course doesn’t come with test prep materials
  • Packages offer a variety of features
  • A printed textbook costs extra for most packages
  • Affordable

Colibri Real Estate Pricing

In Kansas, Colibri Real Estate provides four self-paced, online prelicensing packages.

  • The Basics ($209): Take your 60-hour prelicensing course alongside three real estate e-books, as well as phone and email support from the instructor.
  • Exam Preparation ($272): This package includes all of the items in The Basics, exam prep, and a Pass or Don’t Pay guarantee.
  • Exam Preparation Plus ($386): This bundle contains everything mentioned above, teacher Q&A sessions, a real estate dictionary, and the Live Exam Crammer Series to help you study for your license exam.
  • Ultimate Learning Package ($514): This top-tier bundle contains everything mentioned above, plus a printed copy of the textbook and a one-year professional development membership.

(Kansas prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

Readers of The Close can SAVE 30% on any Colibri Real Estate prelicensing course in Kansas. Use promo code TheClose30 at checkout.

BEST FEATURE: One of our favorite things about Colibri Real Estate is that they manage to keep prices low in Kansas while packing their prelicensing options with tons of features. Colibri Real Estate considers everything needed to complete your course quickly online.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: There’s little to gripe about when it comes to Colibri Real Estate. But we do wish they offered interactive learning options, like livestream classes or online study groups, for those who need more engagement.

BOTTOM LINE: You can’t go wrong with Colibri Real Estate’s seamless online courses that fit your schedule and budget.

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Best All-in-One Kansas Real Estate School: The CE Shop

The CE Shop Offers:

  • Prelicensing
  • Exam Prep
  • Continuing Education

The CE Shop keeps your entire real estate career in mind, making our list as the best all-in-one school. They know that real estate education is a part of agents’ long-term careers, and they make it easy to stay up to date on all things real estate.

The CE Shop provides you with all the tools you need, like carefully crafted content, exam prep, and career resources. They even include your required CE course hours as part of their prelicensing package options.

The CE Shop ProsThe CE Shop Cons
  • Good value for the price
  • Limited course package options
  • Practice quizzes included
  • Minimal user options

The CE Shop Pricing

The CE Shop offers prospective sales agents four affordable online prelicensing packages in Kansas.

  • Courses Only ($199): Along with your 60-hour prelicensing course, you’ll receive plenty of helpful extras, including business e-books, career tools, flashcards, a real estate vocabulary, and a study schedule.
  • Standard Package ($259): Enjoy all the benefits of the Courses Only bundle, plus get a Pass Guarantee and The CE Shop’s Exam Prep Edge resources to help you prepare for the license exam.
  • Value Package ($309): Everything in the Standard Package is included in this one, plus a series of business-building courses packed with helpful advice on launching a real estate business.
  • Premium Package ($439): This premium plan contains all the features of the earlier packages in addition to an 18-hour post-licensing course and a printed copy of the textbook.

(Kansas prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

BEST FEATURE: We’re impressed with The CE Shop’s comprehensive approach. Combining various course features like exam prep and career resources like business courses, they have everything you need as you move along in your real estate career.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: In such a competitive market, Colibri Real Estate edges The CE Shop out with a cheaper price tag with similar package options. What’s more, The CE Shop only offers instructor support by email and phone, and none through live webinars for the course or exam prep.

BOTTOM LINE: The CE Shop is still a great choice for anyone with a one-and-done attitude who wants to get ahead of license renewal requirements.

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Best Kansas Real Estate School for In-person Classes: Career Education Systems

career education system logo

Career Education Systems Offers: 

  • Prelicensing
  • Continuing Education
  • Broker Prelicensing

Career Education Systems has proudly taught real estate agents in Kansas and Missouri for over 35 years. Its founder, Mark Barker, has a background in adult education, ensuring that courses are designed by industry professionals but refined by education experts to make working through your coursework a breeze.

Career Education Systems ProsCareer Education Systems Cons
  • Variety of in-class schedules
  • Interface is a little dated
  • Great live instructor support
  • Difficult to take classes on a mobile device
  • Excellent textbook and class materials

Career Education Systems Pricing

Career Education Systems offers in-person prelicensing classes in Kansas City and Wichita and offers the Principles of Real Estate and Real Estate Practice courses separately as online prelicensing courses.

  • Kansas Principles of Real Estate Online 30 Hours ($195): This simple package includes audio and video lectures of your prelicensing course, plus quizzes for comprehension.
  • 30-hour Principles of Real Estate Course ($250): This mandatory practice course includes the same basic features as the above course.
  • 30-hour Kansas Practice Course ($200): Mandatory course with practical information on running your real estate business.
  • 60-hour In-person Kansas Prelicense Course ($450): You must register for both Principles of Real Estate and Practice Course separately and enjoy live instruction in a classroom setting with instructor support, exam review material, and course texts and materials included.

(Kansas prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

BEST FEATURE: The best feature of Career Education Systems is their commitment to engaging, thoughtfully crafted course instruction that leaves students with comprehensive knowledge of their materials. They boast high passage rates across their locations in Kansas and Missouri, with equally happy testimonials from students who appreciate the thorough instruction provided.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: Career Education Systems’ online prelicensing program is a series of video and audio lectures with quizzes for comprehension. They don’t offer nearly as sleek an online platform, ease of use, or online features as Colibri Real Estate or The CE Shop do.

BOTTOM LINE: Career Education Systems is for you if you’re looking for an expert-led course in a classroom setting.

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Best Value Kansas Real Estate School: PDH Real Estate Academy

PDH Real Estate Academy Logo

PDH Real Estate Academy Offers: 

  • Prelicensing

As a newer real estate education provider, PDH Real Estate Academy teaches in 17 states and counting. They’ve targeted the features that matter most to online learners, all while keeping the price of their course down as much as possible. Their self-paced online course works well across mobile devices, and they include exam prep and even a pass guarantee at one low price.

PDH Real Estate Academy Pros
PDH Real Estate Academy Cons
  • Simplified course package
  • Only one course package option
  • Affordable
  • No printed textbook included
  • Pass guarantee

PDH Real Estate Academy Pricing

PDH Real Estate Academy only offers two options for your online, self-paced prelicensing course in Kansas.

  • Basic Prelicense ($190): This straightforward package includes your prelicensing course, instructor support, real estate e-books, and lifetime access to your course. You will need to purchase the 30-hour practice course separately at $129.
  • Premium Prelicense with Exam Prep ($240): Enjoy everything in the Basic package, plus get a full exam prep course with more than 800 practice questions and simulated final exams. You’ll also receive an exam pass guarantee and career resources.

(Kansas prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

BEST FEATURE: PDH Real Estate Academy packs a punch with its premium prelicensing package at a low price. It’s the cheapest package option of any school that includes a pass guarantee and exam prep materials. If you’re only looking for a few key features in an online school, PDH Real Estate Academy is the best value.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: PDH Real Estate Academy only offers prelicensing courses in Kansas, so you won’t be able to grab your continuing education classes here once it’s time to renew. At that point, you may want to check out The CE Shop, which has a great variety of engaging CE courses.

BOTTOM LINE: PDH Real Estate Academy is a great value for anyone looking for an online real estate school with only a few key features.

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Kansas Real Estate School: FAQs

If you have more questions, we have answers! Check out our most frequently asked questions below and let us know if there’s something we’ve missed in the comment section. We’d love to hear from you!

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Bringing It All Together

We wish you the best on your new career path and hope you’re one step closer to finding the right Kansas real estate school after reading our useful guide. At The Close, we offer practical advice you can apply at every step of your career. Have advice, insights, or additional questions? Drop a comment below!