The Clubhouse app is the latest social media sensation that has grown to around 10 million users in 2021. Although Clubhouse has grown very quickly, it is still a relatively new platform. That means there are still opportunities for real estate agents to leverage Clubhouse to build their brands and grow their businesses in 2022. Imagine getting in on YouTube in 2010!

What makes Clubhouse’s call to action for real estate agents so unique is that it’s centered around the long-lost art of live, spoken conversations. That means agents don’t have to mess around with video at all to use it. In this article, we’ll explore eight hidden opportunities for agents on Clubhouse.

1. Clubhouse Can Help Extend Your Real Estate Conference Experience

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Now that Clubhouse is available to both Android and Apple users, most real estate conferences are bringing the after-party back to Clubhouse. For example, after a recent Inman Connect event, ambassadors and speakers moderated a Clubhouse room once the conference was over so that attendees could ask additional questions of the guest speakers or hear different takeaways that were not shared during their sessions.

Additionally, listeners unable to attend a conference can join in on subsequent conversations to gain similar insights that paying attendees received. So, if you don’t have the dollars in your budget for conferences this year, do some research to see if your favorite ones will be hosting a Clubhouse room afterward. It might just be one of the best-kept secrets out there. (Ssssh … you didn’t hear that from me.) 😉

2. Clubhouse Offers More Natural Networking Opportunities Than Other Social Media Platforms

Sure, we can “network” on any social network (how many times can you say network in one sentence?), but the vibe that exists on Clubhouse is closer to what you’d expect from a professional mixer in real life. You get the benefit of hearing other people’s tone of voice, laughter, awkward pauses, and bantering back and forth. It feels fresh and new, yet in a familiar kind of way. It feels natural!

Remember when we used to attend chamber events? It’s kind of like that. Only you don’t have to worry about getting dressed up, finding a parking space, or whether you’re going to bump into that overly talkative person who won’t leave you alone.

Instead, you can mingle and network only with people you choose to speak with by asking to come to the stage. Or, you can choose to quietly network by tapping on the various profiles in the room, reading their bios, tapping on their social links, and deciding if they are someone you’d like to connect with outside the chat.

There are even networking chat rooms on Clubhouse that have ZERO TALKING whatsoever. (Hello introverts, does this sound like heaven or what?!) To access these rooms, look for the rooms that are labeled as SILENT CHAT ROOMS. In these rooms, you will find professionals who are there simply to grow their referral network.

The best part about these audio networking rooms is that you can slip out quietly without anyone being notified. Even better, nobody gets offended or considers it rude because that is how the platform is set up.

3. Clubhouse Is an Amazing Platform for Learning New Skills

Image of Tom Ferry's Profile with stats and personal details from his Clubhouse account

Honestly, this is probably my favorite part of Clubhouse—the real-time education you can receive from other movers and shakers from both inside and outside the real estate industry. From famous coaches, mega-producers, low-key hustlers, and celebrities alike, Clubhouse is chock-full of inspiration and education for real estate agents.

Here are a few great clubs and people you can follow to get started learning on Clubhouse right away: Tom Ferry, Real Estate, Real Estate Talk, Women in Real Estate.

Here’s a quick tip to get the most out of learning on Clubhouse:

Take the time to jump in and out of rooms where topics you feel will help you grow your business are being discussed. Once you find yourself in a room where you think, “OK, I think I’ll stay here for a while,” be sure to tap on the speaker’s photo, click FOLLOW, and then tap on the BELL icon on the left side of their follow button to be notified when they are speaking again.

I also suggest tapping on the STAR to the right side of the follow button if you’d like Clubhouse to show you other people similar to the speaker you’re listening to now. I’ve had many late nights when I was bored with Netflix, or I just couldn’t fall asleep, so instead, I clicked on the Clubhouse app. No matter the hour, I always find unique, educational, or entertaining content to listen to and learn from. Remember, it’s WORLDWIDE, so when others are sleeping in your neck of the woods, the other side of the world is just starting their day!

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4. You Can Build Your Own Real Estate Community on Clubhouse

When Clubhouse first rolled out, only the beta users were given the privilege of creating a “club” within Clubhouse. So, of course, these early adopters built the largest audiences on the platform.

However, now that Clubhouse has opened up this functionality to all users, real estate professionals can develop their own club concept and build up their community on Clubhouse themselves. The key here is to create a club that will be searchable by the keywords found within the app.

The topics that are easily searched are placed within categories. Current categories include Identity, Faith, Entertainment, Hanging Out, Sports, Wellness, Languages, World Affairs, Arts, Tech, Places, Life, Hustle, and Knowledge.

When trying to decide what kind of community you’d like to build, ask yourself the following questions, “Who is my ideal client? What do they like to do? What are they likely talking about with friends? What problems do they face in life?” The answer to these questions is likely the name of a club. So start there and see where it leads you.

5. It’s a Great Place to Leverage Your Real Estate Expertise

While many of you are likely humble and like to fly under the radar a bit, Clubhouse is a place where you can flex those leadership muscles. Every room is led by a moderator and speakers who are sharing their expertise to gain listeners. So whatever topic you are strongest in, that’s the topic you should be talking about all over Clubhouse.

Do you maintain a designation that gives you additional insights and expertise in a particular area? Do you have unique insight into your local market? Then, start combing through the real estate rooms on Clubhouse and message the group’s moderators to let them know that you’d be interested in speaking.

While it may not be a keynote at Inman Connect, any public speaking experience you can get will help build your presentation skills and market yourself.

