You’ll probably recognize this scenario from the real estate world: you’re away on vacation, and suddenly, your active buyer client sees their dream home. You frantically call around your brokerage to see if another agent can help you out, but you’re reaching dead ends quickly. 

This is where Showami, an automated showing scheduler, steps in as a modern solution. Now you can set showings for your buyer clients (or your listing) from your phone, 24/7. It’s a huge upgrade from the old office group text, and you have a reliable way to feel secure that a competent agent can take care of your clients—even when you can’t do so. 

When preparing Showami reviews, we break down its pricing and features. We also examine alternatives and outline whether Showami real estate software is a good answer for your business. Let’s dive in!

showami scorecard
  • Increased efficiency and flexibility for busy agents
  • Streamlined and easy payment system
  • User-friendly UI, including a well-rated mobile app
  • Expanded network and collaboration in the real estate community
  • Brokerage solution to manage showings across your whole team
  • Dependence on local agent availability
  • Limited control over showing quality
  • The sliding scale fee and tip could increase the market rate of showings in your area
  • Support is unavailable after-hours for all time zones (closes 8 p.m. Eastern Time)
  • Be aware of your representation with your clients—have an agency agreement in place!
The Close Score
User Interface:

My Verdict

Showami, as a real estate showing platform, stands out as an innovative software. It has been around since 2016, and I signed up shortly after its founding. Adding the brokerage solution is a unique feature that I really like—and wish had been available at my past brokerages! Showami is a lightweight, simple software with transparent pricing that accomplishes what it sets out to do. 

I’ve become a fan of Showami after experiencing it as a “Showing Assistant” and to show my listings, and also after discussions with its founder and team. Its agent network has become robust over the years, making finding an agent for a showing easy. I’ve seen some Showami reviews from agents disappointed that they haven’t received more showing requests, especially in larger markets. Therefore, I don’t know if I’d recommend agents seek out Showami as a second job, but rather frame it as a small gig for extra cash. 

Overall, I’m confident in recommending Showami to our readers. It’s a practical, straightforward solution to solve the problem of agent availability. Now you can enjoy that vacation! You can schedule a showing easily from your phone and not worry about your client missing out on their dream home because you’re attempting to have a work-life balance. 

What Is Showami? 

Showami is a service and platform that helps real estate agents schedule showings on a property. Showami real estate software connects agents who need help showing properties to other local agents who can show a listing on your behalf. It’s a helpful tool for when you’re unavailable to show a property and for busy agents who don’t have the flexibility in their schedule for multiple showings for multiple clients every weekend. 

The platform is designed to make scheduling and organizing your showings as easy as possible. There’s also a well-rated mobile app available for iOS and Android. Showami also offers an enhanced software version for brokerages to provide a solution for managing showings across your entire team. For brokerages looking to keep showings internal, this can be an innovative software addition for your team. 

Showami Pricing: Set Your Price

Setting your showing prices might seem strange initially, but the Showami real estate platform makes navigating the pricing a simple process—whether you’re a solo agent, a brokerage, or signing up to become what Showami calls its “Showing Assistants.” You can sign up for a free account or upgrade to Showami Platinum for $50 per year, which provides access to Showami’s nationwide referral network, special requests, a client dashboard, downloadable reports, and minimum showing pricing. 

For Individual Agents: 

  • Set your rate: Choose what you pay per showing, within the $39 to $399 range. This flexibility lets you match the price with the showing’s demands, like the timing and urgency of your request. Think of it this way: If you’re scheduling a showing with only two hours’ notice and you’re 45 minutes away, the low end of the scale might not entice agents to drop everything they’re doing for $39.  
  • Sliding scale fee: Showami’s fee varies between 15% and 30%, depending on the number of showings and your price per showing. For example, if you’re scheduling five showings through the system at once, expect Showami’s fee to be less than scheduling just one single showing. 
  • Tipping option: After a showing, you can tip the agent. Ninety-seven percent of this goes to the showing assistant directly (Showami takes 3% to cover transaction costs). 
  • Factors to consider: Consider the location and flexibility you provide to other agents. After all, you might be hard-pressed to find someone willing to show your clients a rural home after dark or show a condo with a concierge desk on a federal holiday.

Once you’ve set your number of showings and the price per showing, you’ll connect with a “Showing Assistant.” Note that showing assistants can negotiate and submit a counter-proposal if the price isn’t fair. You don’t have to accept the counter, but this keeps the system fair and allows the market to respond to your pricing. Remember that Showami notes that “most showings get picked up at the original rate.” You can check out their pricing calculator here

For Brokerages: 

You can offer Showami to your agents as a tool to coordinate closed/internal showings or expand the network to external agents. You’ll also get a dedicated landing page, access to reporting tools, and centralized payment methods to make showings as easy as possible for your agents. 

Pricing Tiers: 

  • Up to 100 agents: Setup fee of $250 and a monthly subscription starting at $50. 
  • 100-250 agents: Setup fee of $500 and a monthly subscription starting at $100. 
  • Over 250 agents: I recommend talking to Showami to ensure you’re getting set up on the right plan for what you need. 

Overall, Showami’s pricing transparency is easy to understand and set up independently. The going rate for showings will vary depending on your area. To that end, Showami puts you in the driver’s seat to dictate your most comfortable price.

Key Features

Showami is a simple system and platform. It’s straightforward and easy to use. You set up a showing time and get matched with an agent. However, let’s dive into some key features that make Showami a real player in the industry. 

