If you want to get your real estate license in California, you have many options for completing your 135 hours of prelicensing education. One of those options is Allied Real Estate Schools, a company owned by O.G. education provider Colibri. Allied is a premier professional real estate school just for Californians. But does their student experience live up to the hype?

In this Allied Real Estate Schools review, I’ll take you through the platform’s pros and cons and as well as a detailed video walk-through. We’ll even hear firsthand from an Allied student about his experience. Ultimately, I’ll provide my overall conclusions to help you decide whether Allied Real Estate Schools is the right choice for your real estate prelicensing education.

Why Should You Trust This Allied Real Estate Schools Review?

As a licensed real estate professional, coach, and a former senior instructor for Kaplan, I know what works and what doesn’t in professional education. My real estate education school reviews are based on pricing, educational strategy, online interface, support, mobile-friendliness, reputation, and my personal experience with the platform. Consider me the teacher and the tech guy, which makes me uniquely qualified to provide an analysis of Allied Real Estate Schools. 

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Allied Real Estate Schools Video Walk-through

Let’s first take a look at the Allied Real Estate Schools platform and interface. This will give you a good sense of what it’s like to take online classes.

Allied Student Experience & Review 

Our own Nick Thomas recently took his real estate prelicensing education through Allied Real Estate Schools and chronicled his experience. In his video, he explains what you need to get a California license and takes us along on his journey through the course in real time.

“After I decided to get my license, the first step was getting my prelicensing education. I knew I wanted to find something that could fit my busy schedule. I decided to go with Allied Real Estate Schools because they offered the live instruction that I prefer. For three days a week for three months, I met with other students to review slides and ask questions live in a classroom setting. With the assistance of the amazing instructor, who is a practicing agent with more than 15 years of experience, I was able to understand and retain the sometimes complex material. Finally, I really liked their customer service. Everyone was very responsive and accommodating—they really want you to succeed!”

headshot nick thomas

Nick Thomas, director of business development, TheClose

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Allied Real Estate Schools Pros & Cons

Allied Real Estate Schools ProsAllied Real Estate Schools Cons
  • Varied student experience options (on-demand or livestreamed)
  • Not a mobile-friendly experience for most students
  • Pass-or-Don’t-Pay guarantee
  • The Fast Track option requires a lot of reading
  • Excellent access to instructors
  • Not all packages include hardcopy textbooks

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The Close Recommends

If you’re in California, you should absolutely consider Allied Real Estate Schools for your real estate prelicensing education. Their effective program offers both livestream classes and self-paced options. They offer real-time (or next-day) access to course experts for questions and provide a money-back guarantee that you’ll pass your test. Best of all, The Close readers can take advantage of promo code AlliedTheClose30 to receive a 30% discount.

However, this program isn’t for everyone. If you need a course that is optimized for taking classes on the go (mobile-first, instead of just mobile-acceptable), check out our review of Aceable Agent. Its platform is designed for students to use on their phone. While its options and courses will feel very different from Allied Real Estate Schools, this is a better choice for students who plan to take their courses on the go.

What to Know About Allied Real Estate Schools

Here are a few questions we commonly hear about taking real estate classes with Allied.

Where Are Allied Real Estate Schools Classes Available?

Allied Real Estate Schools’ classes are available in California. Allied used to provide courses for Texas as well, but now Allied’s sister school, Colibri Real Estate, covers those. 

Agents licensed in another state who are considering a move to California should check out our article about real estate license reciprocity to find out if the Golden State will waive any of their education requirements.

How Much Does Allied Real Estate Schools’ Prelicensing Education Cost?

In California, packages start at $199 and top out at $499, though they’re frequently on sale. Check the Allied Real Estate Schools website for current package pricing. 

Using promo code AlliedTheClose30, you’ll get a 30% discount

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What Packages Does Allied Real Estate Schools Offer?

Allied Real Estate Schools offer two different types of courses. The Fast Track program is its completely self-paced, online course. You’ll work through the material in their virtual learning environment, read chapters, take quizzes, and ultimately sit your final exam all on your own. 

