Name: Jaréd Goodloe
Role: Real estate agent
Brokerage: Compass
Location: Brooklyn, New York

What do you get when you combine killer sales instincts, customer service expertise, and a professional background that includes everything from brand management at Saks Fifth Avenue to New York City fitness trainer? You get Compass Real Estate top-producer real estate agent Jaréd Goodloe.

Like most real estate agents in New York City, Jaréd’s path to success didn’t start in real estate. Jaréd cut his teeth in luxury retail, food and beverage, and other industries where he had to learn quickly what his clientele wanted or else he didn’t eat. He’s taken these skills and adapted them into a fast-growing real estate business as a million-dollar agent in one of the toughest markets in the world.

We sat down with Jaréd to learn more about the secrets of his success, navigating the real estate market in the time of a global pandemic, and to get some of his best advice for aspiring agents looking to follow in his footsteps. Here’s what he had to say:

Why did you get into real estate? What were you doing before?

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I didn’t get into real estate because I loved apartments. I got into real estate because I loved sales. I worked in luxury sales for over seven years prior to coming into real estate. I was motivated by the mere fact of “What I killed, I ate!” meaning, the more effort I put in, the greater the reward.

I was accustomed to an elevated client experience, but I knew I didn’t want to keep making other companies richer, so I did a deep dive to see what job I could transition to that would allow me to sell, and that’s how I found real estate.

I had friends in the business in other states who did extremely well during their first years, but that isn’t always the case in New York City, especially if you aren’t from here. I didn’t have a huge sphere of influence of people to call, and my email list was even shorter because everyone I knew was either renting a room or content with renting in general. I knew that if I was going to thrive in this business, I’d have to educate, connect with as many people as possible, and promote myself on social media because I was lacking a strong sphere of influence in the beginning.

The funny thing is, those same people who weren’t looking to move referred me to their friends and family to help them move.

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Which deal are you most proud of & why?

I’m most proud of my deal on 3311 Newkirk Avenue because I really learned how to stick it out when the going gets tough! My buyers stuck with me after one deal fell completely apart. I honestly thought I’d lost them, but we ended up finding 3311, submitted the offer, went under contract, and then COVID-19 came. They still stuck with me and we eventually closed in escrow.

I’m proud to say, after working together for over a quarter, we’re great friends to this day.

What’s your favorite real estate technology tool?

COMPASS CRM! I’m not sure I should say this, but I never used my CRM at my old firms. The reason I like the Compass CRM so much is that I can actually drive my business without switching to other software. I can set my reminders, talk to my clients in Collections, request Ubers for my clients, and much more!

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What’s your favorite charity & how can our readers donate?

NAACP Legal Defense Fund. You can donate online at their website.

The Black Lives Matter movement is bringing to light many racial injustices faced by people of color in this country. What, if any, effects do think this movement will have on the real estate industry?

Since we’re still limited in our showings and interactions with other agents, the true test of the matter will come when we’re back in large settings. Will everyone be considered equal no matter their skin color or how they dress? I think in this field (real estate), when you go against the grain of looking like the “norm,” you aren’t considered equal. Hopefully, we will move past this and start to work together to make deals happen.

On the client side, I think the new Fair Housing Laws in conjunction with what is happening will give everyone a fair shot.

Refining your mind, body and Home in 2020 by Jared Goodloe

What advice would you give to Black men or women considering a career in real estate?

My biggest piece of advice is to move away from the place of thinking that you have to work twice as hard to prove your worth. Understand that you’re a person of color, but that doesn’t make you less. Surround yourself with players in the industry and those important to you. In this business, your immediate circle can be your next paycheck.

Connect With Jaréd:

Instagram: @jagoodloe
LinkedIn: @jared-goodloe
Facebook: @JaredGoodloe

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