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6. Clubhouse Can Help You Expand Your SOI, Quickly

Because you have the opportunity to build communities, leverage your expertise, and network galore—by default, you’ll continue to grow your sphere of influence (SOI) if you use Clubhouse. The real estate agents who are crushing their growth game on Clubhouse are using the following strategies to maximize their reach:

– They include a Text to Code in their bio to build out and segment their new audience.

Real estate pros can use platforms such as ELEVATED NETWORK or CALL ACTION to set this functionality up.

– They make sure both their TWITTER and INSTAGRAM accounts are updated and linked at the bottom of their Clubhouse bio.

As a real estate professional, you’ll want to set your Twitter and Instagram profiles to “public.” Since Clubhouse users can’t message one another using direct messages (DMs) as on other social networking sites, your Clubhouse audience will be able to not only follow you on either of those platforms, but they’ll also be able to connect with you via DMs.

– They take the time to DM prospects on their linked social networks and say something like, “I heard you speak on Clubhouse and loved what you had to share. Do you mind if we connect here on Instagram / Twitter?”

Or, if they weren’t a speaker and they wanted to connect with someone, they might say, “I notice we were both in the _____ room on Clubhouse. What did you think of the speakers? My favorite takeaway was ________.” By taking the time to engage in meaningful conversation, agents can grow their sphere and nurture the new relationship all at once when using strategies such as these.

7. It’s a Great Place to Sniff Out the Competition

woman looking through a binocular

Here’s the skinny. The movers and shakers in the real estate industry are most certainly using Clubhouse. That means that even if you were to become a more casual or infrequent user, you could still benefit from “keeping an ear to the ground”—a phrase commonly used within the marketing industry—which basically means see what others are up to.

By perusing the various rooms, peeking at user bios, and listening to chats, you will start to get a better sense of what you’re up against in the market. While I’m certainly not a fan of getting distracted by looking over your shoulder too much, I think a healthy dose of due diligence can help any successful entrepreneur significantly up their game.

If you see that “Agent X” is talking about concepts you know nothing about and that agent takes listings in your area—well, this allows you to strengthen your chops in these areas before your next listing presentation.

You might also find that you provide a specific service or area of expertise that you do not hear others discussing. Again, this would be an excellent opportunity to leverage yourself as the industry leader in this particular area on Clubhouse.

8. Clubhouse Is Perfect for Camera-shy Agents (& Even Secret Agents!)

Clubhouse is perfect for camera-shy agents. Since Clubhouse is voice-only, this means you never need to be camera-ready. You won’t have to worry about where to make eye contact, nor will you need to be concerned about your lighting or backdrop. Those of us who “Zoom” for a living can totally relate. You can simply choose to listen in or join the conversation on Clubhouse—no matter what you’re doing. No makeup needed!

You can be sitting at an open house, working on client files, staging a home, driving to an appointment—you name it, you can bring Clubhouse along! Instead of feeling confined to your office or virtual workspace, you can continue with your day and bring your social network along for the ride with you.

Also, since agents can just listen in to other agents speaking on Clubhouse, it even has value for you secret agents out there. More on how you can use Clubhouse as a learning platform later in the article.

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Real Estate Agent FAQS About Clubhouse

Clubhouse: The Social Audio App_screenshot from the Clubhouse site

What Exactly IS Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an app on your phone and a new type of social network based on live spoken conversations with no video. Think of it as a chat room without text or a Zoom call without video. When you join Clubhouse and open the app, you can see “rooms” full of people talking about various topics. Listeners can pop in and out of these rooms, exploring different conversations at their own pace.

How Do Users Interact on Clubhouse?

Users automatically enter each room as an audience member. If you want to chime in or ask a question, you simply tap on the “raise your hand” button, and then the moderator(s) of that room can pick and choose whom they’d like to invite to speak. Keep in mind that each room has its own set of rules laid out by its creators.

As we mentioned, you can also create a room of your own, and many successful agents do just that. They hold court on topics ranging from their local market, industry gossip, or anything they want to discuss.

How Can I Join Clubhouse?

As of today, Clubhouse is still “invite-only.” That means you need to be invited by a current user to join the platform. However, there is another way to join Clubhouse without an invite. Navigate to and download the app to your phone, and let it scan your contacts. If one of your contacts is on the app (not in real time, just in general), it’ll prompt your contact to send you an invite to join.

If you still find yourself caught in a holding pattern and can’t get in, please feel free to message me privately on Instagram at, and I’ll send you an invite myself. Keep in mind this offer will be on a first-come, first-served basis, but as I continue to get more invites to use, I’ll continue to pass them along.

The Bottom Line: Clubhouse for Real Estate Agents

As you can see, there are many meaningful ways you can use Clubhouse to improve your real estate game. Whether you find value in taking your social network with you on the go; tapping into power networking, mixers, and educational opportunities; building out new communities; leveraging your expertise; expanding your SOI; or figuring out what your competition is up to—there are plenty of ways to level up by tuning in.

If you’re already on Clubhouse and you’d like to connect with a real estate community that is user-friendly to both new and veteran users alike, consider checking out my community, called Ready…Set…THRIVE!

I’d also love to connect with you on Clubhouse once you’re there, so please give me a follow at

Over to You

If you’re already a Clubhouse veteran, let me know how you’re using the platform to level up your real estate business. Please consider leaving a comment below to share your experience on the platform. It’s always interesting to hear how different users are benefiting and finding creative avenues to explore.

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