Agent Matching System 

Showami uses an algorithm to automatically match agents with showings. When you register, you can input the areas where you’ll take showings and your availability. Showami will boost new agents (Showing Assistants) so they can get a showing within the first few months. This boost ensures they stay engaged with the network.

A geographical map of the Denver metro area, with a shaded box over a 20 square mile portion to illustrate where an agent is willing to drive to show properties.
Showami location map (Source: Showami)

The Showami app is the best way to stay updated on new showings. However, remember that showings go extremely fast, especially in larger metro areas. That was an issue I had when trying to pick up showings—I’d get the notification and log into my account the minute I received it, and the showing was already gone. However, the process was rather smooth for the showings that I could pick up. 

Now, as a Showing Assistant, you can counter an offer you get if you feel it’s too low. However, if you’re looking for consistent gig work, Showami is probably not a viable option. This tool is good for some pocket money, but don’t count on Showami to pay your bills! 

Customer Support & Training 

Showami does an incredible job of onboarding new Showing Assistants by sending blog posts, prompting you to download the app (which is highly rated and recommended), and ensuring your profile is fully updated. The U.S.-based customer service team can walk you through any issues—although the system works very well. It’s automated, and the payments are effortless. 

The support team is available daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time. So if you are on the West Coast and have an after-hours showing, you’ll want to ensure everything is ready to go so you don’t encounter hiccups. 

Showami has been around for five years and has undergone many improvements. It’s now built a robust network of agents and has built out its brokerage solution to become a go-to platform for brokers. Let’s dive into what that looks like. 

Brokerage Solution

Brokers, listen up! This is probably my favorite feature from Showami. With the brokerage solution, you get a centralized system to streamline your team’s showings. It’s a huge upgrade to the team group text, and you can tailor the showing process to your team’s needs. By having a central landing page and app for your agents, they can coordinate showings with each other seamlessly. 

A big feature of the brokerage solution is the focus on analytics and reporting. This insight helps you know where to flex your support to help your agents. If you know an agent on your team has had no showings on this listing for two weeks, it might be time to reevaluate the listing strategy and coach your agent to see how they can get some traffic in the door. 

You’ll also be able to foster a more collaborative work environment for your agents. In a post-COVID work-from-anywhere world, this sense of community and connection can be a huge boon for your brokerage, especially if you have a virtual office. Plus, you’ll be able to facilitate payments directly through the platform (eliminate that tension from your agents not paying one another). And, if your agents need someone to cover for them, your team can easily set up an inspection, appraisal, or even coordinate an open house right in the Showami platform. 



Similar to Showami, KeyPleaz focuses on agent collaboration. KeyPleaz is a more streamlined approach centered around expanding your team to easily let a contractor or inspector into a property. However, KeyPleaz focuses more on a brokerage model, as only licensed agents in your firm are authorized to show your properties. Showami is a better-reviewed platform on the Google Play Store, with 3.7 stars for KeyPleaz vs 4.5 stars for Showami. 


ZipRecruiter could be an option for you to view more applicants and hire a showing assistant differently. If you’re looking to hire an inside sales agent (ISA) or an assistant, ZipRecruiter is the #1 job site in the U.S. where you can find the right candidate to do the showings for you. 

Also, if you’re a brokerage looking to expand your in-house team, ZipRecruiter could be an excellent tool to find support staff to beef up your administrative side. 

Visit ZipRecruiter


Showingly is a showing service similar to ShowingTime. It comes with a consumer-facing app for your clients to submit showing requests. This feature is unique in that it lets you see your client’s activity and stay connected with them in a new way. Showingly also has a Brokerage Suite to empower your agents to manage their showings in one place. 

Due to the tight MLS integration with Showingly, this product is only available in specific markets

Bottom Line

Showami is an effective solution for real estate showings. It caters to the needs of busy agents—agent availability and scheduling can be a headache, especially when you have multiple active clients and only so much time to show homes. Showami solves this with simple transparency by combining payments, scheduling, and communication all in one place. Plus, the mobile app is responsive and easy to use. 

Showami stands out for its ease of use and the value it brings to our readers. Signing up and getting on their network for individual agents is free, so you can get things up and running fairly quickly. 


Since becoming a licensed agent in 2017, my career journey has given me a unique vantage point in the industry. I’ve been with several brokerages, and my experience includes working with Zillow, recruiting agents through HomeSmart, coaching with Coldwell Banker, and privately coaching agents across the country. I’ve also used various showing services like Centralized Showing Service (CSS), Showingly, and ShowingTime. 

I approached my evaluation of Showami as an active user—I’ve used Showami in both aspects, as a Showing Assistant and arranging showings for my listings. Using the platform gave me firsthand insight into the value of Showami. 

I also focused on the following: 

  • Pricing, features, and ease of use: I look at whether the cost justifies the value for the product. Of course, whether the features work and how well the product is designed greatly impact our reviews.
  • Community feedback: I scour the web for reviews from several users and the product help page to get a feel for what the users say. 
  • Insider perspective: I make every attempt to use the product and speak with a company representative to answer any questions.  
  • Personal experience: I draw from my experience as a coach, my network, and my professional experience in the real estate space. 

You can learn more about our methodology at The Close here.

Your Take

Have you used Showami as an agent or a broker? Or have you signed up for the service to show homes on behalf of other agents? We’d love to hear your thoughts—sound off in the comment section!

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