Looking for the best Georgia real estate schools to conveniently complete the required 75-hour prelicense course online? In as little as two weeks, you can be on your way to an exciting new career in real estate. The best part is that you can take your real estate schooling from the comfort of your home.

To help you get started, we researched the best Georgia real estate schools with online offerings. We considered their cost, course materials, user experience, quality of instruction, and more. Scroll down to see why these five schools made our list of the best institutions to help you successfully join the industry.

5 Best Georgia Real Estate Schools for 2023

Our Top Picks
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Best All-in-One School:
Colibri Real Estate
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Best for Interactive Study:
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Best Value School:
Aceable Agent
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Best for Professional Development:
360 Training
Most Thorough Instruction: Georgia MLS Training

(Georgia prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

Best Georgia Real Estate Schools – Helpful Info

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Quick Facts

Georgia Real Estate Governing Board:

Georgia Real Estate Commission & Appraisers Board


Prelicensing Courses:

75 Hours


Post-licensing Requirements:

25 Hours Within First Year


Continuing Education Requirements:

36 Hours Every 4 Years

If you’re looking to start an exciting career in real estate, you will need to complete a 75-hour prelicensing course. But your real estate education doesn’t stop there. Explore the sections below to learn how the schools on this list can help you with all your ongoing real estate education needs.

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Now let’s take a deep dive into our recommendations for the best Georgia real estate schools for 2023 and beyond.

Best Overall Georgia Real Estate School: Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate offers:

  • Prelicensing
  • Exam Prep
  • Post-licensing
  • Broker Prelicensing

If you like having lots of options, Colibri Real Estate is the way to go. They offer the largest variety of packages on our list of the best schools in Georgia. With Colibri Real Estate, you get to choose between online self-paced classes and scheduled livestream classes. With six different package options for their prelicensing course alone, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for.

Colibri Real Estate Pros
Colibri Real Estate Cons
  • Course packages with various materials and extra support
  • Livestream-only classes are offered during weekdays only
  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • Livestream and online classes at your own pace

Colibri Real Estate Pricing

Colibri Real Estate offers five different prelicensing course packages across self-paced online and Livestream formats in Georgia.

  • The Basics ($279): This self-paced online package gives you your prelicensing course, instructor support, and three e-books.
  • Exam Preparation ($369): Enjoy everything from The Basics, as well as comprehensive exam prep, and the Pass or Don’t Pay guarantee.
  • Exam Preparation Plus ($449): You’ll get all the features of the previous package, plus access to live instructor Q&A sessions, a real estate dictionary, and your 25-hour post-licensing course.
  • Ultimate Learning ($519): This top-tier self-paced package has all the benefits of the above package, and you’ll also receive a printed textbook and a 1-year professional development membership with real estate education provider McKissock.
  • Livestream Course ($549): Take your prelicensing course via scheduled livestream full-time during the week or mornings only and get a printed textbook, exam prep, instructor support, and e-books.

(Georgia prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

Readers of The Close can save 25% on any Colibri Real Estate prelicensing course in Georgia. Use promo code TheClose25 at checkout.

BEST FEATURE:  With its Pass or Don’t Pay guarantee, you’ll feel confident taking the license exam. You can pick how interactive your classes get, from independent study to a live Q&A. The Exam Prep Plus package even includes your post-license course.

ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT: Colibri Real Estate’s packages grant almost every one of our wishes, but there’s one thing missing. We wish livestream classes were offered on weekends for anyone whose weekdays are busy.

BOTTOM LINE: If you’re looking to cover all your bases, Colibri Real Estate gives you access to tons of tools.

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Best Georgia Real Estate School for Interactive Study: Kaplan

Kaplan offers:

  • Prelicensing
  • Exam Prep
  • Post-licensing
  • Continuing Education
  • Broker Prelicensing

Kaplan holds a reputation for offering quality test prep and education nationwide, and they’ve been successfully training real estate professionals for decades. Their course materials are crafted by leading industry professionals, and they strive to ensure you’re ready come time for your license exam.

