A real estate coach is crucial for success in the industry, providing guidance, expertise, support, and motivation for agents and brokers to achieve their professional goals. Since choosing the wrong real estate coach can be an expensive mistake, I crunched the numbers to find the industry’s best real estate coaches and programs. I ranked top real estate coaches by reputation, cost, and which kind of agent we think they’ll work best for. We also include sample training materials like scripts and videos to help you make the right choice for your career.

After the list, I cover step-by-step instructions for choosing a real estate coach to help you close more deals with less stress this year. Spoiler alert: The most prominent coaches might not fit every agent best!

The Close’s Picks for Best Real Estate Coaches

Real Estate CoachBest ForStarting PriceLearn More
Tom FerryAgents at all levels who need mindset coaching, digital marketing training, and actionable scripts from an industry leader$749Tom Ferry ↓
Keller Williams MAPSKeller Williams agents$198Keller Williams MAPS ↓
Sean MoudrySuccessful agents who want to start a team or brokerage$2,000Sean Moudry ↓
Buffini & CompanyAgents who want business training along with real estate coaching$549Buffini & Company ↓
Icenhower Coaching & ConsultingAgents who want one-on-one coaching from an active agent$200Icenhower Coaching & Consulting ↓
YesMasters (Kevin Ward)Agents on a budget who want group coaching and training$197YesMasters (Kevin Ward) ↓
Katie LanceAgents who need help with social media$299Katie Lance ↓
Ashley HarwoodIntroverted real estate agents$500Ashley Harwood ↓
Craig ProctorAgents working in Canada$997Craig Proctor ↓
Tim & Julie HarrisAgents who want comprehensive coaching and community taught by two former top-producing agents$197Tim & Julie Harris ↓
Mike FerryAgents who want proven scripts and lead generation strategies and team leaders who want to grow$750Mike Ferry ↓
Bernice RossAgents who want traditional and affordable real estate coaching from a Ph.D. and industry thought leader$149Bernice Ross ↓

1. Tom Ferry: Best for Mindset Coaching

Almost synonymous with real estate coaching these days, Tom Ferry seems to be everywhere. Whether he’s speaking at an event, laying down actionable lead generation techniques on YouTube, or posting motivational quotes on X (formerly Twitter), it’s hard to ignore Tom Ferry.

Tom Ferry Pricing

Monthly PricingWhat’s Included
FreeCoaching consultation
Core: $749Two 30-minute private coaching sessions/month, recorded coaching sessions, advantage program, specialized support teams, team roster/management, exclusive member-only community group, event discounts, and coaching mastermind group(s).
Elite: $1,299Four 30-minute private coaching sessions/month, everything included in the Core tier, free elite retreat private event, and free admission to all Tom Ferry events.
Team: Call for pricing(72) 30-minute private coaching sessions/year, team leader masterminds with Tom, monthly leadership and marketing webinars, team management and reporting, specialized business plans and training sessions, exclusive team community group, free elite and team retreat private events, free admission to all Tom Ferry events, and more.

Sample Tom Ferry Scripts:

Sample Video Training: Mindset Monday

Tom Ferry’s Pitch for Struggling Agents

“The simple answer is options. We don’t pigeonhole you into some predetermined formula that you must follow. We believe there are many ways to run your business, and we coach based on your choices and your objectives to help you get where you want to go faster.” – Tom Ferry, TF Tom Ferry

2. Keller Williams MAPS: Best for Keller Williams Agents

After winning multiple awards (even facing other industries as competition), Keller Williams is globally recognized for excellence in real estate coaching and training. With its various (and massive) conferences and BOLD programs that help agents become better people and not just better real estate agents, Keller Williams MAPS is a serious contender for one of the top real estate coaching programs.

