Address: 13 Monroe Place, Brooklyn NY
Asking: $10,500,000
Listing Agent: Joan Goldberg
Listing Brokerage: Brown Harris Stevens

If you want to live out your Truman Capote (or Moonstruck, we don’t judge) fantasies in New York City, then you have only one option: Brooklyn.

Yes, Brooklyn! More specifically, the storied London Planetree-lined streets of Brooklyn Heights.

An almost mythical neighborhood across the river from Manhattan where turn of the century old money meets turn of the millenium old money, and where Truman Capote (and Cher) had real life and Hollywood Homes.

So come along for the ride. All you need is $10,000,000, a keen eye for the subtle architectural details that landed this place in both Elle Decor and Vogue, and maybe an exotic breed of pocket dog or a penchant for vintage ferraris.

Your choice. Again, we don’t judge!

Listing of the WeekAs you amble up the front stoop, notice your very own tree in the front courtyard. It may not seem like much, but it’s the nicest personally owned tree on the block so you’ll have bragging rights at the food co-op.

The first thing you’ll notice will be the floors. Oh, those floors…

Though not original, they’re reclaimed white oak with a dark satin finish that looks like it was hand rubbed by skilled artisans, because yeah, it very well could have been.

Listing of the WeekThen there’s the marble fireplace mantel, the super minimal yet super elegant looking moldings, and floor to ceiling windows.

Whoever renovated this place had a really, really, keen eye for detail. For example, check out the parlor picture above. Just a hint of exposed brick and those gorgeous inky navy window frames offset the rest of the space perfectly. A little bit country, a little bit Mozart, and all around perfect.

Listing of the WeekListing of the WeekTake a peek to the left, and you’ll see one of the simplest and most elegant entryways into a kitchen on planet earth.

Okay, I know what you’re really here for. Let’s check out that kitchen…

Listing of the WeekThen we have the kitchen which has enough country chic charm to bring a tear of envy from Joanna Gaines. Here they went a little overboard with the exposed brick, but well, look at it. Everything is just perfect.

Listing of the WeekAre you feeling a little dizzy from how perfect that kitchen was? Well, sit down and have a glass of water because there’s more perfection up the stairs.

I’ll give you a minute… Actually, let’s step outside for some air.

Listing of the WeekIf you squint you might think you’re in the backyard of a quaint suburban home in Connecticut. You’re not. You’re in New York City. With three more pretty trees all to yourself and something truly rare even in Brooklyn Heights; privacy.

Listing of the WeekOkay, here’s a question for you. Can a second floor landing of a house in Brooklyn be a work of art? We think so. I mean, hell, check out the swoop of that railing and that slight turn of the stairwell. Note again just how perfect the paint and floors are in this place.

Let’s poke our heads into a bathroom to see if maybe the designer dropped the ball.

Listing of the WeekNope. Perfect. A subtle nod to the past with the big white tub, but sleek, modern fixtures, and a massive casement window to let in the sunshine from the private backyard.

I guess if you held a gun to my head and forced me to come up with a drawback, I might say the space here is a bit narrow, but there’s 4 and half more bathrooms in this place and only one of me so…

Listing of the WeekThis is the kid’s floor. Noe the pocket doors and lack of weirdo postmodern decor that’s clearly designed for the parents egos. This place is designed for kids and kids only!

You think kid’s care that you bought them a $5000 green pouf from Design Within Reach? They do not. A $50 bean bag is way more fun.

Listing of the WeekThe master suite. Love the built in and private deck up here, but since this is a whole floor master suite we want to see the rest.

Oh well, for now we’ll just have to deal with only seeing the 5th floor gym and movie room.

Listing of the WeekNot bad right?

Listing of the WeekNow we’re talking. How freaking cozy does this place look?!

Don’t worry, the charm and coziness here is offset by some serious millennial friendly tech including a Savant home automation system, integrated sound system, audiovisual security system and 5-zone central air conditioning.

Did I already mention this place is perfect?

Anyway, I’m sure you have some thoughts here so let me know in the comments.

Listing of the Week

Over to You

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