Kaplan ProsKaplan Cons
  • Best-in-class live and live online courses
  • Interface is a little dated
  • Great post-test professional development tools
  • Difficult to take classes on a mobile device
  • Excellent textbook and class materials
  • Live online classes are pretty pricey

Kaplan Pricing

Kaplan offers three online prelicensing course packages for prospective Georgia real estate agents.

  • Modern Real Estate Practice in Georgia ($299): Get your prelicensing course, access to instructor support, and interactive reviews and quizzes at the end of each chapter.
  • Modern Real Estate Practice in Georgia with Exam Prep ($338): On top of the features of the previous package, you’ll get access to national and state practice questions, exam prep, and interactive live study groups via webinar.
  • Career Launcher Package ($538): This comprehensive package includes all of the previous features plus an 8-hour live Real Estate Accelerator course and access to a live career mentor.

(Georgia prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

Readers of The Close can SAVE 5% on any Kaplan prelicensing course in California. Use promo code KAPRE5 at checkout.

BEST FEATURE: We can’t get enough of Kaplan’s interactive live study groups. They’re the perfect extra boost of preparation for anyone taking a self-paced online class. We definitely appreciate that students can learn from one another and instructors, ask questions in real-time, and pick up study tips.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: In Georgia, Kaplan only offers online self-paced prelicensing courses. You’ll need to be a self-starter to get through the material on your own. If you enjoy the accountability of a scheduled online class, consider Colibri Real Estate’s livestream courses.

BOTTOM LINE: Kaplan offers reliable, quality real estate education and you won’t be disappointed with their additional exam prep and career resources.

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Best Georgia Real Estate School for Value: Aceable Agent

Aceable Agent offers:

  • Prelicensing courses
  • Exam prep

Aceable Agent gives you a great bang for your buck. It doesn’t have too many options to overwhelm you, but each of its three prelicensing packages offer some great features.

Aceable Agent focuses on preparing you for the license exam, so you get everything you need to feel prepared. They have an 82% pass rate, and their basic prelicensing package offers the most support out of our list, making for a great value.

Aceable Agent Pros
Aceable Agent Cons
  • Online self-paced class options
  • No in-person or livestream scheduled classes
  • Free online proctored final exam
  • One-on-one tutoring

Aceable Agent Pricing

Aceable Agent offers three comprehensive prelicensing package options in Georgia for self-paced online learning.

  • Basic ($255): Here you’ll get your prelicensing course, exam prep with more than 200 practice questions, instructor support, and online exam proctoring.
  • Deluxe ($439): Enjoy everything from the Basic package, plus get more advanced real estate exam prep, an exam prep e-book, digital flashcards and video and audio lessons.
  • Premium ($599): On top of the features in the Deluxe package, you’ll also receive one-on-one tutoring, live webinars, and access to live Q&A sessions.

(Georgia prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

Click our Aceable Agent link and save 25%.

BEST FEATURES: Aceable Agent offers exam prep in even their most basic package, which we usually don’t see until we invest in upgraded package options. With more than 200 practice questions in their Basic package alone, you get a great value from even their most limited option.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: Aceable Agent currently only offers prelicensing and exam prep in Georgia. This means you’ll need to find another school for your post-licensing and continuing education needs down the road, even if you prefer Aceable Agent’s platform.

BOTTOM LINE: Aceable Agent is for you if you want a self-paced course, but you’d still like the support from one-on-one tutoring or study webinars.

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Best Georgia Real Estate School for Professional Development: 360 Training

360 Training Logo

360 Training offers:

  • Prelicensing
  • Exam Prep
  • Post-licensing
  • Continuing Education

360 Training offers quality prelicensing courses with condensed study guides and exam prep to help you ace the license exam. They don’t provide too many package options, which makes them easier to evaluate.