Keller Williams MAPS Pricing

Pricing What’s Included
FastTrack Coaching: $198 - $1,194 per courseTopic-based coaching programs that tackle specific challenges and provide targeted solutions.
BOLD: $399 per course (digital) and $799 per course (in-person)A seven-week, transformational program; weekly in-person and digital settings
30/60/90 Coaching: $2,500 per month for three months ($7,500 total)3-month accountability course (60 sessions in 90 days) with small group sessions
Life Coaching: $375 - $750 per monthIt is a life-improvement service available to KW, KWRI, and KWRI Family Members or those looking to join KW. It is delivered via 1:1 in-person format.
Breakthrough Coaching: $450 per month1:1 semimonthly coaching sessions (must have a GCI of $75,000 to $149,000)
PULSE: $99 per month (for individuals) and $995 per month (for groups)Virtual weekly one-hour sessions focused on key concepts, with downloads, strategies, and a mastermind group
Mastery Coaching: $1,000 per month1:1 weekly coaching sessions with exclusive privileges (must have GCI of $150,000 or higher)

Sample Keller Williams MAPS Coaching Material: Scripts

Keller Williams’ Pitch for Struggling Agents

“We believe the client is creative, resourceful, and whole. We believe you must address the person as a whole (their entire life, and keep them in production). We believe the issues are from the client and their business. We believe the relationship is one of partnership.” – Keller Williams, KW MAPS

3. Sean Moudry: Successful Agents Who Want to Start a Team or Brokerage

Weekly private coaching calls, personality tests and custom branding, lead generation, and marketing plans are based on the results. Visit the 16strategies.com for private coaching information.

Sean Moudry Pricing

PricingWhat’s Included
Private Coaching: $2,000Weekly private coaching calls, personality tests and custom branding, lead generation, and marketing plans are based on the results. Visit the 16strategies.com for private coaching information.

Sean Moudry’s Pitch for Struggling Agents

“My course, 4 Low-Cost Hidden Listing Gold Mine Sources, will teach you how to find untapped listing sources that will fuel your business in the long term. Learn the scripts you need to increase referrals and work with more motivated sellers.” – Sean Moudry, 16 Strategies Facebook page

4. Buffini & Company: Best for Agents Who Need Business Training

Brian Buffini’s company has been helping agents reach their professional and personal goals since 1996. In addition to writing several books on success, he offers real estate coaching students proprietary customer relationship management (CRM) software called Referral Maker.

Brian Buffini Pricing

PricingWhat’s Included
One2One Coaching: $549Marketing kit (printed), digital reports and presentations, free training course, live and online community, two monthly coaching calls, business plan, and REALStrengths® Profile.
Leadership Coaching: $1,499Everything in One2One coaching, plus an additional coaching call for your team, monthly interactive broadcast, Leadership Coaching training modules, and Buffini Certification for 100 Days to Greatness.

Brian Buffini’s Pitch for Struggling Agents

“During these calls, your coach will work with you to define and set your business, financial, and personal goals; develop a business plan to help you generate a steady stream of referred leads; enhance your current relationships; and hit your financial goals. Our coaches are experts in uncovering the roadblocks—real and perceived—that block your path to living the life of your dreams.” – Brian Buffini, Buffini & Company

5. Icenhower Coaching & Consulting: Best for Agents Who Want 1:1 Training from an Active Agent

Icenhower Coaching and Consulting was founded by Brian Icenhower, an attorney, speaker, and former CEO of Keller Williams Realty Kansas North. The company offers agents and brokers tailored coaching with some compelling stats. According to Icenhower, their coaching students increase gross commission income (GCI) by a whopping 39%, sell an average of 110 homes per year, and have an average GCI of $485,000.

Icenhower Pricing

Monthly PricingWhat’s Included
FUEL: $200 for 3 months ($600)Designed for new and growing agents, this small-group program immediately provides agents with strategies for generating clients and GCI.
1x1 Solo Agent (Bi-weekly): $450Bi-weekly, 30-minute one-on-one phone calls with your coach, access to ICC 1x1 Part-Time Solo Agent coursework, access to ICC file library, and a 30% discount to additional courses.
1x1 Solo Agent (Weekly): $750Weekly, 30-minute one-on-one phone calls with your coach, access to ICC 1x1 Solo Agent Coursework, a robust ICC file library with many downloadable materials, and a 30% discount on additional ICC courses.