The Livestream package is a virtual class with a live instructor. You can engage in this course from your computer in the comfort of your own home. It’s just like being in a local college class. That means you’ll have dedicated instructor support, session times, homework, and an engaging experience comparable to a brick-and-mortar classroom.

PackageDescription Price
Fast Track Career Program
  • All prelicensing courses

  • Downloadable e-books

  • Practice exams

  • Live instructor access
  • $199
    Fast Track Career Premium Program
  • Everything in above package

  • Exam Cram webinar + video

  • Digital flashcards

  • Dictionary (e-book)

  • Interactive learning videos

  • Pass-or-Don’t-Pay guarantee
  • $299
    Fast Track Career Premium Plus Program
  • Everything in above package

  • CA Insider’s Guide

  • Hardcopy course textbooks

  • CE+ membership (continuing education and professional development resources)

  • $399
  • All prelicensing courses

  • Instructor support

  • Practice exams

  • Exam Cram video

  • Dictionary (e-book)

  • Hardcopy course textbooks

  • Interactive learning videos

  • Pass-or-Don’t-Pay guarantee
  • $499

    Does Allied Offer Instructor Support? 

    Yes, there’s instructor support and plenty of opportunities to ask questions, even in the self-paced packages. Allied Real Estate Schools offer a direct link to email your instructor should you have questions about the course, content, or concepts you’re learning, and they pledge to get back to you within one business day. 

    However, the Livestream program has an extra level of support. As a virtual class, it offers a live instructor, fellow students, question and answer sessions, and real-time conversation. It’s worth noting that the exam pass rate for the Livestream option is generally higher than the self-paced one.

    What Is Allied’s Pass-or-Don’t-Pay Guarantee? 

    Allied Real Estate Schools offer a Pass-or-Don’t-Pay guarantee for every package except for their least expensive (Fast Track Career Program). This guarantee should give students confidence that these comprehensive education packages will prepare them well for their state exam. 

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    How Long Will It Take to Complete My Allied Real Estate Schools Course?

    The length of time necessary will depend on which package you choose and how much time you have to devote to studying every week. In California, most Allied Real Estate Schools students should expect around six weeks to complete their classes and study for their exam.

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    Allied Real Estate Schools’ Platform

    The Allied Real Estate Schools dashboard is super clean, with an easy-to-navigate interface. In addition to your classes, you also have great supplemental course materials. The most important is the PDF version of your textbook, but the real estate dictionary and math guide are helpful too.

    The course material in the self-paced module is a long-form PDF for each chapter. I found this wasn’t the smoothest student experience when working on a mobile device. Even the desktop version took a little getting used to. It’s definitely a lot of reading. As you progress, be sure to take advantage of the fantastic note-taking feature.

    Allied Real Estate Schools Note-Taking feature

    Each chapter of the Allied Real Estate Schools course concludes with a quiz, which you’ll need to pass in order to get credit for the course. As they are similarly formatted to the final exam, they provide excellent practice. 

    Final Thoughts on the Allied Real Estate Schools Student Experience

    Allied Real Estate Schools offer a balanced, efficient strategy for getting through your prelicensing real estate education. The platform offers premium content, an easy-to-use dashboard, and varied instruction methods. Their Pass-or-Don’t-Pay guarantee should give students confidence that they’re going to get what they need out of their Allied Real Estate Schools experience.

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    While it’s true that Allied doesn’t offer a great mobile experience, platforms like Aceable Agent do. Or let’s say you’re interested in a livestream classroom experience, but Allied doesn’t have classes that line up with your schedule. I’d suggest seeing if Kaplan Real Estate Education offers a similar program that better aligns with your needs.

    Bringing It All Together

    Based on our thorough review of Allied Real Estate Schools, I’m happy to recommend this platform to aspiring California real estate agents. I hope this review has been helpful and answered your questions, but if you’ve got more, drop them in the comments below! 

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