360 Training Pros
360 Training Cons
  • Online self-paced class options
  • No in-person or livestream scheduled classes
  • Bonus real estate math course
  • No live instructor support or study groups
  • Easy-to-use online platform

360 Training Pricing

360 Training offers two prelicensing packages you can choose from to get started.

  • Georgia 75 Hour Real Estate Prelicense Basic Package ($210): This basic package includes your prelicensing course and a 3-hour real estate math course.
  • Georgia 75 Hour Premium Prelicense Package ($255): Choose this premium package to get everything from the basic package, as well as exam prep loaded with study guides and practice exams.

(Georgia prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

BEST FEATURES: 360 Training has a simple online user experience and well-designed course materials. Their individual classes help you with topics like working with buyers, identifying bad loans, and communicating with clients.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: If you need personal support and interaction, 360 Training might not be right for you. 360 Training makes sure you get top-quality materials by offering additional math or communications courses with their packages, but they’re all self-paced.

BOTTOM LINE: If you’re excited about getting extra resources and going beyond the prelicense course, 360 Training aims to help you jump-start your career. 

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Best Georgia Real Estate School for Thorough Instruction: Georgia Real Estate MLS Training Institute

Georgia Real Estate MLS Training Institute logo

MLS Training Institute offers:

  • Prelicensing
  • Exam Prep
  • Post-licensing
  • Continuing Education
  • Broker Prelicensing
  • Broker Continuing Education

The MLS Training Institute is a powerhouse of knowledgeable instructors with decades of experience. They offer by far the most course and continuing education options for real estate agents, brokers, and appraisers.

They don’t provide a wide variety of package options, but MLS focuses on quality and thorough instruction. They are the only school that offers the Georgia prelicense course in two parts. They teach the state real estate fundamentals and Georgia real estate material separately.

MLS Training Institute Pros
MLS Training Institute Cons
  • Online self-paced, livestream, and in-person classes
  • Must take two separate final exams to pass the course
  • Quality instruction from expert teachers
  • No extra online platform features
  • Interactive exercises for extra practice

MLS Training Institute Pricing

MLS Training Institute offers the 75-hour Georgia prelicensing course in two separate sections. Aside from exam prep, classes are held in person. Day classes typically meet on Mondays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., while evening classes are twice a week from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

  • Real Estate Fundamentals — Part 1 of 2 ($225): This first section of your prelicense education is offered in person in a variety of metro Atlanta locations and includes the materials you’ll need to learn the basic terms, concepts, laws, and technical language of the real estate profession.
  • Georgia Real Estate Practice — Part 1 of 2 ($225): Also offered in person in a variety of metro Atlanta locations, this second section of your prelicense education covers topics ranging from pricing properties to financing methods to estimating costs in a real estate transaction.
  • Virtual Cram Course ($65): This 2-day scheduled livestream class breaks down the prelicense material into eight major topic areas. Students receive a lecture review and a comprehensive test and evaluation session for each section.

(Georgia prelicensing package prices as of December 2022)

BEST FEATURES: MLS Training Institute offers a thorough examination of what you’ll need to know to succeed in real estate. Their two-part virtual course has shorter exams for each part. That way, there’s less to remember all at once and you’re more likely to pass the exams required in order to sit for licensing.

ROOM TO IMPROVE: If you aren’t interested in gaining in-depth real estate knowledge, MLS Training Institute might not be for you. Also, if you need an online user experience, you might be better off with a school that offers a wider variety of online tools.

BOTTOM LINE: If you want assurance that your instructors are the best in the biz and that you’re getting the most out of class time, MLS Training Institute’s teachers focus on explaining concepts so you walk away with a solid understanding.

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Best Georgia Real Estate Schools FAQs

Now that you have the details on the best Georgia real estate schools, you might have more questions. Read on for answers to the most frequently asked questions about becoming a real estate agent in Georgia.

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Bringing It All Together

Hopefully our guide made your decision between Georgia real estate schools much easier. We wish you success on your real estate journey. Have thoughts or questions? Leave us a comment below!