Sample Coaching Material: 2-WEEK ASSAULT PLAN for Making Initial Contact With Online Leads

Icenhower Coaching’s Pitch for Struggling Agents

“Icenhower Coaching & Consulting provides customized, structured real estate coaching and training programs for agents and team leaders. We work with many of the top agents and teams in North America. ICC coaching isn’t a one-size-fits-all coaching program.” – Brian Icenhower, The Real Estate Trainer

6. Kevin Ward | YesMasters: Affordable Group Coaching & Training

With his YesMasters program, Kevin Ward offers agents and brokers detailed lead generation and marketing plans. Kevin also has an excellent book called “The Book of Yes: The Ultimate Real Estate Agent Conversation Guide,” available to clients and the general public.

Kevin Ward Pricing

Monthly PricingWhat’s Included
Master Path: $197Weekly Mastery call, private coaching Facebook group, support from top producers, and coaching materials such as scripts and video training.

Sample Coaching Video: HOW TO LOSE A LISTING IN 10 DAYS!

Kevin Ward Pitch for Struggling Agents

“I. Was. Terrified. I was also desperate. I had a family to feed. No savings. No other options. I just started. I found a great mentor, I did exactly what he told me. I did the work. And I started getting listings. AND EVERYTHING CHANGED…” – Kevin Ward, yesmasters

7. Katie Lance: Best for Social Media Training

If you’ve been to a real estate conference in the last few years, chances are you’ve heard Katie Lance speak. There is a very good reason Katie is invited to grace the stage at so many conferences: she has built a mini-empire by training agents on something many other coaches gloss over: social media! So, if you want (or need) help in that arena, Katie should be your first choice.

Katie Lance Pricing

PricingWhat’s Included
#GetSocialSmart Academy: $299 for every three monthsWeekly live training via Zoom, access to in-depth Masterclasses, exclusive content calendar, private Facebook groups, and access to past trainings

Sample Coaching Video: Top ChatGPT Tips | Little Known ChatGPT Hacks

Katie Lance Pitch for Struggling Agents

“With over a decade of experience, I have been dedicated to helping agents and brokers up their social media game to fuel their business growth. My secret sauce? Empowering real estate professionals to achieve incredible results using social media, all without sacrificing loads of time.” – Katie Lance, #GetSocialSmart Academy

8. Ashley Harwood: Best for Introverted Agents

Did you know that introverts can make great real estate agents? Of course, like all humans, sometimes introverts need special feeding and care to operate at their full potential. Enter real estate coach Ashley Harwood. Ashley specializes in working with introverts in her The Quiet Success Workshop programs.

Ashley Harwood Pricing

PricingWhat’s Included
Office Coaching: $500 per virtual session with discounts for multiple sessions ($900 for two and $1,200 for three classes). In-person starting at $4,000 plus travel expenses.Virtual classes on various topics, including burnout, quiet success, and manufacturing momentum

Sample Coaching Video: How to Avoid Burnout over the Holidays

Ashley Harwood Pitch for Struggling Agents

“After participating and being a student of many, many coaching and training programs, she saw a need in the industry. The introverts were being left behind. So, Ashley started developing training materials, classes, and coaching programs for her people, her fellow introverts.” – Ashley Hardwood, Move Over Extroverts

9. Craig Proctor: Best for Canadian Agents

Craig Proctor is beneficial for Canadian agents because he offers engaging seminars in the United States and Canada. He designed his coaching system to help agents improve their skills and provides free events for prospective clients and agents who want to learn more about his coaching system. This shows that he is invested in supporting Canadian agents and helping them succeed in the real estate industry.

