If you panned around the room at our last staff meeting, you might notice an odd trend. No one was really paying attention. Sure, we were all nodding and smiling, but half of us were squirming in our chairs and the other half were trying to pretend they weren’t staring out the window.

Yes, the first “real” day of spring in Manhattan is kind of a big deal. No more grey slush puddles to slog through, no more biting winds lurking behind every corner, and lunch in the park becomes a tantalizingly real possibility.

Don’t worry, we all have fun spring things planned for the weekend, but we are all kind of dreaming about jumping in a car and getting out of Dodge.

Since Long Island beach houses play a starring role in many a New Yorker’s daydreams, we thought we would share our five favorite beach houses currently on the market that we can’t stop thinking about.

1. 1010 Salt Marsh Lane, Peconic NY

Why we love it: It’s cozy and inviting and on a truly beautiful piece of land. What’s not to love?
How Much is it?: $1,450,000
Listing Agent: William Joseph Walters
Listing Brokerage: Daniel Gale Sotheby’s

I don’t know if it’s the dreamy listing photos or the fact that my grandparents retired to Peconic back in the 80s, but this sound front charmer kept pulling me away from the eight figure mega mansions that I’m supposed to be daydreaming about.

It’s not huge, it’s not dramatic or imposing, but that’s kind of the point. It looks comfortable and truly relaxing. The kind of place you wouldn’t mind a nephew dragging in something he found on the beach or the dog leaving muddy footprints in the hallway.

I don’t need 75 rooms and glass staircases to rooms no one ever goes in for my fantasy Long Island getaway. In fact, I don’t really want any of that. This place ticks all the boxes for a grownups beach house where you don’t have to worry about the paparazzi or drunken frat boys.

2. 216 Old Montauk Highway Montauk, NY

Why we love it: A pleasant blend of old money charm and new money luxury.
How Much is it?: $21,000,000
Listing Agent: Gary Depersia
Listing Brokerage: Corcoran Group

Okay I lied. That said, I genuinely think this place should get a pass because it’s in the far less pretentious former fishing town of Montauk. It’s the kind of place where you still might be able to meet a lobsterman or fishing captain at a bar. That’s saying something for Long Island these days.

This place also manages to be bite-the-back-of-your-hand pretty without being too over the top. We get it, if you’re the Sultan of Brunei or newly minted bitcoin billionaire, you may want over the top. You can have it. I want something that feels a little more like a family home than a party pad. Though this spot is so isolated you could have a truly epic party without having the police called every ten minutes.

3. 40 Association Road Wainscott, NY

Why we love it: Built in 1897 and on a heavenly slice of land
How Much is it?: $45,000,000
Listing Agent: Zach and Cody Vichinsky
Listing Brokerage: Bespoke Real Estate

I know, I know. I started this week’s column with an earnest line in the proverbial sand about not needing an eight figure mega mansion on the most perfect slice of land imaginable. I lied. I want all of these houses and since I’m the Managing Editor and you’re not there’s nothing you can do about it.

First of all, this place was originally built in 1897 by Connecticut shipbuilders. Since they built vessels to withstand the vicissitudes of the Atlantic Ocean, you can bet this place was built to last.

There’s precious few listing photos here, but that just adds to the allure and likelihood of architectural treasures inside. That’s okay by me. I almost don’t want to know. I’d rather imagine sturdy teak built-ins and custom brass fittings straight from an old schooner holding this place up.

4. Asharoken Avenue Northport, NY

Why we love it: On a beautiful beach an hour and a half from Manhattan
How Much is it?: $38,000
Listing Agent: Edith Cosban Iserman
Listing Brokerage: Douglas Elliman

Okay, here’s one of those beach house daydreams that can stick with you. Yes, this is partially another nostalgia pick because I grew up ten minutes from here and have fond memories of this beach, but it’s also your very own plot of beach for less than the price of a used Mercedes S Class.

While this is currently just a plot of land, it brings up all kind of tantalizing possibilities for tiny houses or mid century modern bungalow replicas.

You can also walk this beach around the entire isthmus of Eaton’s Neck, which as I said, I’ve spent many hours doing as a kid.

Northport is also a lovely place with a quaint historic downtown area complete with a harbor front park and gazebo. And yes, those are trolley tracks down the middle of Main Street.

5. 723 Dune Road Westhampton Beach, NY

Why we love it: It’s the platonic ideal of a Hampton’s beach house.
How Much is it?: $3,885,000
Listing Agent: Rachel C. Martin
Listing Brokerage: Town & Country Real Estate

When any New Yorker thinks of a Hampton’s beach house, this is probably what they have in mind. Gorgeous views of the ocean from every room, clapboard shingles, and enough luxury touches to feel a bit decadent and special.

The beach facing portion of this place is especially nice and even nicer when you realize it’s designed for perfect ocean views. In a word, perfect.

Over to You

Which of our dream Long Island beach houses would you snap up if money wasn’t an option?

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