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First-Time Homebuyers

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Hot Off the Press: What Today’s Housing Numbers Mean for You & Your Clients

Not many people were buying houses last month, which was borne out by NAR's latest data. Check out our deep dive into home sales, prices, and the forces that are driving today's market. Plus, get our take on NAR's lawsuit drama and our favorite listing of the month.

September 21, 2023

Does the Market Hate Everyone or Just My First-time Homebuyers?

Are your first-time homebuyers slowly unraveling in the current market? They're not alone. Everyone talking about residential real estate is saying the same thing: We’ve never seen anything like this.

May 15, 2023

Do Buyer’s Agents Have All the Fun?

The mission for buyer's agents is deceptively simple: find the perfect property for buyers and guide them through the homebuying process. It’s pretty great, actually—kind of like being a real estate superhero. 

April 14, 2023

131 Real Estate Terms & Definitions Your Clients Expect You to Know in 2023

Learning real estate lingo is key to great communication with your clients. See our complete resource of real estate terms to know in 2023.

December 29, 2022

ABR Designation: Must-have or Hard Pass? Here Are the Facts

The ABR designation is a way to set yourself apart from your competition and win more clients.

December 18, 2020