Craig Proctor Pricing

PricingWhat’s Included
Platinum Coaching: $997 (12-month minimum)Biweekly private coaching calls, weekly sales training group calls, and two-day private workshops

Sample Coaching Video: How to Generate the BEST LEADS Without Spending a Fortune | Craig Proctor

Craig Proctor Pitch for Struggling Agents

“It doesn’t matter where you are with the Craig Proctor System, just getting started, selling 10 homes a year or 10 a week, if you want more then you are going to have to do something about it. Not WORK like a crazy person more… but work differently.” – Craig Proctor, CPS Platinum

10. Tim & Julie Harris: Best for Coaching & Community

Along with their excellent daily podcast, real estate coaches Tim and Julie Harris offer various coaching options for agents at all levels of their careers. They also have a book called “Harris Rules: A Real Estate Agent’s No-BS Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Rich and Free” and one of the most popular real estate podcasts online today.

Tim & Julie Harris Pricing

Monthly PricingWhat’s Included
Premier Coaching: $197Daily group coaching sessions, private Facebook group, access to mastermind events, learning library, scripts, and more.
Premier Plus Coaching: $599Biweekly private coaching calls, daily group coaching sessions, private Facebook group, access to mastermind events, learning library, scripts, and more.
Premier VIP: $999Weekly private coaching calls, daily group coaching sessions, private Facebook group, access to mastermind events, learning library, scripts, and more.
Elite one-on-one: $3,500Weekly private coaching call with Tim and Julie, daily group coaching sessions, private Facebook group, access to mastermind events, learning library, scripts, and more.

Sample Coaching Video: How To Generate 5 Closings In 5 Weeks With ZERO Referral Fees!

Tim & Julie Harris Pitch for Struggling Agents

“Committing to real estate coaching is committing to your success as a real estate professional. But what actually goes into making that commitment to real estate coaching? Your uncensored motivation and desire to become the most skilled, effective, and productive real estate professional you can possibly be.” – Tim & Julie Harris, Harris Real Estate Coaching

11. Mike Ferry: Best for Proven Scripts & Team Building

One of the pioneers of real estate coaching, Mike Ferry has been coaching and training agents for decades. In fact, he’s the father of Tom Ferry, another coach on our list. Mike’s scripts are legendary and have been copied by many other real estate coaches. Considering his status in the industry, Mike Ferry’s coaching is surprisingly affordable.

Mike Ferry Pricing

Pricing What’s Included
One-on-One Coaching: $750 (minimum 12 months)40 private coaching calls per year, free access to one Mike Ferry retreat, discounted access to Mike Ferry events, access to a referral network, and more
Premier Coaching: $1,250 (minimum 12 months)Everything from one-on-one coaching, free admissions to retreats and 3- or 4-day events, access to the Numbers Analyzer tracking system, and direct email access to Mike Ferry.

Mike Ferry Pitch for Struggling Agents

“Every professional athlete, business owner, top producer has a mentor or coach … why wouldn’t you? Set yourself apart from the competition, overcome obstacles, and start spending your time participating in systems that will take your business to the next level.” – Mike Ferry, Real Estate Coaching

12. Bernice Ross: Best for Traditional Real Estate Coaching from a Ph.D. & Industry Thought Leader

A frequent Inman contributor and speaker, Bernice Ross has delivered real estate training coaching and consulting services since 1997. Her sales training program was so good that Realtor associations in Alabama, California, Scottsdale, Arizona, and Texas used it to train new agents.

Bernice Ross Pricing

Monthly PricingWhat’s Included
Manager Training: $299 for programAn 11-hour audio program focused on training new coaches and explaining how to use the company's six-step coaching model to improve agent performance.
Coaching: $300 to $3,500One-on-one coaching for individual agents and teams. Pricing depends on the level of service and whether you are a solo agent, team, or broker
Audio CD Coaching Program: $149 for programSix-hour audio CD series contains 12 separate coaching sessions

Bernice Ross Pitch for Struggling Agents

“Bernice’s new and experienced agent training programs led the 4,000-agent Jon Douglas Company to become the top producing company per agent in the United States. Her training programs continue to be the most comprehensive and cutting-edge on and offline real estate sales training available today.” – Bernice Ross, RealEstateCoach

