If you’ve spent as much time on OLR as most NYC agents have, you know that the words “loft” or “loft-like” warrant extra scrutiny. After all, every listing agent wishes they had a loft to rent in Manhattan, and every buyer wants one.

The only problem is that actual loft spaces, the kind that inspired Andy Warhol to create his silver factory on East 47th street, are vanishingly rare. They’ve either had the life scrubbed out of them during a “renovation” or just weren’t that interesting in the first place.

So for this week’s edition of Listing of the Week, we decided to try to find 7 Manhattan loft spaces that still have that turn of the century drama that attracted artists like Andy Warhol to them in the first place.

1. 108 Franklin Street

108 Franklin StreetAsking: $6,000,000
Square footage: 5,086 ft²
Listing Agent: Ryan Serhant
Listing Brokerage: Nest Seekers

108 Franklin in Tribeca was a natural place to start. Like many buildings in the historic light industrial hood, 108 Franklin oozes charisma and charm. The unit listed here with Nest Seekers is no exception.

With dramatic archways and an ocean of open space, 108 Franklin has that certain something that gets artists and other loft cognoscenti excited enough to sit up and take notice.

Clocking in at a hair over 5,000 square feet, this loft should have enough space to make pretty much anyone happy. Even better, there’s actual private outdoor space in the back of the building which truly makes this feel like a badass industrial townhouse.

108 Franklin Street 2

2. 260 West Broadway

260 West Broadway 1

Asking: $7,000,000
Square footage: 3,800 ft²
Listing Agent: Leonard Steinberg
Listing Brokerage: Compass

If you’re looking for something a little more bright and polished and don’t mind losing square footage, Compass has an elegant light-filled corner loft that boasts arched floor-to-ceiling windows, a classic open floor plan, and park views.

History buffs won’t be disappointed either as this loft is in the historic American Thread building—one of the first industrial to luxury loft conversions in Tribeca. This gets the lucky new owners a roof deck, 24-hour door staff, and the cachet that comes with living in a Manhattan building on the National Register of Historic Places.

260 West Broadway 2

3. 554 Broome Street #PH

554 Broome Street #PH

Asking: $5,750,000
Square footage: 2,300 ft²
Listing Agent: Nick Gavin
Listing Brokerage: Compass

In some rare cases the planets align and a dramatic turn of the century (1910 in this case) loft space becomes even more dramatic after a tasteful renovation. This duplex loft penthouse listing at 554 Broome is one of those cases.

You don’t need to be an architect to walk into a space and feel how special it is. It’s actually kind of odd when you think about it—why do a series of flat, white planes work here but look cold and dull in other spaces?

While it’s definitely hard to put a finger on, 554 Broome just works, and at the end of the day that’s all that really matters.

554 Broome Street #PH 2

554 Broome Street #PH 3

4. 14 Harrison Street #5&6

14 Harrison Street #5&6

Asking: $7,500,000
Square footage: 4,515 ft²
Listing Agent: Tom Titone
Listing Brokerage: Douglas Elliman

This sprawling 4,500 square foot duplex loft brings more than just good looks and open space to the table. In fact, this stunning space with an elevator that opens right into the unit was the Manhattan home of famed playwright Edward Albee.

Soaring 17+ foot ceilings, roof rights, gloriously oversized skylights, and three exposures round out the package. This is truly a unique space and deserves recognition on its own, world renowned previous owner notwithstanding.

14 Harrison Street #5&6 2

5. 44 Laight Street #1B

44 Laight Street #1B

Asking: $5,750,000
Square footage: 4,125 ft²
Listing Agent: Ryan Serhant
Listing Brokerage: Nestseekers

Another killer listing from Ryan Serhant, this space looks more restored than renovated. Currently set up as what looks like the ultimate bachelor pad/superhero hideout, the size and historic details here are truly unique.

Custom touches like reclaimed heated Tibetan pavers in the bathroom, cast iron columns, available parking, and rooms enclosed in glass, 44 Laight is sure to make some 1%er with a rebellious streak incredibly happy.

44 Laight Street #1B 2

6. 487 Greenwich Street #1A

487 Greenwich Street #1A

Asking: $3,995,000
Square footage: 4,003 ft²
Listing Agent: Jeremy V. Stein
Listing Brokerage: Sothebys International Realty

One of the coolest things about poured concrete floors is that they tend to age like a warm, natural granite instead of something man made. In 487 Greenwich’s case, the concrete floors have been weathered by 100 years of activity, giving them a glorious and unique patina that would be literally impossible to duplicate.

Another noteworthy historical feature are the concrete beamed ceilings that whisk away the creaky floors and noise that often go hand-in-hand with wood floored loft buildings.

You also get a giant sized open space with plenty of room for creative layouts.

487 Greenwich Street #1A loft

7. 360 West 36th Street, #5NE

360 West 36th Street, #5NE

Asking: $1,650,000
Square footage: 1,300 ft²
Listing Agent: Thomas E Hemann
Listing Brokerage: Compass

Up closer to Andy Warhol’s original factory, we stumbled across this drop dead gorgeous listing at 360 West 36th street. Located in an art deco former warehouse building call the Courant, this place is another rare gem of a loft that truly shines with a minimal renovation.

Although it almost comes across as a very nice apartment, the historical loft bones shine through on closer inspection. 11-foot ceilings, massive windows, and imposing concrete beams and floors above all pull together to make something special.

360 West 36th Street, #5NE

Over to You

Know of an even more Warhol-Worthy Manhattan loft that’s ready for a screen test? Let us know in the comments!

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