As we head into the holiday season, it’s the time to focus your attention on your branding and top of the funnel marketing. Branding will boost your visibility and keep you top of mind in the coming months. It’s the perfect time to check for continuity across all of your marketing, including your real estate signs.

Real estate signs are a great way to get a lot of eyeballs on you, your brand, your listings, and so much more. We’ve done a lot of the digging for you to round up some exciting ways you can beef up your signage to give your branding a bump.

Check Out These Gorgeous & Creative Real Estate Signs You Can Use to Generate Future Business

1. Use Sidewalk Signs to Capture Foot Traffic

For any urban or suburban community that has lots of sidewalks, grab those passers-by with a customized A-frame sign announcing your latest listing or open house. You can even let potential home shoppers know that you’re available for walk-ins to answer questions. Customize your signs with

2. Take Amazing Pics for Your Social Media With Sold Signs

Sold signs on your properties are counter-intuitive to capturing drive-by buyers. But some saucey social media posts with your custom sold signs can stir up buzz around your selling prowess. Snag one of these gorge signs from Etsy seller FarmhouseClockCo.

3. You’re Going to Be Driving Around Anyway

Take advantage of all those miles you’re already putting on your car with an attractive car magnet like this one from Etsy seller SocialMEShop.

4. Dazzling Sold Signs Stop the Scroll

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Bold SOLD signs you can use with your clients for your social media add pop to your marketing. Grab a couple of these eye-catching signs before your next closing from ClosingConciergeShop on Etsy.

5. Maximize Your Open House Marketing

I’m in love with these open house bundles from LotusMarketingStudio. They include these gorgeous open house signs that welcome guests and ask them to sign in. But the bundle includes everything you need to market before and after your open house event, which makes them a must-have. 

Many professional graphic designers offer templates you can customize inside Canva. But you can also design just about anything for your business, including flyers, business cards, signs, and even websites in Canva. Discover your inner designer with templates, stock photos, and more with a Canva Pro account.

Design Everything for Your Business With Canva

6. Take Your Open House Signs to the Next Level

These simple, yet effective, open house signs do double-duty welcoming guests and easily signing them in with these touchless QR codes. Your guests can simply scan to share their information, helping you capture more data from your visitors. Grab these Canva templates from BossBabesTemplatesRE on Etsy.

7. The Whole Kit & Caboodle

This seller knows how to help agents get the most bang for their buck. This bundle, from Etsy seller AgentsAssemble, has created the ultimate open house marketing bundle, complete with door hangers to promote your event, follow-up text messages, and amazing open house signs with QR codes for touchless sign-ins. Fully customizable in Canva, these marketing kits will boost any open house marketing.

If you need a little extra help with your overall marketing design, you might want to check out LCA Marketing. Inside, they have templates you can use and customize while making sure everything aligns with your aesthetic.

Get Gorgeous Customizable Branding From LCA Marketing

8. Create Personalized Open House Yard Sign With Templates

While we’re on open house marketing signs, let’s not leave out the yard signs. Most of the open house bandit signs I’ve seen are not very attractive. But these gorge Canva templates from Etsy seller RealUniquely allow you to add your own spin and make a big statement.

9. Welcome to My Open House

When I first saw these stunning doormats, I thought, “Now, that’s super-creative!” These beautiful and effective doormats are the perfect way to welcome guests to your next open house. Grab yours from the Etsy seller EnCoirDesigns, customize it with your own name and contact info, and use it at all of your upcoming open house events.

10. Canva for the Win

Canva has certainly changed the way we do signage. With these stunning, professionally designed yard sign templates from Etsy seller HelloMarketingStudio, you can customize your signs to reflect your personality while maintaining that pro look.

5 Star canva shop review

11. Point the Way in Style

Most open house or for sale directional signs are really boring and not pretty. But these adorable directional signs will catch anyone’s eye. Snag these customizable Canva templates from PinkpopsDesign on Etsy. They can be printed in any size you need for your next listing or open house.

12. Welcome to the Neighborhood

I love surprising buyer clients with a Welcome Home sign in their yard. When they pick up their keys on closing day and go home for the first time, the sign is there in the front yard welcoming them to the neighborhood. Tears, y’all! It’s an amazing thing to get that text afterwards with pictures. These signs from Etsy seller ElevatedAgent can help you achieve that same level of love from your clients.

13. Make a Bigger Statement

Imagine having one of these awesome retractable banner signs you can set up anywhere for practically any event. I’ve spent plenty of time sitting at tables for vendor events where this sign would have made a huge impact. 30BirthdayIdeas on Etsy will help you customize your banner for maximum visibility.

14. Pretty in Pink

I’m a sucker for pink, and this welcome sign bundle from Etsy seller AgentsKey is luscious. These gorgeous signs, in blush and bashful, are the perfect addition to your open house or listing marketing materials. Included are Canva templates with or without QR codes and instructions to create your own QR code if you want to use one.

15. We Are Professional & Stylish

Make a statement when anyone enters your office with these custom metal business logo signs for your office walls. BlksmthCo will help you clarify your vision to create the perfect complement to your style. You can order a flat or 3D version of these sleek metal logos in various finishes. Pure class.

16. Donut Miss These Signs

These are the most fun riders I’ve seen. These eye-catching riders with pops of hot pink are sure to stop traffic and draw attention to your yard sign. Grab these in all their variations from RealEstateEtc on Etsy.

17. Next Level Yard Signage

I mentioned how I liked to welcome my buyer clients home on closing day. A few years ago I discovered a company that really helped me take that sentiment to the next level—Sign Gypsies. If you have one of these in your community, you might consider their custom sign service. They put the sign in the yard, based on your specifications, and then come back to retrieve it in 24 hours. It’s a wonderful way to congratulate your clients, welcome them to the neighborhood, and announce their arrival to their new neighbors. Not to mention the amazing social media buzz when you post pics on your channels.

18. Stand Out With Original Yard Signs

Aren’t these the most adorable open house signs? The detail is on point. You can grab these signs from Moodthology Papery on Zazzle.

19. Classy Easels Feel Like Luxury

Don’t these easels make you feel like you’re at gallery night? Turn any open house into a fancy-schmancy event with custom foam signs like these from Zazzle seller Epic Designs

Your Take

Real estate signs are a great way to make a statement as an agent. You can do so many things with different types of signs, including photo ops for social media posts, attracting attention in your farm to generate leads from your most recent closing, or help promote your upcoming open house event. 

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