How to Choose a Top Real Estate Coach that Works for You

Just because a coach is popular or trending online does not mean they will work for you. Here is a proven four-step process that top agents use to choose the right and best real estate coaches:

Step 1: Learn the Real ROI Real Estate Coaches Offer Agents

The first step to choosing the best real estate agent coach is to learn the true return on investment (ROI) of a good real estate coach. Many agents sign up for coaching and are then disappointed when they don’t learn “secret” lead generation or marketing strategies. But that’s not what real estate coaching is for! 

Real estate coaching helps agents stay on track and feel motivated. It’s like getting help to do better at a game. Sometimes, it’s hard to see how to do better by yourself, so it’s good to have someone outside the game help you see what’s working and what’s not.

Step 2: Discover Your Sales Personality & MVV

Smart real estate agents and coaches know that being good at one thing is important. Before picking a coach, you must determine what you are good at. If you are new and finding it hard, don’t worry, but it’s crucial for making your own brand. For example, if you are shy but good with technology, you might not be good at cold calling, but you could be good at using Facebook ads or making websites appear on Google. Before picking a coach, you must know what your sales personality is and what skills you bring to the table.

Once you know your sales personality, take the time to work on your mission, vision, and values. Knowing where you want to be in five years (vision), how you plan to get there (mission), and what’s most important to you (values) will make choosing a real estate coach much easier.

Step 3: Decide on a Coaching Budget

Remember to think carefully about choosing a coach. Some agents fall for expensive coaches who promise to multiply their income, while others choose the cheapest option. Instead, find out what different coaches charge and decide how much you can afford to spend every month to improve your career. Set specific goals to achieve to justify the expense. For example, if you decide on $300 a month, figure out how many extra deals you’ll need to close to make that expense worthwhile.

Step 4: Research Coaches Who Work for Your Sales Personality, MVV & Budget

Now that you know your sales personality, MVV, and budget, take the time to research a few coaches to see if they’re a good fit. While this article includes information on pricing and sample coaching materials, you’ll want to get on the phone with a few coaching companies to really test the waters.

Real Estate Coaching FAQs 

To dispel some of the myths about coaching, here are the top five most commonly asked questions we get from agents considering hiring a coach for the first time:

Methodology: How We Chose the Best Real Estate Coaches 

Since there seems to be a real estate coach behind every rock these days, finding a fair way to pick the best coaches was pretty tricky. To make the process somewhat more egalitarian, we used the following criteria to rate coaching companies and individual coaches:

  • Size and industry reputation: While the size of a coaching company does not always mean they’re better, coaching is a highly competitive industry, so survival is difficult. If a company manages to not only survive but thrive over many years, chances are they are doing something right. 
  • Successful former clients: Next, we looked at the number and success of former clients. While we couldn’t get examples for every coaching program, those with a repeated track record of successful former agents tell us they are helping their clients. 
  • Adoption of the latest technology: This is a big one and one of the reasons some very famous coaching programs did not make our list. The real estate industry has changed dramatically over the last few years, and to compete, coaching programs need to update their lessons to reflect the latest methods of generating leads and marketing an agent’s business. 
  • Agent reviews: While most reviews can be taken with a grain of salt, a coaching program with lots of positive feedback from former clients will almost always be high quality. 
  • Quality of scripts and training videos: Finally, we looked at sample scripts and training videos for these coaches. High-quality scripts and training videos generally mean high-quality coaching and training. 

Bringing It All Together

After evaluating several candidates, we have selected the top real estate coaches for 2024. These coaches excel at assisting real estate professionals in succeeding in a challenging market. They offer innovative ideas and strategies to help agents and brokers perform at their best in the coming year. Some of them also share blog posts and books to support the success of real estate professionals. We are excited to see their positive impact on the real estate industry in 2024 and beyond.

Do you know a great real estate coach who should be on our list next year? Let us know in the comments section!

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