Last January, we launched The Close for one simple reason.

We Knew Realtors Deserve Better

That meant writing in-depth articles including priceless insight from some of the biggest names in real estate. We also worked hard to develop a clear, easy-to-read, and hopefully entertaining style that helps you save time by getting right to the heart of the issue.

That’s why we’re thrilled that we’ve reached and then exceeded every benchmark we had, and finished out the year with 100,000 page views per month.

It’s been one hell of a year, and we couldn’t have done it without you!

So, hop into our time machine and let’s have a look back at some of the most popular articles of 2018:

10. 12 Deal-Killing Home Staging Mistakes Even Experienced Realtors Make

home staging mistakes

Home staging can make or break your listing photos and totally change the mood of a showing. Check out 12 things you can do in 2019 to make your home staging really shine.

9. 11 Real Estate Marketing Strategies (Hint: None Are Facebook)

marketing strategies

Real estate marketing is constantly evolving. Stay on top of your marketing efforts with some fresh ideas and first hand accounts on how these ideas work in practice.

8. Real Estate Company Name Generator + 73 Real Estate Company Name Ideas

real estate company names- real estate company name generator image

A name is the first thing people will remember about your firm. Get some good advice on how to choose a great name, and even better, use the generator to make it easy on you.

7. 15 Things to Never Ever Wear to Work as a Realtor

real estate fashion

Appearance is KEY in real estate. Realtors who don’t look the part rarely get cast, and let’s be honest, even the fashionistas of our world need a little advice sometimes too, right?

6. 9 Underrated Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

real estate lead gen ideas imageYou’ve gone around the block a couple of times on the mainstream methods of lead generation. Maybe it’s time to try some of the techniques your competitors are using?

5. 15 Most Inspiring & Life Changing TED Talks for Realtors

ted talks image

Technology, Entertainment, Design. As realtors, we need to be proficient in all three. If you are in need of a little inspiration, these TED Talks are a great place to start.

4. 15 Open House Ideas That Will Actually Get You Leads

open house ideas ft image
As the winter season starts to settle in, people will be looking for things to do INDOORS. Make your next event the talk of the neighborhood with some great advice on how to pack the house.

3. 77 Real Estate Memes Realtors Can’t Stop Laughing At

real estate memes ft image
We can ALMOST guarantee this is the only time you will find Captain Picard, Dr. Evil, Tom Hanks from Castaway, and Scrooge McDuck together in an article on The Close. Almost.

2. 17 Best Real Estate Email Templates & Scripts

best real estate email templates ft image

Good communication starts with consistency. See what the pros at places like Zillow, Contactually and Followup Boss suggest for your next email message.

1. 21 Best Real Estate Slogans & Taglines

real estate slogans ft image
What’s on your business card? When your clients recommend you, is your slogan or tagline memorable enough that they will repeat it to your soon-to-be client?

Check out some of the most successful variations of this important marketing piece.

Over To You

Thank you so much for letting us be a part of our 2018 journey. Which of these did you find the most helpful?  If you could share only one of these articles with your fellow realtors, which one would it be? Drop a comment below, tell us what you think!

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Want More Leads? Download Our Free E-book
61 proven lead gen ideas from coaches & top-producing agents.
Want even more free resources? Tell us about you so we know what to send.